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"Why cant you just die!" zexions mom yelled pushing him down "why can't you be like your brother popular, cute, and so sweet?"

"if you want me dead so much then why did you give birth to me!" zexion yelled back

"because me and your father was drunk badly and we didn't know what we were doing and I had no idea what happened until 6 months later I was in the hospital!"

"so I was a mistake?"zexy mumbled head down

"you bet you were and I still regret it too!"

"I cant believe you! You're the worst mom I could ever have!"

"get out of here go to school and I hope you never come back!"

"fine I will and I wont come back and I promise too!"

-end flashback-

"zexion!...zexion come on wake up!"

"what do you want axel?"

"we have a meeting that's starting right now so come on! Xemnas said it was important!"

"Alright I'm coming" zexion said getting up and following axel

"good im glad you are all here" xemnas said with a smile

"whats the big news you wanted to tell us?"

"we have someone visiting us for just a few days"

"who?" marluxia asked

"come in!" xemnas yelled as a girl with black hair came out from behind the wall "her name is xion she will be staying with us for a couple of days"

"why?" demyx asked

"because when she dies which isn't going to be until another eternity, anyway she can pick where she wants to go right away"

"but she's a somebody who says shes not a spy" roxas declared

"she is not I tested her and she is completely harmless"


"anyway xion the one sitting next to me is xigbar, then sitting next to him is xaldin, then vexen, then lexeaus, then zexion, then siax, then axel, then demyx, then luxord, then marluxia, then larxene then roxas"

"hi everyone!" xion said happily

"hey! Hows it going?" axel said leaning next to her

"don't listen to them no matter how much they beg they are all just pigs! They tried to hit on me when I first came." Larxene said standing next to her


"come on guys lets go eat breakfeast" xemnas said walking out

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