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I stood there, and narrowed my eyes at him, and watched his sexy ass walk towards his office eating MY donut. Sexy, smug, no good, son of a ….. When he got to the end of the hallway, ready to step through the doorway to his office, he turned toward me and threw me one last smirk. With my free hand, which by the way should have been holding my donut, I shot him the bird and smiled. He laughed loudly and walked in.

I rolled my eyes and made my way to my office. It was nothing fancy but it was mine. My own little space to decorate how I wished. Not that I did. Nope. I only had one photograph of Rose, Alice and myself.

We had all been friends of so long. I met Alice around the same time I met Edward. She is his sister. To be siblings, they are as different as night and day. Alice and I have been pretty much inseparable since meeting. I love her to death. I also love Emmet, Alice and Edward's older brother. He is like the older brother I never had. How I can love two siblings but utterly detest the other one is beyond me. A few years later, Rose and her brother Jasper moved to town. We were all, always together. Until college, that is. We all went our separate ways, but stayed in touch. Most of us did, at least.

When I moved here to Seattle, I was shocked to find that everyone else was here as well. It was as if it were all meant to be. Rose and Emmett were together. They run a local body shop downtown. Alice and Jasper are together too. Jasper owns a bar and Alice owns a little boutique and spa.

I placed my things on my desk and sat down in my nice, comfy chair. When my stomach growled I knew I would need to find something to hold me over until lunch. I opened up my desk drawer scouring for something, anything to eat. "Ha!," I said aloud, holding up a discarded, yet thankfully, unopened pack of crackers. I opened them up and began nibbling at one as I turned on my computer for the day.

"Conference room, people," I heard Mr. Molina say loudly in the hall. Mr. Molina is our editor and he feels the need to have these little pow-wows to get our creative ideas flowing. What the hell ever. I finish my one cracker and make my way to the conference room.

I took a seat towards the back and watched my co-workers file in. Mr. Cocky Ass himself walked in and looked my way. I glared at him and looked the other way. He sat down in the empty seat beside me and looked at me again. I tried to ignore him, but I hated the feeling of someone staring at me, so I looked up at him and said "What?"

"So, you still going to Alice and Jasper's this weekend?," he asked me. I rolled my eyes, because he was obviously just trying to make small talk. Ever since we all got back together, we had spent every Saturday at one of our houses, just hanging out. That's right, I said it. I had to spend time with Edward outside of work. Believe me, if he wasn't Alice's brother, I wouldn't give the sexy asshole the time of day.

"Why did you just ask me such a stupid fucking question? Where else would I be?," I snapped back at him. He looked a little shocked at my sudden outburst. I don't know why, we had been doing this for so long now. Arguing and snapping at each other. I think the only reason we act civil to one another is because of his siblings.

"Jesus Swan," he said, now smirking," don't get your damn panties in a fucking bunch. I was just checking." I didn't get a chance to say anything else to Edward because Mr. Molina chose at that time to grace us with his presence.

"Okay people," he said, as he stood at the front of the conference room, "as you know our events columnist will be out on maternity leave next month. She usually does a write up of Oktoberfest held in Leavenworth, so we are going to need someone else to cover that event. Since it is a music festival, Edward, I have chosen you to cover it." I looked over to Edward and he smiled and nodded to Mr. Molina.

"Bella," Mr. Molina said, "since this is also a food festival, I have chosen you to cover the food aspect of the event." What was that? I looked at him shocked. I looked at Edward and he was smiling, but with a hint of snarkiness that only I could point out.

"What? Why me?" I questioned, but he never answered me. He was already making his way out of the room.

"The paper will handle all the arrangements. All you need to do is ride up there together, visit the festival. Take in the sites, the music, the food. Write it up. Get it back to me ASAP. It's next month, so get ready." And with that he walked out.

Well shit. Now I had to spend a weekend alone with Edward. No siblings to make sure we were civil to each other. Shit.