I couldn't believe it! I mean the fact that Derek and I would both be going to Queen's never even crossed my mind. But when we both told our family those seven months ago, I didn't think Derek was serious. But in the aftermath, he showed us his letter, we packed, and before I knew it we were standing in the parking lot of Queen's saying goodbye to our family. Mom was looking pregnant, and both Derek and I were ready to head off to our dorm rooms to unpack. After hugging Mom, Lizzy, Marty and even George, Edwin decide he wanted a hand shake. But when I started to walk away, he ran up to me and gave me a hug. That made it even harder to keep walking. Because as excited as I was for school, I felt like my heart was ripping in two.

Once I got to my dorm room, I met my room-mate Cassiy. It was weird because of the similarities in our names. I unpacked as Cassiy talked to me. I learned that she was from Grande Prairie, Alberta, that both her and her boyfriend, Colin got accepted to Queen's, and that she had in her words, "Three loves: Colin, dancing and hockey." We talked til' ten that night then went to bed.

The next few months were very routine. Cassiy and I would go to class and meet up with Colin after. That was when she did one of two things; left with him, or hung out with me. She spent all of her spare time with Colin, unless he had hockey, then she hung out with me. Meanwhile, my focus was school. Then my perfectly planned schedule changed.

A week ago Cassiy told me that she was tired of watching me be so 'anti-social' and that she was going to do something about it. Putting down my pencil, I spun my desk chair around so I was facing her and I asked her what it was she planned to do. At my question, Cassiy got this evil little grin on her face and told me that it wasn't what she planned to do, it was what she had done. She said she had set me up on a blind date.

I couldn't believe she'd had the guts to go to Queen's. I had thought for sure she would stay at home. I was pleasantly surprised. Not that I'd ever admit it. Not to anyone, ever. I didn't realize just how hard the decision was for her. It wasn't until I saw the look on her face when Ed hugged her goodbye that I knew just how hard it was for her to leave our family to go to school. It hurt to see, but the pained look on her face was gone an instant later. Replaced with the mask she always wore.

It was cool to learn that Colin was my room-mate. I mean, I'd met him at hockey practice, but the thought never crossed my mind that coach would push for his team members to be roomed together. I met Colin's girlfriend my first Saturday on campus. I heard a knock at the door and saw that it was eleven in the morning. After I crawled out of bed and opened the door, she handed me a tray with two cups of coffee, and two breakfast muffins.

The girl proceeded to walk over to Colin's bed and flip his mattress. She then walked back over to me, and in the same sentence told me to close the door, get dressed and eat. Looking back at the tray in my hands, I saw that she had taken one of the muffins and a cup of coffee.

The next few months were routine. I would get up, eat, go to class, go to hockey practice, go to more classes, go to more hockey, go back to the dorm, to any work I had, and fall asleep dreaming of Casey. Saturdays were different. Colin and Cassiy were always dragging me along to some party, or to meet some girl. Not one of the girls I met were my type. It was in those months that I realized what my type was. I found myself comparing every girl met to her. So when Colin set me up on an official blind date with Cassiy's best friend, I thought it was a joke. I'd seen Cassiy and knew that she wasn't the one for me, so why would her best friend be any different? Besides, she wasn't the girl I wanted.

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