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"Come on, Bones. Don't leave me hanging here, man. I need you tonight. When have you ever said no to a drink? Shore leave doesn't come along every day. Join me." Jim was in the middle of begging his CMO to join him in coming to a surface bar and getting completely smashed.

"Look, Jim, I've been the Chief Medical Officer of this goddamned ship for three months now, and I'm still elbow deep in paperwork, not to mention all the actual doctoring that I have to do. I don't know how in the hell you manage to find the time to get drunk when you have this whole ship to run." McCoy had decided that if he had this much work to do as only the CMO, surely Jim had even more as the captain.

"That's an easy one Bones. The combination of mass amounts of procrastination and the best damn first officer that a man could ever hope for, affords me plenty of recreational time." That really got Bones going.

"I can't believe you, Jim. You're really pawning off all your work onto Spock?" "Not all of it," Jim said in an attempt to defend himself. "Just all the boring technical stuff that I can't be bothered with."

Bones wanted to be surprised, but this was typical Jim. "I can't believe that Spock is just letting you use him like that." 'Spock never struck me as the kind of guy that would let his feelings compromise his duties, or anything else for that matter,' he thought to himself.

"Well, according to Spock, this arrangement is a most logical one. He seems to think that I work much better when I am provided with, and I quote, 'nauseatingly long amounts of time in the presence of other social creatures like myself.' In addition, he also implied that the reports would be much more efficient if he was the one to deal with them. To be honest, I'm not really sure if I should have been insulted or if I was right in just going with it."

"I'm sure he didn't mean it as an insult, Jim. He's just telling the truth, after all." Bones couldn't resist taking that shot; it was an easy one. "Oh, so now you're insulting me to, eh? Well fine, I'll just go find someone else to go drinking with me."

"I've been trying to get you to do just that ever since you stepped into my med bay. If I knew a cheap insult was all it took, I'd have done it much sooner." Jim smiled, despite himself. Bones' grumpy ways never ceased to amuse him. "Alright, alright; I'll get out of your hair. Don't be surprised if I show up on the bridge tomorrow, dead from alcohol poisoning, because I didn't have my doctor with me."

"I won't be." With that, Bones turned on his heels, set on getting some work done.