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She had been through too much, seen too much, watched too many deaths to, no, caused to many deaths, for them to still believe they could do this to her.

In front of her stood the last few people from her past she still cared about, and they were trying to bring her back to that hellhole. No this just wasn't going to work.

"Sakura-chan!" she flinched "COME BACK! We can get the council to forgive you! Please!"

She sighed. He still didn't understand that she left on purpose. She was tired of working for someone. Sure she was a rouge but it was better than being bossed around and having to follow all these strict rules.

She disappeared from sight, as her voice filled the area.

"I'm sorry Naruto…"

Only to appear behind Naruto moments later, simply to whisper in his ear:

"…But I don't think you quite understand. Chakura no Mesu"

Green chakra surrounded her hand as she poked both his shoulder blades and his spine. She backed away from him as he fell to the floor. Not looking either of his companions in the eyes, for fear of their accusing glares.

"Sai, Kakashi…" she started, but she didn't quite trust he voice to continue

She finally looked up at them, her eyes making up for what she couldn't say. Her silent apology, she could only hope they would forgive her, give up on her, and maybe leave her alone. She didn't want to have to betray them again and again.

She disappeared a final time. Once again leaving her voice to resonate in the clearing, saying the last thing they may ever hear from her.


Chakura no Mesu: Chakra Scalpel- Unlike regular scalpels, the chakra scalpel can actually make cuts inside the body without actually creating an open wound

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