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The work day was over and Jim was, once again, pacing around his room. Spock was scheduled to be there any moment and he was a nervous wreck. "Dinner! Really? I suggested that we have dinner? What the hell is wrong with me?!" He took a deep breath. "I just have to calm down," he said. He then looked down at himself. "And change clothes." Once again, he started to panic. "What am I going to wear? Should I just stay in my uniform? But Spock never sees me in anything but my uniform. But if I change he might think I'm trying to impress him. Am I trying to impress him? Why would I want to impress Spock? Why am I sitting here arguing with myself when he could be here any minute? That's it, I'm changing." As quick as physically possible, Jim stripped off his Starfleet attire and grabbed some street clothes. He was in the middle of his room, hopping around on one foot, trying to get his jeans on when the door opened. He quickly spun around—nearly falling over—to see Spock standing in the doorway, hands behind his back and one eyebrow rose to his hairline.

"Am I interrupting something, Captain?"

Jim ignored his own blush and hurried to get his jeans on. "N- no, of course not, Spock. Come in, please," he said, waving Spock into his quarters. Jim watched as Spock walked inside the room and then turned to face him. "I uh, I didn't replicate any food yet because I didn't know what you'd want. I mean, I know you're a vegetarian, but as to your preferences, I'm pretty much clueless," Jim said, explaining the lack of food.

"That was a most reasonable decision, Captain. However, I hold no preferences. Anything you chose would have been acceptable," Spock answered.

"Oh, well, now I know that for next time," Jim replied with a smile. 'Next time?' he thought. 'I'm just digging myself in deeper.'

"Indeed, Captain," was Spock's reply.

"My name is Jim, Spock. We're not on duty here."

Spock nodded. "Ah. Then as we are being informal, I assume I have permission to speak freely."

"Yes, of course, go ahead," Jim replied.

"Then I should bring to your attention, Jim, that you are not wearing a shirt."

Jim quickly looked down at his bare chest and then back up at Spock. If he didn't know better he would say that Spock was smirking at him. "No, I'm not." There was a moment of akward silence. "Um. Just give me a second."

"Of course." With that, Spock traveled toward the small table in the center of the room to sit at one of its two chairs and Jim dashed to find a shirt.

"Ok," Jim said, walking towards Spock while pulling a shirt over his head. "Now that everyone is fully dressed, we can get on with dinner." He walked to his replicator. "So, anything I pick is good for you?" He asked Spock.

"As I stated before, Jim, I hold no preferences."

Jim would never admit this, but he was beginning to love the sound of Spock saying his first name. "Random salad number one it is then." He missed the eyebrow raise of confusion. Spock decided not to comment on his captain's strange choice of words. "Alright, here we go," Jim said as he sat down and put the plates on the table.

"Thank you, Jim," Spock said, taking his food and beginning to eat.

Jim smiled in spite of himself. He just couldn't get over how his name sounded when Spock said it. Spock took notice of the smile, but said nothing.

They ate in silence. After nearly ten minutes had gone by, Spock was patiently waiting for Jim to be finished. Jim, on the other hand, was attempting to prolong the meal as much as possible. He didn't want to face the conversation that was to soon take place.

"Have you finished, Jim?" Spock inquired. Jim continued to stare at his plate for a moment before finally pushing it away and meeting Spock's eye.

"Yup. So," He began. "What did you want to talk about?" Spock didn't miss a beat.

"As I stated earlier, I wish to discuss your conversation with Ensign Chekov upon your arrival to the bridge."

"What about it?" Jim asked, hoping to stall.

"What was its nature?" Spock asked.

"Isn't that kind of personal? It's really none of your business." Jim said.

"Considering your outburst on the bridge, I believe I have the right to ask." Jim couldn't argue with Spock's reasoning.

"Ensign Chekov and I were merely discussing each other's love lives, or lack thereof."

"Why then, was I mentioned?"

"Well, it was Chekov that brought you up, really. I was asking about Sulu."

"Jim, I believe you are, what humans call, stalling."

Jim sighed. He was so nervous that his palms were sweating. He rubbed them on his pants. He decided to just get it over with. "Chekov told me that you're in love with me."

Neither of them said a word for what seemed like a lifetime to Jim. He shifted in his seat and laughed awkwardly. "Haha, I told him he was just imagining things. You don't love me." His last statement had a sad undertone. 'Why does this hurt so much?' He thought to himself.

"Your statement is untrue, Jim." Spock stated.

Jim's eyes instantly shot up to connect with Spock's. "What do you mean?" e asked.

Spock visibly hesitated. "Ensign Chekov was correct."

Jim could barely breathe. His heart was pounding. His head was spinning. He tried to speak but at first only stutters came out. He had to take a minute to get a hold of himself. "A-are you saying… that you love me?"

Once again, Spock hesitated. "I… have grown affection for you that is… more than professional." Spock almost seemed nervous.

Jim's hear slowed and his breath returned. He held a blank expression on his face. "Oh, god," He started, staring beyond Spock. "You do love me." What Spock didn't know is that in that moment Jim's heart soared. 'I can't believe it. He really loves me! Chekov and Bones were right!' Unfortunately, Jim's happiness didn't reach his face.

"Please do not worry, Captain. My inappropriate attachment to you will not affect the workings of the Enterprise. I… request a transfer to another Starfleet post," Spock said.

With that, Jim fell. "W-what?" He asked.

"It is clear that my unrequited feelings will severely damage our working relationship. It would be logical for me to leave," Spock attempted to keep all emotion out of his voice.

"No!" Jim practically screamed at his first officer.

Spock was taken aback. "Excuse me, Captain?"

"I told you to call me Jim, Spock. And… I don't want you to leave."

"I do not understand. When you spoke with Ensign Chekov you said-"

Jim cut him off. "I don't really get it either, Spock. All I know is that I can't captain this ship without you. I wouldn't want to. When I was talking to Chekov I just overreacted. The truth is… I kind of… like the idea of being with you." James Kirk had never been so embarrassed or so nervous. What would Spock say? He didn't have to wait long to find out.

"Are you suggesting that we enter into a romantic relationship?"

Jim flushed. "Umm… yeah, I think I am."

"I accept." Spock's lips gave the tiniest of twitches, but Jim could see the3 enormous smile in his eyes. He smiled back.

"Does that mean that I am allowed to touch you whenever I want?" He smirked at Spick.

"Only when we are off duty, Captain." The smile remained in his eyes as Jim laughed.

"OF course, Mr. Spock, anything for you."