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Chapter One- Cliffdiving

Jacob's POV

My feet hit the ground with a steady continuous beat as I tore through the woods, russet fur flying.

Jacob, hurry up! I could hear Seth Clearwater whining.

Yeah, Jakey, his sister Leah added.

I sped up a bit at Leah's voice, I couldn't wait to see her. Seth, not so much.

Seth's mind began to wander, he began to think about Nessie. Bella and Edward Cullen's daughter, or Seth's imprintee.

I had wanted to kill Nessie, well, Renesmee actually. Rip her to shreds because she hurt Bella. And Bella was motherly to me... the mother I never had, the mother that had died when I was too young to remember anything. But you couldn't hurt a pack member's imprint.

Jake! Stop thinking about killing Nessie! Seth demanded, his words were loud.

What? Oh, sorry... I replied, shaking my head and looking up.

No wonder he sounded louder, he and Leah were impatiently sitting in the grass that filled a small clearing far from the hiking trails.

Hey, Jake! Seth and Leah exclaimed at the same time.

Hi... I thought, and found myself staring at Leah. Seth snorted.

Well, come on, let's go! Seth decided. He meant go to the Cullen's literal mansion, to see Nessie.

Naw, you go. Me and Leah are gonna hang out alone for a while... I rejected, pulling back my lips in a smile.

Ew, Jake, I don't even wanna know what you mean by that! Seth put his head into his paws, hiding his face.

I barked a laugh, and saw that Leah was wagging her tail excitedly.

It's involuntary, I swear! I assured, even though it really wasn't.

Yeah, yeah, let's go Jakey. Leah prodded. Seth barked and began racing into the trees towards the Cullen household, while Leah and I started off to hers.

Seth was almost always with Nessie now, or sometimes he was with Paul... and Sue, Leah and Seth's mother stayed at Charlie's, Bella's dad and a good friend of my own father. And we had the place to ourselves.

Leah leaned into my side as she caught up to me, trying to slow me down. One thing you could always expect out of Leah was competition.

She did hold me back, and got to the thick area of trees by her house before me. We stopped her to phase back, and to put some clothes on. I liked being a wolf, even if Alpha wasn't the easiest job in the world, but I sure hated having to tie some freakin clothes to your ankle every single time you phased. Leah disliked this too.

The familiar tingle of phasing was running through my veins, sort of like adrenalin but not quite, as I pulled on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

Leah had put some clothes on, too, the usual Leah-wear that consisted of jeans and a tank top. I smiled and took her hand, which she eagerly accepted, and we walked the short way to her house.

She bent down and picked up a flower pot containing a wilting daisy, and pulled out a small silver key from under it to unlock the door.

Leah rapped her knuckles on the wall, which echoed, and called out to see if Sue was here or not. She wasn't.

"Okay then, Jake. What now?" Leah asked, looking around the room.

"Well... we could... err... we could go cliff diving!" I decided after racking my mind for something to do.

"Alright, hold on, I'll go get a suit," Leah agreed before rushing to her room for a swimming suit.

I waited for a while, but my short attention span got the best of me and I walked over to the tan couch and fell into it. I rubbed my eyes and a yawn escaped my mouth.

Sam had made us stay out late the night before to celebrate Embry's imprint, which was on a girl that went to our school named Natalie.

I sighed and began to think about when Leah and I imprinted... and slowly, the thought became a reality, or at least it was to me.

The pack was having a campfire like usual, with all of the elders. Quil had told me that Harry Clearwater was bringing his kids over. I didn't know Harry that well... nor his kids.

My dad walked up to me with a man, who I took as Harry Clearwater, and two kids, well, teens.

"Jake, this is Harry Clearwater, you remember him, right? The one that makes the fish fry... and this is his boy, Seth, and Leah, his daughter. Just turned." he announced, and I shook hands with them all.

But Leah... made me feel like she and I were the only people there, like my heart was only beating for her. Leah was staring at me rather... strangely, and I wondered if it was because I had been staring at her in the first place. She blushed and looked down at her feet, making me feel embarrassed, too. I then blinked myself back to the camp-out and felt a little guilty for thinking about someone I barely knew like that.

Then Dad and Harry began to ramble about hunting and I got bored and went to sit with Sam.

" Hey... Sam? I need to talk... alone..." I said, and Sam released his grasp on Emily, his girlfriend, or imprintee or whatever...

Emily left, leaving Sam and I sitting on a log.

"Alright, Jacob, what is it?" he asked lightly.

"Well... rem... how do you know when you've... well, imprinted..." I questioned, feeling embarrassed.

"Jacob, if you've got that question then you must have already imprinted!" Sam laughed like it was nothing. Sure it wasn't, to him. He already had Emily, he already went through it.

"Damn it..." I mumbled.

"Well... who is it?" Sam eagerly asked.


"Leah!" I exclaimed when Leah had shaken me awake.

"Hi. Sorry I took a while..." she apologized.

"Naw, it's just the short attention span," I smiled. "I was thinking about... when we imprinted..."

Leah laughed and took me hand, pulling me up from the couch.

"Let's go," I said groggily while Leah threw me a towel like the one she had in her arms.

Leah locked the door again, and we walked outside and into her garage, where a double seated, red and black flamed dirt bike sat, waiting to be rode.

"Come on, Jakey!" Leah pulled me along next to the bike.

"Can I drive?" I asked, knowing the answer would probably be a no.

Leah was silent as she contemplated.

"Lee-lee?" I tried, using her nickname from me.

"Alright... just don't get it dirty!" she threatened.

"Leah, it's a dirt bike. Of course it'll get dirty!" I laughed.

Leah laughed, too, and I started the bike, the rumble of the engine comforting. I lifted her onto the back of the bike and climbed onto the front.

I put it into reverse and drove out of the garage, onto the road. I could feel Leah's arms around my waist, her head laying on my back and her hair blowing in the wind, free of a helmet.

I felt very relaxed on a dirt bike, or anything like it. But being on one with Leah was almost as good as... ah, never mind.

The road, which was really a narrow path now, ended next to a cliff, where you could see the calm yet dark water of the ocean splashing.

Leah sat up and I turned the bike off and nudged the kickstand up.

I got off and watched as Leah surveyed the bike.

"How did I do?" I asked, over exaggerating the guilt.

"Congrats... you passed." Leah grinned.

"Phew, thought I was a goner for a second!" I exclaimed, taking off my shirt and throwing it over the seat of the bike.

"I wouldn't go that far, Jakey," Leah assured me.

"Well, let's cliff dive!" I suggested.

Leah's POV

"Okay," I nodded, pulling my hair behind my back.

Jake approached the edge of the cliff and looked down.

"Perfect day for it," he noted.

The sky was clear, it was cool, (but hey, when is it ever hot around here?) and the water wasn't too bad.

"Yep," I agreed, walking up to Jacob and holding his hand.

He glanced at me, and when the sly smile crossed my face I think he was afraid I would push him off.

I didn't, though. I wrapped my arms around Jake's neck, kissing him while jumping off into the water, pulling Jake down with me.

The feeling was freedom, with the exhilaration from the kiss, it made a perfect pair. But then when you hit the water, your heart skipped a beat and you felt like you could do it for hours without getting tired. Or prune-like.

"That was uncalled for," Jacob waved a finger at me with a fake scold.

"I'll never do that again, I promise!"

"Then I guess I'll have to do it for you," Jake told me.

"If you think-" I began, but was cut off by my lips being crushed by Jacob's.

"That was uncalled for!" I exclaimed after I had caught my breath.

"Now we're even, Leah!" Jacob pointed to me.

"Darn, I could've sworn I was gonna win," I answered. "Hey, we should call the rest of the pack and tell them to come!"

"Sure, sure," Jacob used his practically famous phrase. "But I doubt Seth will come, 'cause he's at Nessie's place still..."

Jacob got out of the water and ran up a long sand hill leading up to the top of the cliff and dialed the pack members' numbers. This surely would take a while.

I decided to help Jake by calling some of the pack, so I went up the path and got my phone out of the bundle that was my towel and asked Jake who he hadn't called yet. He said Emily, Sam, and Jared.

I called Emily first, since we were not only cousins but best friends.

Ring, ring...

"Hello?" Emily asked when it picked up.

"Hey, Em," I greeted. "Listen, me and Jake are out cliff diving, you should come, too."

"Sure, I'll bring Sam," Emily agreed, saving me one more call to make.

"Okay, see you soon," I pressed the end call button and dialed Jared, who also agreed and said he'd bring Kim, his imprintee.

It ended up that Quil, Paul and Brady weren't going to come because they were busy, and Seth decided to go, and he said Nessie would be there, too. Everyone else (Sam, Emily, Jared, Seth, Embry and Collin) was coming. Sometimes I wondered if we were getting too many people in the pack, but hey, it was always convenient for parties like this!

Jacob and I spent the rest of the time... err... sucking face.

Not long after, Sam, Emily, Jared, Kim, Collin, Seth, Nessie, Embry and Natalie showed up.

Good thing they didn't come a few minutes ago, I thought. I could just picture Quil's expression if he had showed up to us making out.

"Well," Jared asked eying Nessie nervously.

Seth walked up to the tip of the cliff and peered down.

"It's a-" he began before Jacob ran up behind him and pushed him off.

He had just enough time to turn and see it was Jake, then fell the rest of the way screaming his name in rage.

Jake was in hysterics, literally laughing his arse off, joined by most of the others, including me.

"What was that for?" Nessie angrily asked.

"Psh, lighten up, it was a joke," I remarked. Filthy leech doesn't know how to have a good time... Jake might not mind the bloodsuckers that much, but I had my opinions. I had to keep them to myself, though, or else Jake got mad. And around Seth, because he had imprinted on one.

"Jake! I'm going to get you!" Seth threatened after we heard a splash.

"Go ahead, Seth!" Jacob laughed, then grabbed my hand and pulled me off the cliff with him, and we were followed by the rest of the pack.

Seth proceeded to attempting to drown Jake, even though he was two years younger than Jacob. Emily, Kim and I sat against the rocks and talked. After Seth gave up, he decided to start a chicken fight between him and Nessie and Natalie and Embry.

Eventually the sun got low and we were practically prunes by the time we got out of the water.

"We should have a camp-out," Emily suggested a few minutes later.

"Yeah," we all agreed.

"But I gotta take Ness home first," Seth smiled, rubbing Nessie's chin.

"Alright, Seth, you go and we'll get stuff together," I told him, and Seth ran up the path and I heard an engine start.

"Okay, Leah, go get some tents at your place... the rest of you go get a lot of crap to eat." Jake instructed.

We left for supplies and returned not long after, with tents and a ton of junk food.

When we returned, Sam was trying to light a fire.

Everything was fine, Emily, Kim and I had resumed our chat, now joined by Natalie. I got up to check on the fire when something wet and round hit me spot on my back, then it exploded.

I turned around to see Jared laughing, and saw the remains of a large red water balloon in the sand. A cooler filled with balloons was perched behind a log, I darted to it and picked up an armful of balloons, all equally cold, and chucked one at Jared, who now had an expression of fear.

Jared ducked, and I hit Jake instead.

"Le- Jared!" Jacob started, then noticed Jared on the ground before him. "You're gonna get it, now!"

I threw a few balloons to Jake, who attacked Jared with them, and by then we were all in a full out water balloon battle.

Jacob's POV

Jared had just hit Leah, and now I was wet. But now everyone was wet, so it made no difference.

"Jake! Move!" someone yelled, and I was struck in the face by a balloon.

"You suck, Embry!" I accused when I saw it was him.

"As do you, Jacob!" he replied jumping out of the path of a water balloon just in time.

I stepped backwards and onto a stick, trying to dodge balloons.

"Dammit!" I exclaimed, stepping forwards again.

"Language, Jacob!" Sam playfully accused.

"Sure, sure, Sam, whatever," I rolled my eyes, then noticed a balloon sailing past me, aimed at Sam. It hit him hard, then burst.

I snickered as a continuous line of balloons bombarded Sam, but a few missed and put out the fire that was going.

"Look what'cha did!" Sam exclaimed, then mumbled, "Now I have to put the fire back up and everything..."

I continued laughing, but was silenced when I received a bitter glare from Sam.

I noticed that after the fire went out, I could barely see the outlines of everyone's faces.

"Wow, it's already 9:30," I noted after checking my phone.

"You know what that means," Jared answered with a dark voice.

"Skinny dipping!" Seth exclaimed, causing laughter from most of us, and a cross Seth! from Leah.

"No." Jared continued, and I saw that. "The bloodiest stories you've ever heard."

"Why can't we just listen to the usual Quileute legends?" Collin nervously questioned.

"Because, little Collin, we save the good stuff for when the elders aren't here," Leah answered with a wicked grin.

"Fine, fine," Collin resentfully agreed.

"Okay, I will go first..." Jared evilly declared. "It's called the Cemetery Mimic."

Jacob grabbed my hand, and a wave of comfort and reassurance washed through me.

Jared continued on with the Cemetery Mimic, which was about double walkers (A/N: The Cemetery Mimic link is on my page). Later on we took turn telling stories, of course Collin told a Quileute legend, until Jacob checked his phone, which read 12:21 A.M.

"12:21, Lee-lee," Jacob whispered to me. I guess it was a little weird that it was 12:21, but it probably was nothing...

"Let's go to sleep now," Natalie suggested with a yawn.

"Sure," Seth agreed.

We went to our tents, which we had set up earlier.

Jake and I in one together.

Everyone else wandered into their own tents and mumbled 'good night' now.

I rolled onto my side, my face to Jake, and he kissed me gently, causing me to smile.

"'Night, Leah," Jake murmured, and eventually his soft snores filled the tent.

I for one couldn't sleep. An hour must've passed since Jake had went to sleep, but then his snoring randomly ceased.

"Jake?" I asked quietly.

"Leah?" he replied.

"Are you awake?" I questioned.

"Yeah," he answered obviously.

"Do you wanna... go swimming?"

Jake turned around to look at me, and when he did he had a strange, amused expression.

"I hope you don't mean skinny dipping," he laughed.

"Naw, just swimming," I grimaced. I wouldn't mind skinny dipping, though. "You and me... alone... in the moonlight..."

"Alright, Leah, I'll go," he agreed.

"Yay," I happily said.

I got out of the tent, followed by Jacob, and looked at the water. It was dark blue with white stretched across the middle of it from the full moon.

Jacob took my hand and we ran across the cool, smooth sand and into the serene near-black water.

I leaned against the rocks, where I had spent most of the day, or yesterday, really, and Jake joined me.

I sat on his lap, and we kissed continuously, uninterrupted, until we heard rustling on the shore.

Jake jerked his head towards the trees, and he said it was nothing.

A few minutes later there was water splashing.

I turned to see, and what I saw was something I did not expect.

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