OK. First off, I wanted to say thanks to everyone that has been reading my story! I love the feedback, and am eternally grateful. Second, I thought that some warning is due. I am going to leave this story rather open . . . sort of. This chapter is going to be told from the point of view of a young girl. She is telling her "favourite love story" to her class. So, it might be a little bit weird. Thanks again for the reviews, and like always, the only people that I can claim are "mine" are Cassiy and Colin. Oh, and Carissa . . . . .

"What is my favourite love story? This story started almost fifteen years ago. Once upon a time, there was a man. His name was George. Now George didn't have many things to be sad about. He had three awesome children, a little girl and two boys, but he wanted a wife. And then, one day, by sheer chance, he met her. Nora. She was everything that he wanted. Now Nora, she had two daughters. And she loved them very much, but she wanted them to have a dad. And when she met George, she knew that her could be the man she was looking for. And so, they started to see date. They had been dating for a while, when George proposed. They knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. But there was one thing standing in the way. Their eldest children. Nora's daughter Casey, and George's son Derek. They HATED each other. Nora and George knew this and had put off introducing them (officially) to each other. They knew that if and when they did, their children would not be happy. And at first they weren't. But then Casey had a change of heart, and convinced her mom that George really was best for her, and that she disserved to be happy. So, George and Nora were married, and the crazy-ness began.

Nora and her daughters Casey and Lizzie moved into George's house. At first things were crazy. The step siblings fought all the time and competed. But over time they came to be a family. Casey and Derek still "bugged" each other, but it became the norm. In fact if you were to ask the younger siblings what they thought of the relationship between Casey and Derek, they would clam up and say "we don't talk about it". Time passed, and the children grew up. The girls grew closer, and the boys, well, they were boys. Throughout the course of high school, Casey dated most of Derek's friends. And Derek went out with Casey's friends. They both got their hearts broken, but when push came to shove, they knew that they could depend on each other. So when graduation came and they got accepted to the same college, it just seemed natural for them to go together. But by then, they had been in denial for so long that Derek said he wanted to be as separate from Casey as he could. And so they would have continued to live if it weren't for their best friends. You see Derek's dorm mate Colin was going out with Casey's dorm mate Cassiy. Of course Derek and Casey didn't know that for the longest time. It was part way through the first semester when Colin and Cassiy started to compare notes. They laughed when Cassiy said that the Derek Casey talked about in her sleep was the Derek that Colin shared a dorm with. And the same reaction came out when Colin said that Derek talked about Casey in his sleep. From that moment on, they decide that they needed to hook them up. And so they tried, and tried, and tried. But it was like every time they could have gotten them together, something got in the way. First it was Nora going into labour. Then it was hockey, then it was "someone I met online".

Of course afterwards, they realized the "online person" was each other. The event that finally got Derek and Casey together was Colin's birthday bash. It was costumed, and masked. They set it up so that Derek and Casey met as their online profiles. But when the masks came off (after the "intense" make out session), well, as they say the rest is history."

"Carissa! That can't be it! Did Derek and Casey get married? What about their family? They are technically related after all."

"That's a great point Mary. But you see, everyone in their family knew that Derek and Casey had feeling for each other. They just couldn't say anything until Casey and Derek decided to admit it themselves. And to answer your question. Yes, they did get married. They ran off to Vegas. In fact they were married for a month before the rest of the family found out. And by that time. Casey was pregnant. With me!"

Well? What do you think? I randomly got inspiration and was able to finish. I hope it lives up to expectations. And that not one is too disappointed. Thank you to everyone who has been following this story. I really appreciate it. I am however glad to be done!