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Three Years Later

It had been a wonderful three years. Alice and Jasper had a huge, elegant wedding last year. And not to be outdone, Rose and Emmett were also married. But they decided to go the easier route. They flew out to Vegas on a whim and were married by Elvis. I was surprised by this. Rose didn't seem like the type to elope. But she assured me that she didn't care who married them, as long as it was Emmett that was standing at the end of the aisle.

Edward and I were still going strong. We had moved in together not long after that weekend trip. Everyone thought we were crazy for doing it so early, but we had known each other practically our whole lives so it just seemed right. Yes, we had our ups and downs, as all relationships do, but we overcame them, together.

Everyone thought last year at Christmas that Edward would propose. I had even gotten my hopes up. But no, he didn't. And then, once again, on Valentine's Day, Alice assured me that it would happen. But again, he didn't. I will admit it. I was a little disappointed. But I was still happy just being with him. And then, we took a special trip one weekend to this wonderful resort. We came back to the room after dinner and there were rose petals everywhere and I thought for sure that it was going to happen. But no, Edward was just being sweet. No diamond. No proposal. I actually cried myself to sleep that night. I would never tell Edward that though. He would think that I wasn't happy just being with him. And I truly was just happy being with him. And that is why I completely removed marriage from my mind. I was perfectly content with "dating" Edward Cullen for the rest of my life. Alice is a different story though. I have had to practically beg her not to say anything to Edward.

But I have plans for tonight. No, I am not proposing, but I do have something planned. All of our friends are coming over for a dinner party. That is why I am now slaving over the stove cooking a feast for them. I decided on Chinese food. Yeah, I could have just ordered take-out, but I wanted it special.

There as a knock at the door and I looked at the clock. My friends are nothing if not punctual.

"Baby," I called out to Edward, "could you get the door for me." He walked through our kitchen stopping to give me a chaste kiss on the cheek.

"Sure thing, Sweetness."

"God, It smells so good in here, Bells." Gotta love Emmett. The man knows his food. He came up and gave me a quick kiss on the top of my head. I turned around to see Rose, as well as Jasper and Alice had arrived as well.

"Go ahead and take a seat you guys. I will just plate everything up and bring it out." I began to pull some serving dishes out of the cabinets as everyone made their way to the dining room.

"You need some help, babe?" Edward asked me before walking out into the other room.

"No, thanks though. Just make sure everyone has something to drink and I will be right out." He nodded his head and walked out.

I gathered one of the dishes and walked into the dining room and placed it on the table. Emmett immediately dug in and I laughed and shook my head and walked back out to get the rest of the food.

After placing all the food in the middle of the table, we all settled down to eat.

After eating and some conversation, I stood up and cleared my throat.

"Okay everyone, I have to go and get dessert. And no it isn't come cake or brownies or anything. It is the typical Chinese dessert." I walked out into the kitchen and grabbed the dish with the cookies on them.

I walked back out and held the dish out in front of all my friends and had them choose one. When I got to Edward, there was purposely only one cookie left. And if I knew my Edward, I knew how he would react.

"Oh look Swan," he said smirking, "looks like I got the last one." Yep, typical Cullen fashion. Just as I had suspected. Over the past three years, Edward had never relented to pulling that crap. But I loved him for it. Especially now.

I looked at him and frowned. He smiled saying, "But I can share with you baby." I leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on his lips and said thank you.

"Okay, here is the plan. I want everyone to go around and read your fortune out loud. Let's start with Rose. She looked at me and smiled, and broke open her cookie.

"Love is giving someone your undivided attention. Emmett you're next." Emmett grinned and broke open his cookie.

"A person soon knows how little he knows when a child beings to ask questions." Emmett just sat there and scratched his head. We all laughed at him and he just shrugged.

"Jasper," I said, "why don't you go next." He nodded his head and broke into his cookie.

"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father." He looked at me and winked. Crap. Jasper Whitlock is too damn perceptive for his own good. Alice had caught on to this exchange but was still a little confused.

"Alice," I said, silently begging her not to question it," why don't you go next?" She smiled back at me and opened her cookie.

"The most important thing a father can do for his children, is to love their mother." Alice looked up now, shock evident on her face. I smiled at her but she remained silent, thank God.

I walked over to Edward and stood next to him. He looked up at me and I nodded for him to go ahead.

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." Edward looked totally confused. And that is not what I wanted.

"What the hell kind of fortune cookies are these? I think we got cheated." Emmett said. Rose took her hand and smacked him across the back of his head.

"Dammit Rose! That fucking hurt." She just shushed him and everyone turned to look at me.

"I had them specially ordered Emmett. It was a place online where you could do your own fortunes. I chose these." Emmett raised an eyebrow at me. Edward looked up at me and I could practically see the wheels turning in his head.

"Bells, you seriously need to do better research for this shit. These fortunes are all about love and..."

I didn't hear the rest of Emmett's sentence because Edward had stood up and walked across the room to where I had moved. He place his hands on both sides of my face and looked me in the eyes.

"Are you serious? Really? You aren't fucking joking with me are you Swan?" he asked me smirking.

I just shook my head. A huge smile plastered across his face and he swung me up and twirled me around, all the while kissing me repeatedly all over my face.

I just laughed as was everyone else in the room did. Except Emmett, I think he was still lost.

Edward quickly placed me back down on my feet and bent down in front of me placing his hands on my stomach.

"Oh shit, I didn't even think. I didn't hurt you did I? I didn't hurt the baby did I?'

"No Edward," I said, laughing, "you didn't hurt the baby. He or she is quite alright in there. I am fine."

He stood up and hugged me to him tightly and placed his lips at my ear and whispered to me the words I had been aching to hear, yet had decided would never happen.

"Marry me Bella."

I pulled away from him and looked him in the eyes. I am sure that I looked shocked because I was.

"Edward, I didn't tell you I was pregnant just to get you to marry me. I am not like that. Really, I am just content in being with you forever, whether we have a legal binding agreement or not."

He shook his head at me.

"Bella, I was planning on asking you tonight anyway. You kind of stole my thunder. For once, Swan got the upper hand," he said chuckling.

"Really Edward? You were planning on asking me tonight?" I said, hope evident in my voice.

"Yes, baby. I had it all planned out. I was going to ask you right here in front of our friends so you couldn't possible deny me."

I playfully slapped him on his shoulder and he pulled me to him again.

"So, Swan, will you do the honor of becoming my wife?"

I nodded my head and he spun me around again and sat me back down. We announced to our friends our big news and they all congratulated us on both big events.

Once they had all left, Edward and I went and relaxed on the couch. I had my feet propped up on the coffee table and Edward had his head in my lap. He was rubbing my, so far, non existent baby bump. Every so often, he would place a gentle kiss on it.

"You know what Mrs. Soon-to-Be Cullen? I am so happy. You have made me the happiest man alive tonight. First you tell me I am going to be a father and then you agree to be my wife. I so fucking lucky."

"No Edward, I think I am the lucky one." He just shook his head.

"Okay lets just agree that we are both lucky to have each other. And if you react like this when I tell you that you are going to be a father, this will definitely not be the last one." He laughed and kissed me and mumbled against my lips.

"Nope. This little guy is definitely not going to be the last one."

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