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"shhhh"xion said quietly "we cant wake him up he cant here about this"

"are u serious xion?" axel whispered

"yes me and xemnas had the talk yesterday and he told me it!"

"why would he tell u but not tell the rest of us nor zexion?"

"he doesn't want zexion to remember any of his past! He said its to painful to see zexy like that when he has to remember"

"well yeah that is true since hes the illusionist his mind rewinds and slowly plays his memories by its self." roxas announced

"so that's what all those nights he was screaming and crap it was cuz of that?" demy asked

"he said that I got adopted when I was too young to understand what was happening and he was left with our mother and father" xion explained

"go on" larxene said with evil in her smile

"once he turned 10 years old she wanted me back but she couldn't get me back because I already had a new home, so she treated zexy like crap and abandoned him, beat him, and sent him on the streets."

"she did all that?" axel asked

"yeah he would get sent out on the streets for hours each day and when she would get mad she would beat him and he couldn't do anything about it."

"what about school?"

"he went there but then people there got suspicious about his marks that he couldn't hide so she took him out of school and stayed at school."

"did she teach him?"

"no all he had was books he had to learn everything on his own."

"what about friends?"

"he didn't have any he wasn't allowed out of his house"

"he stayed with her forever?"

"well he ended up in the adoption center at 15 but he had to be kicked out because nobody wanted him and he was almost 16 and he had to leave and go to his mothers house again were he was beat again"

"so how did he lose his heart?"

"well he never had a heart to begin with at 10 he lost it he slept on a cardboard box for his bed and all he had was a radio"

"so why did we find him at 16 why didn't we get him at 10 when he first lost his heart?"

"because nobody knew about him and nobody cared xemnas said that he had just found out about him when he was on a mission."

"I feel so bad for him" roxas said with his head down

They all looked at zexion with a hurt filled eyes

"but you cant say anything to him okay"

"yep" they all agreed then finished watching tv in silence


"zex isn't eating with us today?" xemnas asked

"no hes been sleeping all day" vexen replied

"is he ok?"

"yeah just tired from the mission yesterday"

"well okay then" xemnas said sitting down and eating

It was a normal dinner except the younger ones were silent

"xemnas?" roxas mumbled

"yes roxas?"

"is it true that.." roxas started but then saw zexion walking into the kitchen and into the medicine cabinet

"ummm that French fries come from potatoes?"

"umm yes it is roxas" xemnas said then walking over to zexion who had a aspirin bottle in his hand "do you have a cold zex?" xemnas asked putting his hand on zexion forehead

"no but can I talk to you? Just for a few minutes" zexion whispered his voice hoarse

"you sound like you are and your forehead is a bit hot come on well go talk in my office." xemnas said motioning for him to go


-xemnas office-

"is everything all right?" xemnas asked motioning for him to sit down

"you know how those memories come back on its own but I cant remember anything about them and don't recognize them?" zexion asked his voice still hoarse


"there coming back more often and there getting worse"

"zex im sorry I cant do anything about them I mean you're the illusionist"

"I know but they hurt"

"I know they do and its ok try to ignore them ok"


"alright go ahead and get to your room ill give you some dinner in a few ok"

"yeah" zexion said then getting up and leaving

"is everything all right?" xigbar asked while everyone watched as zexion went up stairs coughing every once in a while

"yes" xemnas said sitting down

"xemnas?" axel asked trying to get on with what roxas wanted to ask


"is it true that zexion is xions younger brother and that they are supposed to be twins but xion came early?" axel asked as the younger ones all looked at xemnas with curiosity

With what they had asked xigbar ended up spitting food all over xaldin then vexen spitting all of his water out at siax and siax jumping up hitting lexeaus in the face with his shoulder.

"where did you hear that?"

"I told them, but they promised not to say anything about it to zexion"

"why did you tell them!" zemnas asked with hate in his eyes

"well I thought that they should know to"

"so you thought it was ok to tell them!"


"were was zexion!"

"on the couch next to us he was.."

"he was next to you! You said it when he was right there by you!"

"well he was sleeping!"

"what if he wasn't what if he was just resting with his eyes closed!"

"we could hear is soft breathing!"

"all that matters is that none of you mention one word to him! If anyone says one thing to him then you guys will have serious punishment do you understand!"

"yes" the younger ones all agreed

Xemnas soon got up and left the room shaking his head. He finally came out with a plate of food and went up stairs.

Knock knock

"zexion heres your dinner" xemnas said while turning the light on then seeing zexion sleeping in his bed all curled up.

"I wish your past was better I really do." xemnas said then setting the plate on the night stand next to him and turning off the light and shutting the door.

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