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This is unfair, thought Naruto as he finished getting his bags packed for the trip the next day. Tazuna had finished the bridge, and they were going to leave tomorrow morning. This, at once, was a blessing and a curse for Naruto… he still hadn't thought of a way for his… unique bloodline to be used. After an entire week or so of fighting with Sakura, Kakashi, Zabuza, Haku, and the Teme (he seemed to have fought with him the most… Sas-Teme was probably trying to make it so he was immune to it or something), he had only found that it could be used for combat purposes in the most minimal ways. He could make a person's legs give out from under them (fancy way of saying he could make them weak in the knees… Kakashi called it 'Jelly Legs' or something like that), make them disoriented after a few minutes of poking, and was now very good at being able to give massive nosebleeds (even bigger than the sexy-jutsu! But this even worked on Sakura!) no matter where he poked a person (except for the black spots, it was just a matter of how much chakra in what way in the spot… white was easiest though).

Haku had helped him a lot with his aim (even though it seemed to have gotten better by itself… or maybe it was just from the bloodline thing?), and how to integrate his bloodline into his fighting style. It might've been because Haku's style depended mainly on being able to his an opponent in a certain spot to be able to do major damage with his senbon, but Naruto could now use it ("it" being his bloodline) easily in fighting… hell, he now didn't even need to see the spots, it was like he could feel them and know how much of an effect they would have, how much chakra would be needed to make the full effect, and how to mould his chakra (sharp, smooth, fuzzy, etc…) to get an even better effect.

This "feel" almost felt like sight, or sound… almost a mixture of the two, but it also seemed like it added something else… he didn't know what, but it certainly helped him become adapt at instant nosebleeds.

The good part about leaving the next day, was that (as Kakashi-sensei had told him) he wouldn't be able to work on his bloodline much (YAY), and Naruto saw that as being given a break… it would also mean that he'd be able to figure out how the hell he could REALLY use his bloodline as a ninja. Kakashi had told him about his worries about what The Council (and the village) would think of his new bloodline. Kakashi had taken him aside the day he had told him what he had found his bloodline to be, after dinner that is… Naruto had had a small freak out about his bloodline after he had been told what it did.


Naruto just stared at kakasi for a moment. "…what?" Naruto squeaked. His eyes had become increasingly large, blood leaving his face, leaving him pale against the reddened tips of his hair.

"Yup! Their erogenous zones. Congratulations! The red and white spots turn people on and the black spots do the opposite!"

It only took Naruto a second before everything sunk in.


"Yup! And I'm curious how you're going use it in your fighting style, I admit… I can't really think of a combat use for this skill…"

"You- you mean that you can't even think of a way this could be useful in a fight?"

"...Well, I guess you could use it to distract your opponents, hokage knows that's a distraction in a fight –"

"Enough! I don't want to hear that!"

"Regardless of what you want to hear, I expect you to start training with it, I'd be happy to help.. oh! And I expect you to be thinking about other uses for it, wouldn't want a talent like that be put to waste!" and with an entirely too cheerful look on his face, he waved and walked off, Zabuza and Haku following, Zabuza laughing to himself and Haku giving him a slightly worried look.

Sasuke and Sakura looked at Naruto, seeing he flopped himself down and was looking at his hands with a slightly horrified expression.

Sakura reached out hesitantly, resting her hand on his shoulder and giving him a little shake. "Naruto? Are you okay? Your Bloodline's not that bad – really, it isn't! well actually it is pretty bad in the sense that it's perverted but –"

She was cut off by Naruto mumbling something. He said it again, but louder when she said "what?"

"My hands…my hands, they – they…"

"Dobe, what about your hands? Nothing wrong with them." Sasuke privately thought they're very nice hands, I'd touch them in a minute… ooh, and if they touched me…but he was brought out of his thoughts when wide violet eyes looked up and met his own, flicking between his and Sakura's eyes.

"They – they, my hands – I just –"

"Spit it out already dobe"

Naruto finally let it loose.

"I JUST GOT KAKASHI-SENSEI TURNED ON! How the hell am I supposed to react to the fact that he LET ME?!"

Neither of his team-mates had an answer for him.

Small time skip – after dinner

When Kakashi asked for a little talk with him, the first think Naruto did was hide his hands behind his back and say "I'm not touching you, you pervert!"

To his annoyance, Kakashi just smiled and motioned him to follow, walking out the door and heading to the edge of the forest.

Curious despite himself, Naruto followed, vowing to himself that he wouldn't go past the edge of the forest.

But his vow wasn't needed, because Kakashi just turned to him when he got to where he was at, making no move to head deeper into the forest.

"Naruto, you NEED to find a use for your bloodline… a really good one at that."

Nooo, really, you don't think I know that? Naruto couldn't help but think.

"I'm serious Naruto, I know you already know about the fox, so what do you think the Council and the village will think of your bloodline? They'll probably think the fox was the cause of it and demand for your execution"

Naruto was shocked into silence, his mind scrambling to find something to disprove what his teacher was saying. When he could find nothing, he couldn't help but ask "well, what makes you think it ISN'T the fox? I mean…"

"it might be the fox, but aside from your looks and this new ability of yours" Kakashi grinned here, "but even if it WAS the fox, there's no way for the fox to have made a bloodline out of nothing… if in fact it IS the fox's doing, he couldn't have made it out of nothing, it would have to have taken something from your genes and tweaked it to make it what it is… maybe your stamina, a family trait, anything. But that's nothing to worry about right now… we have about a week and a half or so left until the bridge is done. You have that time to get used to your bloodline and for you to figure out something that your bloodline can do to be properly useful in a ninja village. If it's something good, and it benefits the village, the Council won't be able to do anything to you. So FIND something, anything, more that your bloodline can do. Any way you look at it, it helps."

And with that, he ruffled his hair and led him back to the house.


So here he was, getting ready for bed now and trying not to think about the bad parts about leaving the next morning. Trying not to think about the stares from the villagers when he walks through the village or that he would probably end up being poked and prodded because he had a new 'bloodline' (as Kakashi had warned him) or that he only had what was left of today, and the 2 days of traveling to get to Konoha left to figure out how his bloodline could be useful to the village (other than in a whorehouse that is).

Quickly brushing his teeth and putting on his slightly too small PJ's (including his nightcap which was thankfully NOT too small), Naruto dodged around Sasuke as he headed to the bathroom himself and flopped into bed. Hmm, Sasuke's been acting weirder then his usual emo self… wonder what that's about?And Sasuke HAD been acting weird… aside from the increase in their sparring to help train with their bloodlines, he went out of his way to make him annoyed (more so than usual at least), AND the Teme couldn't seem to look at him in the eyes without going red (this was found out along with the fact that he kept on staring at him, the bastard)… maybe he was sick?

The thought that he couldn't look him in the eyes brought Naruto to two other thoughts… one, which Sakura couldn't seem to look him in the eye without going red either, and two, that his eyes had gone back to normal the day before. The second thought was a happier one than the first so Naruto focused on it at he tried to get to sleep, knowing that he'd eventually start thinking about the first otherwise.

Glancing in the mirror that was still in the room he and the Teme shared, he was cheered to see his bright blue eyes staring back. He had felt the tingly feeling in his eyes return right before he headed in for the night, and had glanced in the mirror like he was doing now. He hadn't, at first anyway, noticed anything different… but that didn't last long until a giant grin spread across his face (he even ignored the fangs peeking at him from his own mouth) hollering for his sensei and team-mates. When they got to the door, he opened his eyes as wide as he could and pointed to them, trying to get them to make a connection as fast as possible. He quickly told them about how his eyes had tingled, adding that it was the same feeling as the time on the bridge but stopping quicker. They hadn't been quite as excited as he was, but they were cheered at his enthusiasm, giving him smiles (a smirk in one case). Kakashi had made him try to get his eyes (should probably make a name for it huh?) to come back… Naruto could now turn his eyes on and off at will… never mind the fact that that was essentially what his eyes allowed him to do to other people…

That train of thought was at its end and Naruto couldn't think of anything else to add to it (except for maybe that he was kind of starting to sort of get used to/accept the fact that his bloodline was a perverted one), and Naruto resigned himself to the fact that he'd end up thinking about Sakura's behaviour towards him with a sigh.

Sasuke happened to have walked in at that time and gave him an inquiring look, to which Naruto just shook his head and stretched out on the bed, raising his shirt slightly to scratch his stomach and rolling his eyes as the Teme looked away, red in the face AGAIN! What was his problem? Hah! Probably jealous because of my awesome physique (Sasuke's mind: Wah! Skin! I just want to lick that tattoo… *insert blush and Sasuke mentally hitting himself*) (a/n: after a week of getting turned on by Naruto on purpose, you can't expect him not to be affected XD).

ANYWAY, Sakura had been treating him weirdly too. She also avoided his eyes, and went red in the face for reasons he couldn't think of, and she kept touching him for no reason (not that he was complaining of course). She touched his arm when she already had his attention, her foot and/or leg always touched his leg at least twice under the table during dinner… he had at first thought it was Sasuke kicking him under the table (he had mentioned that the Teme went out of his way to annoy him now), but when he had sent chakra to his foot and hit where he 'felt' there was a white spot, it was Sakura who had blushed, not Sasuke. So he didn't bother her about it any more, letting her do whatever she wanted to do with her feet and legs under the table, so long as she didn't hit anyplace… delicateunder there (what he didn't know was that after that time, Sasuke had brushed against him, and, when he didn't get kicked for it, he had joined Sakura in her brushing against Naruto).

So all in all, Naruto was being treated differently by BOTH his team-mates… at least he didn't have to worry about that with Kakashi-sensei. He had made it his mission to make perverted comments about his bloodline and just teasing him overall, and he could deal with that. He could deal with teasing, it was out in the open and he knew from it what was on his teacher's perverted mind. He couldn't deal with his friends treating him oddly and being silent about it… sure they still talked to him and everything, but it was the subtle touches, the fact that they wouldn't meet his eye….. THAT was what bugged him.

Glancing at the clock, Naruto was startled to find that it was well into the night, a little after midnight. Listening intently (he noticed that his already sharp hearing was even better), he could hear the steady breathing of Sasuke, and Sakura in the next room over. He could also hear the soft snores of Kakashi and Zabuza, as well as the soft breathing of Inari's mom and Haku's half asleep breath (he knew Haku'd be awake in a second if anything was wrong) next to Zabuza. He searched for Inari's breathing, finding it a moment later, but not the way he thought he would. Inari was awake, and tip toeing his way towards Sasuke and his room. I wonder what he wants…?When he heard Inari get to his door, he closed his eyes and pretended to sleep, evening out his breath and relaxing his body. If he wants me awake he'll knock, if he's trying to be sneaky he'll slip inside and do whatever it is he wants to do. He heard his door open, and Inari crept into the room, holding his breath. Inari slowly made his way towards his bed, where he looked, to Inari at least, to be sleeping. When he got in front of him, Naruto focused on making his breath as even as he could, shift a little as if in sleep, lazily rub his stomach. Inari didn't do anything for a minute, just standing in front of him… Naruto wondered what he was doing here… he almost jumped when he felt a hand on his cheek, moving to trace where he knew his whisker marks were.

What the hell is with all the touching? Naruto wasn't quite used to touch… he had been pretty much on his own when he was little, and Naruto's experience with touch went from accidental to someone ruffling his hair, to the required contact to fight (punches, kicks, etc…). So the sudden amount of people touching him 'just because' was making him a little uncomfortable (more like freaked OUT!). Inari's hand had moved from his cheek to tracing his features, and was making its way to his hair. Naruto could feel heat trying to creep up his cheeks (why, he'd never know) and fought it down. Inari was running his fingers through his hair now, shifting closer to the bed now, and Naruto, slightly freaked out, shifted so he was more on his stomach. Inari paused, his hand still buried in his blond-to-red locks, and when Naruto didn't make any more movements, continued with his petting (there was no other way for Naruto to describe it), moving so both of his hands were buried in his hair, stroking through his locks. Naruto was starting to feel REALLY freaked out at this (what the hell is he doing? Why the hell is he doing this? What the hell!), and when Inari gave a slight pull on his hair, Naruto pretended to start waking up, shifting a little and scrunching up his eyes. Inari grabbed his hands back with a gasp, and froze.

aruto rubbed at his eyes a little as he rolled onto his back, adding to his little act, giving Inari some time to think up an excuse for being there (he was freaked out by what he did, but he didn't dislike the little guy). When he propped himself on an elbow and 'sleepily' looked at Inari, giving a groggy "what?" he mentally applauded his performance. When Inari started stuttering something, Naruto focused on him (but remembered to blink sleepily a few times) and saw he was in his own PJ's, looking down with a blush on his face (Naruto admitted that if he had been doing what Inari had been doing, he'd blush too), fiddling with his hands. Inari seemed to have come up with an excuse by the look on his face.

"I-I had a, eh, a nightmare…. And I was wondering… umm"

Naruto thought that this way of speaking reminded him of someone from his class… but who was it again…? O well, unimportant right now. Inari seemed to be having an issue with getting out what he was 'wondering', so Naruto gave an encouraging "yes…?" but Inari just flushed a deeper shade of red. At lease I thought it was encouraging… before Naruto could think of anything else to say, Inari seemed to calm himself down somewhat.

Still looking down and looking embarrassed, Inari muttered "well, I was hoping I could…. Maybe spend the night…?"

Naruto stared for a minute, uncomprehending. He wants to… sleep with me…?

Inari embarrassed by Naruto's blank stare, quickly looked away in embarrassment and started slowly shuffling away, muttering a "well if you don't want to…"

Naruto was a little alarmed. He didn't want Inari to think he was snubbing him…. he just… oh shoot! He's leaving! Frig, what to do? Don't want to hurt his feelings so…

"Sure" the small word was out before he could think about it.

Inari stopped. "…"

Naruto froze. "…"

Inari started turning back around.

Naruto was still frozen, his half smile in place, still propped up by his elbow.

Inari had a small smile on his face as he made his way back to Naruto, and Naruto was so relieved that he kept Inari from feeling bad, he made space on the bed and pulled back the covers for Inari without a thought. As Inaru settled by his side and said goodnight, he replied with his own and settled onto his back to try to get some sleep, closing his eyes. It was only then that he remembered the strange behaviour from Inari. Shoot! The nightmare was just an excuse! Why the hell'd I say yes? He probably would have been relieved that he got away! ... But… he could have gotten away with only the bit about the nightmare… why ask to stay the night then?

Now that he thought about it, he remembered that Inari had also been acting strange… well, he didn't know what his usual habits were, but Inari seemed to want to stick to him like glue. When it was his turn to guard Tazuna (couldn't see what from though), Inari went with him. When he was in the house, Inari stayed with him. Inari seemed to want to be wherever Naruto was, blushing at praise, and when Naruto grinned at him or even laughed with him. Great, more weird behaviour… at least he doesn't blush as much as the Teme and Sakura…

Naruto noticed Inari was still awake, pretending to be asleep, but still awake. Figuring that he was just uncomfortable with the fact he was sleeping next to him, Naruto pretended to fall asleep to make him more comfortable. Well, he did seem to relax… he relaxed enough to move himself under his arm, set his head on his shoulder, and drape his arm across his front.

Naruto sighed a little when he felt him fall asleep, and resigned himself to Inari's weird behaviour. Peeking at Inari, he noticed he even had a blush on his face in his sleep, snuggling himself more into Naruto's chest. Naruto gave a slightly bigger sigh, and prepared to go to sleep, drifting off into his subconscious, dreaming of when he wasn't surrounded by people acting weird, when he was just Naruto Uzumaki, when he didn't have a bloodline and when he was 'normal'.

As he slipped into his dreams, he didn't notice the glittering red Sharingan eyes swirling at him and Inari, nor the Patented Uchiha Death Glare aimed at Inari. He didn't even hear his room- and team-mate mutter "Stupid kid… Stupid dobe…"


Okay, so maybe he did hear the last part, or it could just be he has an instinct to respond to that insult.


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