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Team 7 was currently visiting their pink haired teammate in her hospital room. What the blonde, new female Hokage had told them was that their teammate should have awakened when she dispelled the Genjutsu that was placed on her, but she hadn't awakened and that was a month ago!

Naruto was obviously worried and wasn't afraid to express that he was, Kakashi was too but he was more quiet about it and only telling his team to come visit their friend together, Sasuke though…he kept to himself and he scowled every time Kakashi brought up the subject about Sakura and them always having to visit her everyday. Sure Sasuke was worried but he refused to show or say that he was worried about Sakura. I mean she was always annoying with her infatuation with him and always flirting with him, but she was his teammate and she cared.

Suddenly that heart monitor begins to go haywire and Sakura's body started to jerk and twitch; her breath escaped her lips in a wheezing sound, obviously having trouble breathing. Kakashi moved to push her back down on the bed while Naruto and Sasuke were in a panic "Naruto call Tsunade-sama! Now!". Naruto jumped out of his skin as his sensei bellowed and he ran out of the room and called out for the best medic in the hospital, Tsunade, the 5th Hokage.

"Sasuke!" Kakashi called to his other student as he stared at the scene before him. "Sasuke, help me out here! Keep her from struggling!" Sasuke ran to his sensei's aid and held her legs from kicking them. Tsunade then runs in with Shizune close behind and some nurses on her tail as well. Tsunade pushes the two away from the girl as she began to examine her with years of experience.

The sound of people screaming in agony reached her ears again as the raging flames made the dark compound seem so much more eerie than it already was with all the blood that was splattered on the walls of buildings and on the ground.

The sound of a little girl sobbing reached her "Kimi…Kimi-kun please…stay awake! Please don't go!" the little girl was desperately trying to heal the young boy with short silvery hair that was stained with crimson which was also spread all across his body. "Stay with me okay? You're gonna be okay I promise! You just have to stay awake!" she pleaded him as tears overflowed her eyes.

The boy smiled weakly up at her "Big…sister?" he called out to her in a hushed tone. "Yes Kimi-kun it's me. I'm right here with you" she assured him as a sad smile reached her own face. His silver, blue eyes seem to hollow with every passing second that it made the girl tear up more. Her lip quivered as she tried to hold in a sob that was trying to escape. Blood slowly spilled from the corners of his mouth as he choked on the metallic tasting substance, staining his pale skin. He made to speak but all that escaped was a gurgling sound until his eyes darkened to such a frightening dull color as his breath left his body.

"No…no Kimi-kun wake up!" her voice came out in a harsh whisper as her voice quivered. "Kimi please!" she held the boy's body tighter. "Please wake up! I need you with me! You can't leave me!" she cried out as she rocked their bodies back and forth. "No…no, no, no, no. Please….you have to come back…please….wake up" she continued to beg as her voice left her as she kept her eyes closed shut. After what seemed like hours of the young girl sitting there with her three old brother in her arms she felt something warm on hands that just irked her.

She looks down at her small hands and finds blood on the delicate limbs 'Blood…Kimi's blood' she realized she was covered in his innocent blood. Her once sparkling white kimono was splattered with large and small blotches of red blood that belonged to her baby brother. She stares at her hands as the blood dripped down to her elbows.

Then a thought hit her 'If Kimi is gone then….' "Mom! Dad!" she called out franticly as she placed her brother head on the floor gently. "Mommy!" she looked in one direction then to the other "Daddy!" as she took a step forward and soon she was in a sprint towards her home.

Busting through the front door of her home she runs in "Mommy! Daddy!" she runs through the halls and doesn't bother to look in any other room. She reaches her parent's door that led to their room which was wide open. There she could see them there lying on the floor holding each other as their lives dwindled.

The woman had long and beautiful silver, white hair, snow white skin, and forest green irises that glowed brightly in the dark. The man had short and messy maroon colored hair, tanned skin, and grey irises staring back into hers. "Kana….please stay with me!" the man urged the woman as he held her hand tightly; dark red blood seeped into his clothes as the wound on his chest bled. Kana smiled up to her lover as he held her close, the wound in her stomach bleeding and rapidly leaving her body. "Tenchi….I'm sorry" she whispered to him weakly as she brushed a gentle hand on his cheek as blood rolled down her chin.

Tears rolled down his face at her apology and shook his head slightly. "No Kana….there's no reason for you apologize. You are the best mother and wife that I could have ever asked for! Just…just please don't leave me!" he cried out to her as his strength began to leave his body. His wife could only smile back at him with her beautiful and loving eyes. "No…we will always be together….I love you…." Her hand fell limply as her eyes closed to an eternal slumber.

"No….please come back…please…" he hugged her to him as his eyes began to droop. "Daddy?" her voice reached his ears, he looks up to find his daughter staring back at them petrified. "What—is…is mommy gone?" tears rolled down her cheeks as she took a step closer to her parents. "Yeah, baby….mommy's gone. I need you….I need you to take care of your little brother okay?" he asked her as looked back at her hopefully. She says nothing; instead she bites her lip to keep it from trembling and shuts her eyes closed. "Hey….did you hear me? Take care of your brother…." The life in his eyes began to dwindle away. "Take care of him…..Sakura".

More tears roll down her face 'I can't…I'm sorry! I couldn't protect him…any of you guys! I couldn't protect anyone!' she walked to their bodies and fell to her knees and hugged them tightly. Her short, pink bangs obscured her usual bright green eyes that seemed to have lost its shine. She buries her face into their chests as she sobs into them, begging for forgiveness "I'm sorry…I'm so sorry I couldn't save you guys…not even Kimi-kun. I'm so sorry!"

Forgetting that the house was in flames she finally stands up and looks at the burning room around her. She walks to the doorway and looks back to her dead parents "I'm sorry…" and she runs out of the room, out of the house and unto the charred streets of what she used to call her home.

She runs into the darkness as the trees begin to hide her from the rest of the world. Run as fast and as far as she can away from her home that was destroyed. Hours seem to feel like days when her body begins to weaken and she stops beside a tree as she leaned on it.

Her tears still rolling down her face as she falls on the ground onto the trunk of the tree; she hugs the tree as she digs her nails into it. Feeling lonely and scared, she cries harder "It was my fault! I couldn't protect them! I couldn't save them!" she slams her fist on the tree but only manages to splinter it. She slips off the tree's bark and curls up on the floor with her knees on her floor and her hands keeping her body off the ground. Another retched sob escapes her and she slams her fist on the ground this time making it form a small crater. "I'm sorry…" she slumped down on the ground feeling her strength leave her.

'Wait! Please don't!' she heard her grandfather's petrified voice claw into her head. She shut her eyes closed to try to block the horrible memory of his throat being slit open and the blood oozing out. She screams in agony, trying to drown out his pleas.

Her chest suddenly feels like its being ripped open as a terrible wave of pain washes over her; she coughs out blood continuously. She clutches her chest to make it stop but all it makes her do is scream the agonizing pain doesn't seem like it would stop any time soon. She tries to lift herself off the forest floor but can only balance herself on her knees.

She chokes on her sobs as she tries to catch her breath 'Niisan…I need you!' she cried out.

"Granny Tsunade what's wrong with her?" a very loud blonde boy shouts in worry and concern. She ignores the boy and calls to a nurse "You guys have to get out of here!" yelling at Team 7. A nurse suddenly screams in pain "What happened?!" Tsunade asks/yells. "S-she broke my wrist! Kami she's strong! She even bent the rails to her bed!" Tsunade turns back to her pink haired patient; she spots a something on her chest.

She reaches out to see it and her eyes widen she sees Sakura's chest turning black but before she can do anything she yells again "Team 7!" catching their attention from the dying girl. "You have to get of this room!" shooing them out and closing the doors. "Shizune! Bend her forward!" she did and they see that Sakura's back is also turning black and suddenly she coughs up blood.

She stops trembling and starts breathing a bit more normally and her skin begins to go back to a normal pale, they lay her back down and connect her I.V tube and place an oxygen mask above her nose and mouth for more oxygen to enter her lungs. They just stare at her as if she just had an attack or a seizure but much worse. All is silent except for the beeping of the heart monitor beeping slowly. They all sigh in relief "Tell Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi that they cannot come back into this room until tomorrow" she informs to Shizune and walks out of the room.

"Sakura-san, you shouldn't be alone out here" a dark voice stated. She looks up and finds a man stand in the darkness of the trees. "Niisan" she feels herself almost smile until the memories from just hours ago resurface in her mind and she looks back down to the ground. "They're gone…everyone's gone" she told him as her shoulder begin to shake. "I know…" he simply said.

The dark clouds thicken as the sky begins to sprinkle then rain hard. The rain pounded on their bodies. Wetting them from head to toe as they stood there in the rain as the man continues to stare down at the little girl as she cried her heart out.

Her eyebrows furrow and she looks back up to him "Don't you understand!? They're gone! All because of me! I couldn't save them!" she shouted to him. More tears roll down her face as she closed her eyes "It as my fault…" she whispered. A crackle of lightening lightens the dark sky in short seconds soon followed in by loud thunder. "Mother and father…even Kimi-kun! They're gone because I couldn't protect them!" she exclaimed between sobs.

The man stares at the girl as she sobbed and crouches down in front of her "Sakura" he calls out for her to look at him, but she doesn't respond "Sakura!" he called out a bit louder and she snaps her eyes up to meet his. The last things she sees are the man's piercing red eyes known as the Sharingan and then she is swallowed into the darkness.

"I am sorry…Sakura-san" his thoughts made up he disappears into the darkness and leaves her lying there on the wet forest ground.

"Tsunade-sensei how did I do?!" a bubble headed 5 year old girl asks her sensei. "You did great Sakura! You already reached my level in fighting and strength! Though you need a bit of work on your medical ninjutsu" "Hai!" she responds and smiles. With that said they continue to train in their hardcore training.

Sakura wakes up to a sore body 'Where….where am I?' struggling to move any part of her body, proving to be futile. She hears soft humming beeps that seem to drown out any other noise but she still tries to ignore it. She opens her eyes slowly feeling like a ton of weights was placed on them and finds herself in a white room. She can feel something on her face that felt like an oxygen mask and wires connected to her on her arms. She tries to move her arms but finds her left hand caught on something, so looks at her hand and finds bright yellow hair leaning on her leg and a warm hand wrapped around hers. 'Naruto' she smiles softly to herself under the mask that covered her nose and mouth. He had fallen asleep waiting for her to wake up; with no other thoughts in her mind she gives Naruto's hand a soft squeeze and falls into a dreamless sleep herself.

Hours later she wakes up again but this time she finds herself alone in the room. 'That dream. It's seems so….real. It seems more realistic than the last time I had it' she wondered as she stayed put on what felt like a bed. Then she remembers 'That man, Sasuke's brother, Itachi. After I looked into his eyes everything else that happened there goes blank…what happened to me? And why do I keep having that horrible dream?' she continued as she tried to remember Itachi's face. She growls silently 'That bastard! He's gonna pay for what he put me through!' she threatened which did no good considering he wasn't there to listen to her threat to him.

'Hey wait I remember I tried to sock him in the face, but I missed and I…I destroyed that wall! How the hell did I do that?!' she began to panic until she let herself calm down 'That technique was used by one of the Legendary Sannin, Tsunade. How was I able to do that?' she sighs in defeat finding no answers to her questions 'I guess I'll have to look for answers later and find out where I am' she relaxes and open her eyes.

She lets her eyes wander around the room while still lying in bed, searching the room. 'Konoha….I'm in Konoha. Then I must be in the hospital' she declared to herself as she stared at the white walls surrounding her. Her thoughts were so much less foggy than the first time she had woken up and she noticed that she no longer had the oxygen mask on her face and most of the wires were off too. The humming of what she now realized was the heart monitor was still on and she figured that was the only wire that was connected to her now.

She sits up on her bed slowly with little struggle and looks at her room more clearly. The door on the left side of the room, and another on the other corner 'Most likely the bathroom' a drawer across from her bed, a nightstand on right filled with many get well presents and a couple of chairs around the room as well. She sighs and looks at the big window on the right of her and stares out at her beloved village as people go on with their business as the sun shines down brightly on them. 'Ugh, damn my head hurts' she places her hand on her temple to massage the pain away from her head.

She hears a crash down the hall from her room and followed by nurses shouting at the unknown victim. "Hey I want to see Sakura-chan!" the loud voice complained "You can see her but you have to be quiet and not break things! There are other patients in this hospital that need their rest, including your friend!" she scolded. "Yeah, yeah…hey Teme, I bet you can't wait to see Sakura-chan huh?!" Sakura couldn't help but roll her eyes at the boy's loudness. "Ow! What the hell was that for Teme?!" Naruto whined sounding like just being hit in the head "You're loud you loser. The nurse just told you to shut up" he scolded too, sounding 100 times less loud than the other. "Now, now boys we're in a hospital there's no need to—" the other much more mature voice stops talking as they enter the room. "What's wrong with you?" the two boys ask their sensei and follow his eyes to be met by Sakura staring out the window with a smile to her face.

"Sakura-chan! You're awake!" Naruto exclaims and hugs her tightly. "Hai, Hai I'm awake" she giggled as he grinned madly to her. He lets go of her and she looks up at Sasuke staring at her, she smiles and a nod, which he returns. "Sakura-chan I can't wait to go eat ramen with you in Ichiruka!" Naruto continued his rambling like always. "It's good to know that you're alright Sakura" Kakashi spoke with a crinkle of his visible showing that he was indeed smiling.

She smiles at her team "It's great to see your faces again" she tells them honestly because she would rather stare at her teammates smiling and arguing together then watching people dying in her dreams.

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