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The Hokage's office was eerily quiet from the usual banter between the blonde and the brunette. No furniture breaking or sake bottles shattering. The blonde Hokage was actually doing the paperwork that was laid out for her and anyone who came in or out of the office was tip toeing around the woman like she was ready to explode at any second.

Shizune was worried, not only for Tsunade— who looked more irritated than usual; knocking back more sake bottles than usual and the vein on her forehead ticking like crazy, but for the reason of her Hokage's irritation, Sakura Haruno.

The young girl had yet to arrive from her week long mission—now nine days, and Shizune knew that if Tsunade had a reason to worry then she knew she also had a reason to worry for the young apprentice as well.

TonTon also seemed tense as she sat on Tsunade's lap and her ears laid flat on her head as she watched her master furiously writing on important documents.

The loud sound of pen scribbling on paper stopped and a low growl broke the silence and Shizune stiffened "Shizune," the busty blonde snapped, the tiny woman squared her shoulders even further as she came to Tsunade's side.

"Lady Tsunade" she readied herself for what was to come as she held her breath.

"Call in Team 7" she ordered, it came out slow with a small bite to it.

"Are you sure you want to call them in Lady Tsunade? Maybe she just had a hard time finding some of the herbs and she's just running late? I'm sure she's on her way back now" she offered warily.

There was a short pause before her mentor finally answered her with a strange calm "She said she would be here before the set time frame, and Sakura is a smart girl should would have no problem finding what she needed. She should have been back by now, I can't wait any longer." She set her elbows on her desk and laced her fingers together in a snail's pace and Shizune gulped "So call them in," she banged her interlaced fists onto her desk "NOW!"

With a squeal, TonTon scurried off of her lap at her outburst and away from the now shattered desk, and scattered papers; hiding behind Shizune's legs with a soft whimper.

"H-Hai!" Shizune scrambled out the door not before sweeping the distressed piglet in her arms.

The office fell silent again as Tsunade swiveled her office chair to face the large window that overlooked Konoha, the sun high in the sky and not a cloud in sight. Taking a deep, slow breath in, and shakily breathing out, she just hoped Sakura was being an idiot again.

"Saku-chan" a soft voice called out like the twinkling sound of spring showers. The voice sounded so far away yet it managed to find its' way to her.

Who was calling her? she wondered.

"Wake up, wake up my little blossom" it called out again, the voice louder this time. Yet it remained a soft tone.

A warm, bright light fell over her closed lids and a feather like touch caressed her temple. A groan escaped the girl's lips in her slumber as the voice called out again. "Come on now. Wake up" it tried again filled with mirth this time.

Who wanted her to wake up, calling out to her so lovingly? She felt compelled to listen to this woman's kind request, as well as find out who it was that was waking her from whatever place she resided in.

Her eyes slid open slowly, but she shut them just as the bright light blinded her awakening vision. She heard a soft laugh and another caress on her face.

Urging her to open her eyes again and to just…

"Wake up" it whispered in her ear, and she opened her eyes ever so slowly until she finally met the eyes of her awakener.

The soft dark green eyes that stared back at her watched her lovingly, with a small smile on her nude lips. Her long silver-white hair fell down her shoulders like a frozen waterfall, and her pale blue kimono made her pale skin glow making her look almost ethereal. The soft light that shined from somewhere behind her led Sakura to believe that the woman before her was an angel.

Another soft laugh escaped the woman's lips "I suppose I could be this time…" she said softly with the smile still on her lips.

Sakura had not realized that she had said it out loud but she didn't concern herself with her little slip. She was too enthralled, too awed by the beautiful woman.

And then it hit her; this woman was….

"Mom…?" her voice was raspy from her sleep and exhaustion. Her eyes widened as she continued to stare "M-mom?" her voice broke, she still didn't move her body from wherever she was lying; too weak and too shocked to do anything but to stare at her supposed dead mother.

The woman smiled a sad smile down at the shocked pinkette as she brushed her pink bangs out of her eyes with gentle fingers. Her small mouth opened to speak again "Wake up…"

Sakura blinked and then she was gone.

The bright light in her dream was really the sun's rays shining through a large gaping hole in the ceiling of the structure she was currently resting in. Sakura still didn't move as she continued to stare at the same place where she had seen her mother. Birds were chirping somewhere outside and the sound of trees being rustled in the wind joined their song.

Her eyes began to sting as they welled up with tears and her body shook, "Mom". It came out in a broken whisper and followed by tears "Mom!" chocking on a sob that finally made its way from her throat and out of her dry mouth.

The feeling in her hands slowly came back as her fingers reached out to where she had seen her mother, but curled into fists as she only grabbed air "Come back!" she cried out as she curled in her legs to her chest and hugged herself "Please come back!".

When she heard no reply, she cried out again in desperation "At least take me with you! I'm all alone down here!"

Still no reply.



All was silent as her sobs quieted down and her trembling turned to tremors, and her tears became damp tracks along her face.

So she just lied there, until it all just stopped. Eyes blank and unseeing, body numb and her heart filled to the brim with loneliness. 'Please…' she begged one last time.

The distinct sound of a wind chime was the only reply she received; because when the wind chime had rung there had been no rustling of the trees outside.

'Mom loved wind chimes…' she thought absentmindedly.

She felt it in her heart that she had been heard, and that one day she would join them.

"Not yet" she echoed, hopefully.

That's all it took for the loneliness to subside, only for the moment.

She had hope.

Taking a deep breath she finally had the will to slide to her hands and knees, slowly and shakily she rose to her feet. Taking a deep breath in and out and finally taking the time to look around the ruins around her.

"How did I get here?" she wondered aloud.

Though most of the room was intact except for the hole in the ceiling and the dark scorch marks that surrounded it, the only thing that survived the fire was a large chest that was just across from where the bed used to be. And a few things cluttered around that room and were somewhat distinguishable of their burns and had been affected by time.

"Where is here?" she walked towards a half burnt desk that was scooted to the corner of the room.

She ran her hands over the desk's surface, an image of papers scattered across the cherry wood and brushes, pens, and crayons lain across the surface came to mind. She knew what this room was, she realized.

"It's my room," she murmured, she lifted her eyes to look around the room again ", but how did I get here?" and then the memories or whatever they were that happened to her resurfaced along with a sudden dizziness. She steadied herself against the desk and shut her eyes to clear her head. Just the thought of the horrid events that happened in this home made her want to throw up. She ran her shaky hands over her eyes and through her tangled hair to calm her nerves.

"It's home" she breathed out shakily. Opening her eyes and taking one final breath "It's my home".

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