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Violet Eyes Chapter 14

Sarutobi lit up his pipe and sighed.

Today has been too much…

He'd been happy when he found that Team 7 would be scheduled to be back that day. It had been too quiet without their orange bombshell, and the ANBU had been growing complacent without Naruto's pranks to keep them on their toes.

That he could find time in between training and eating to trade all of the ANBU's masks for children's monster masks…

Well, more likely he'd made time to do it.

They'd have to work on the security of the ANBU headquarters once again, and Sarutobi would have to remember to put aside some time to listen to the complaints from the three Nin who had been promoted to ANBU while Naruto was gone.

Regular ninja never heard of the numerous pranks that Naruto had played on ANBU, and probably never would until Naruto told them.

Naruto had probably told the two missing Nin from Hidden Mist when they were heading to his apartment.

Sarutobi sighed once again.

His burned down apartment was another problem added to the stack.

Sarutobi had called for Team 7 to be let in, and was immediately alert to the fact that two more masked Nin walked into his office than there should have been along with a blank faced Nin with senbon hidden in their sleeves.

And Naruto wasn't with them.

But apparently he was.

He'd been suspicious and angry when one of the strange masked Nin called him old man as Naruto did his large purple (slitted…) eyes an expressive mockery of Naruto's own blue eyes. He had on a Konoha leaf headband, but Sarutobi had never seen… no… there was something familiar, and he tried to figure it out as the masked ninja nattered at him.

When the ninja finally pulled down his mask, and Sarutobi saw the three whisker marks on either cheek, Naruto's mouth formed into a pout as he muttered with another's voice. He also saw the probably reason why he was wearing a mask.

He claimed to be Naruto.

And seemed extremely insulted that he didn't recognize him.

Sarutobi believed him.

His minds knowledge of what Naruto looked like warred with his eyes and tried to reconcile this eccentric Nin with his own eccentric Nin.

How had they gotten him out of the orange?

The red-tipped hair, the purple eyes, the clothes, the physical differences…

Sarutobi's first thought, a thought that he now saw as a sign of his old age, was how disappointed he was. Why would Naruto do this to himself the first time he was away? He was too young to be going though such a phase… he'd be getting piercings and odd tattoos next, Sarutobi was sure.

But that didn't explain the physical differences.

Taller, leaner, a narrower face…

Team 7 started to explain, each taking turns with part of the tale, Naruto making his opinion known in between each of his team-mates even as they 'corrected' what he said.

As they spoke, Sarutobi kept an eye on the two missing Nin, moving to keeping both eyes on them when he found out that one of them was Momochi Zabuza and the other had an unknown bloodline.

They'd fought them, and the demon brothers?

That was much more than a C level, and Sarutobi thought that he'd have to make sure that they were paid fo least as continued to listen to their report.

A bloodline?

Sarutobi frowned.

Neither of Naruto's parents had had any strand of a bloodline. And what they were saying it did, it seemed as if it was some sot of branching from the Hyuuga bloodline.

They would likely deny any connection, but if they decided that they wanted him under their jurisdiction…

Sarutobi would not allow them to pt the caged bird seal on him as a 'branch' member.

But then again, Naruto wouldn't likely want to be part of the Hyuuga family. He smiled internally. Naruto would likely deny any offer of family if it was solely because he developed a bloodline…

Thinking of the few times he'd managed to get a prank on the Hyuuga's, he didn't think either the Hyuuga's nor Naruto would want to be considered 'family', bloodline or not.

Sarutobi smiled at the thought of Hyuuga Hiashi with bubblegum pink hair storming into his office from a couple of years ago.

But if they pushed it…

Sarutobi was glad there was a law against someone being forced into a family, even when they are underage. The person must give consent and sign a contract stating such before they can be adopted into a family, or into a branch of a family, unless the child is unable to sign their name. It was a law that Minato had passed within the first year he became Hokage.

It had seemed like a fairly blasé law to put in place, and none of the council had protested the strange new law. But now it was working out like this…

Minato always had found ways to get his point across to the council.

But back to the manner at hand.

The bloodline didn't seem likely to stem from an actual blood relative, and he wondered…

Naruto and Kakashi shared a look and then glanced at Sakura and Sasuke, and Sarutobi realized that they had something to say that they didn't think would be okay to say in front of the two. He could probably guess what it was about then.

Could Minato's seal be weakening?


But Sarutobi looked into Naruto's eyes; saw the slit pupils, the red surrounding it…

But also the blue.

Sarutobi had asked for Sakura and Sasuke to leave.

Naruto had stopped them.

Sarutobi sighed again.

The law against telling about the Kyuubi being sealed inside of Naruto had been to allow Naruto to have a relatively normal childhood, to keep the other children from making their decisions based on what their parents told them.

But it hadn't worked out the way he'd planned.

Parents found other ways to isolate Naruto, to keep their children from wanting to play or get to know the young blond. Sarutobi should have known that even without the parents expressly telling their children not to associate with him, that their body language towards the boy would tip their children off.

Body language was big with children, almost as much as it was to a veteran ninja.

And with Naruto telling his teammates this… Sarutobi could only hope that they wouldn't shun him for what he couldn't help.

Sarutobi wondered if he should ban them from telling others the secret, or if he should give them the benefit of Naruto's trust. He'd given it to two missing Nin after he'd questioned them thoroughly, had even trusted them not to spy on the village, allowing them to live with Naruto while they looked for their own lodgings, all on the trust that Naruto had given them.

If the Hidden Mist HAD sent them as spies, the Kage of Hidden Mist was surely plotting a take over after seeing how easily his Nin had been accepted…

But Naruto Trusted them. All four of them.

He Trusted them enough for them to know about the Nine Tailed Fox.

Sarutobi frowned at the paperwork littering his desk.


Telling them of the Fox would likely be a large deterrent for any move against the village. They obviously liked the blond enough, even respected him, but telling them of what power he housed would also let them know that Naruto was, and could be very dangerous.

Sarutobi couldn't quite believe that it had been planned from Naruto, or if he was trying to show the level of trust he had for them…

Either way, the messages had been sent, received, and approved.

The two missing Nin were Konoha residences and their admission as Ninja for the village, if they so chose, was open for consideration after a probation period.


His pipe blew smoke as he sighed once more, and a speck of ash fell onto the document on top of his desk.

It was the report about the fire that was Naruto's apartment.

The entire building had to be refurbished, and the landowner was looking to make it into a one apartment store complex, with the main floor a rotisserie and the upstairs his home.

He did not want to give a home to Naruto any longer, as his apartment complex had lost business being associated as his 'home'.

As his Lair.



The fire had been set by vandals, civilian vandals, and the neighborhood had stayed firm in not revealing the culprits.

One Nora Horsc, a neighbor, had tried to help, but she had only gotten home in time to see the crowds gathering around the apartment, and then to tell Naruto.

As there had been n demands from the property owner to investigate, it would be a breach in protocol to bring in any of his Ninja skilled in the mind arts.

He couldn't exactly bring the entire neighborhood to Ibiki, but Inoichi…

Sarutobi shook his head at those thoughts. There was no point in dwelling on what he could do in other circumstances.

What he had to do was figure out a new home for Naruto, and a way to get new belongings for what he had lost.

He also had to figure out how he was going to introduce Naruto's new… changes to the Ninja Council. No doubt the Civilian Council would insist on being a part of it, though it was quite clear that they had no say in the matter.

Nothing wrong would be done to Naruto, as he would be able to have Kakashi's every confidence that he is of no danger, though it would be good to have Inoichi look into the matter to prove to the rest of the council… Even though Kakashi had spent several weeks with Naruto after his change, training and discovering his abilities, there would be some who would doubt, wondering if the Fox had somehow managed to trick the Copy cat Ninja.

No doubt there would be uproar about how it was the Foxes influence that brought about the changes, and he was a danger to the village… The Civilian Council, if they tried to get involved in the matter, would likely try to have him banished, or perhaps culled to protect the village.

Sarutobi frowned.

The Civilian Council had been getting rather demanding for their position. They were asking about Ninja affairs, something that he could not give out to them, and had been making 'suggestions' about how to run their organization.

If they tried to interfere, it would be a good chance to remind them exactly what they had jurisdiction over, and what they had no say in.

And neither they nor the Ninja Council had any say in who was banished, or killed, in his village.

But what to do about housing….

He looked at the plain box sitting on the third shelf of his cabinet, and a niggling o an idea took root.

When Naruto had been checked out at the Hospital, there had been mention that his improved physic and bloodline ability would be passed down to his children, something that gave him an official bloodline trait to pass on.

And being the only member, it would make him…


Yes, that would do very well…

Sarutobi signed the document in front of him, allowing Naruto's old apartment to be made into a store/apartment, and began to collect the proper paperwork to move everything forward.

By the next day, Naruto would have a new home and new belongings, and by the Council meeting at the end of the week everything would be set in stone.

Sarutobi thought about Naruto's ability, and frowned at one argument that might be brought up. Naruto had mentioned it earlier that day, but now that he thought on it… It would be difficult for him certainly, and while Sarutobi was sad to know that Naruto would lose some of his innocence by it, it was likely to be needed. H frowned at the thought of Naruto having to sacrifice more than he already had.

Sarutobi wrote out a note for Ibiki, and asked for a meeting for late the next day.

He wondered if he would be interested in having a part-time pupil.

Even if Naruto did not take it p as his specialty, it would protect him and keep complaints from taking root and growing into something insidious and invasive.

Yes, it seemed that things would be moving along nicely…


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