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Gotham's Got Talent! Episode 3

Alfred: Greetings and welcome to the third week of Gotham's Got Talent. The Judges are ready to face the line of new contestants from all across Gotham and the globe. Starting off the acts is assistant district attorney, Miss Rachel Dawes.

- - Backstage - -

Rachel: What am I suppose to do here?

Alfred: You just talk.

Rachel: About what?

Alfred: I don't know, Miss. Some people tend to explain what their talent is and why they think they will win Gotham's Got Talent.

Rachel: That sounds boring. Can we talk about the previous episode of my favorite show?

Alfred: Uh, no.

Rachel: Can we talk about this really cute shirt I saw at Wal-Mart?

Alfred: Nope.

Rachel: Can we -

Alfred: Sorry, I'm afraid you're out of time.

Rachel: But -

Alfred: *shoves Rachel on stage*

- - Stage - -

Joker: Well, hello, beautiful.

Rachel: Oh, great. You again.

Bruce: Hello, what's your name?

Rachel: Oh, come on, Bruce. You know my name!

Donna: I think after that backstage interview, he'd rather pretend he didn't.

Joker: So, what do you do, toots?

Rachel: *glares* I ground clown freaks you like into the ground and eat them for breakfast.

Donna: Hmmm, interesting act. Sounds like something I'd say.

Bruce: I'm afraid your talent is a bit too violent for our family friendly show.

Joker: I would have to agree. Sorry, sweetheart.

Rachel: Why you - !

*Technical difficulties. Please wait.*

Alfred: Our next contestant is a Playboy Billionaire and a hero much like my Master.

- - Backstage - -

Tony: After I became Iron Man, lots of people began to look at me differently, thinking that my interest was solely in building things. The truth of the matter is that, I have a lot of talent that no one knows about and I want Gotham to see.

Jarvis: I'm sure they will truly welcome your talent, sir.

Alfred: Hey, only one butler at a time!

Jarvis: My apologies.

Tony: So for that past several months, I have been couched by Jarvis in several of my strangest areas of talent. I firmly believe that I can win the heart of Gotham.

- - Stage - -

Donna: Welcome to the stage of doom.

Joker: Hey, you're scaring our contestant. That's my job.

Bruce: Now, now, be nice. Hey, Tony, what's up?

Tony: Oh, you know...the usual pretending to be a gullible Playboy while really being a hero.

Bruce: I know what you mean. *winks at Donna*

Joker: XD

Donna: Remember, clown, I have a wonderful memory.

Joker: So, Tony, why do you think you have what it takes to win?

Tony: Of course I do - why else would I be here?

Bruce: Well some people have this illness where they think they have talent. We get a lot of contestants from Arkham. It's complicated.

Tony: I see.

Donna: Welp, enough talk more action. Hit it.

*Music starts playing*

Alfred: So, how long have you been a butler?

Jarvis: Hey, I'm trying to watch my Master. You mind?

Alfred: My apologies.

*Tony starts yodeling - pulls out banjo*


Donna: Oh, I don't know. I think it's kinda catchy.

Bruce: 8D

Tony: So, what'd you think?

Donna: Since you managed to nearly kill my clown friend here, you're going on to the next round!

Joker: No - Please! I beg you!

Donna: Oooooh, he's begging. Sorry, nope.

Bruce: Tony, you never told me you could yodel.

Tony: *Starts yodeling again*

Joker: AUGH! *faints*

Donna: Say, Tony, are you single?

Alfred: Our last contestant of the evening is - *looks at list* Why is my name on here?

Bruce: Oh come on, Alfred. You know you want to show off your talent!

Joker: *wakes up* Do your thing, Al!

Alfred: Well, okay... *starts break dancing*

Donna: 0_-

Bruce: ...

Joker: XD

Alfred: Do I go to the next round?

Bruce: *BEEP*

Donna: *BEEP*

Joker: *stabs BEEPer*

Alfred: *sighs* Tune in next time for more from Gotham's Got Talent!