Personal Body Guard

-*By CrystalSak*-
Rated M

My first fanfic ppl! YOSH! hope y'all like it! 0


"Uchiha-san! Aishiteru!"

"Sasuke-kun! Bear my babies!"

"Sasukeeeeeeeeeeee I want to f*# you!"

(etc.. more *ehem* topics were shouted out by fangirls)

A whole massive amount of fangirls invaded the parking lot that was right infront of the Holliwood building. A certain ebony haired young man with the black skinnies and a dark navy hoodie covering his face walked towards the black limousine with his bodyguards surrounding him. He safely entered to the limousine and took off his hoodie and panted. 'damn those fucking fangirls. When will I finally gain my peace and silence ugh.. all this celebrity shit is driving me crazy.' He rested his head on the seat and pulled on his hoodie that prevented him from getting enough air and panted. Droplets of sweat slid down his pale skin.

"Fuck! Can you put the AC on full blast please?! Fucking Christ (A/N no offense to religious people!) it's fucking hot in here!"

"Uchiha-sama, please stop with the vulgar language. You are one of the top celebrities after all it is better for you to stop using those words for your reputation's sake." The well-uniformed butler who has been working for Sasuke's family for more than 10 years said father-like.

"I don't give a fuck. I'm fucking tired and I want to go to an area where there's fucking good quality AC". (A/N haha spoiled much? Well doncha worry my fellow readers! He shall be a hot respectful kid later on ;D haha)

The limousine and the four black Ferrari's that followed behind arrived to a huge Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. The raven got out of the limo and walked lazily towards the entrance.

"Welcome Uchiha-san! I hope you have a pleasurable stay at the Mirage Hotel." The two chief security guards bowed respectfully at the raven.

"Yeah yeah whatever just call okaa-san for me and tell her that I don't want anyone to disturb me 'cause I plan to take a nap."

The two staffs took the huge luggages to the biggest luxurious room in the Hotel. All of the sudden the door slammed open.

"SASU-CHAN! Your mommy wommy's here!" A beautiful violet haired woman ran towards the raven and gave a gazillion pecks.

"OKAA-SAN! I told you to not call me that and don't treat me like a kid! For God's sake I'm 18 already!"

"ohhh time flies by so fast. My baby has become a well-grown kid. Now that you mention it you resemble your otou-san so much!"

"Okaa-san, you've already told me that a lot before. I'm tired can you leave please? And I said PLEASE this time so leave leave leave!" the raven hurriedly pushed his mom towards the large golden door until….


"let me guess you bout a jet ski for me? brought Itachi here so that he can torture me but in a different environment? Or brought money for me?"

"haha! All of your guesses are wrong! I have brought a new employee!"

"Great…. another employee. What does that have to do with me?"

"This employee is very skilled. She's good at martial arts and she is very intelligent!"

"Wa-wait! SHE?! Okaa-san, are you SURE that she's not a FANGIRL? Seriously these fangirls could do all sorts of crazy stuff inorder to be in the same bed as I am or even rape me!"

"ohhhh sweetie~ it's none of that sort of thing~ She's clearly a professional and has a good posture and countenance. She knows how to control her temper and mind and she knows what to do in all sorts of situations."

"Okaa-san… you're explaining her as if she's some sort of robot."

Ignoring him she continued: "plus she has protected all sorts of celebrities who are TOP STARS in HOLLIWOOD just like you right now. So she doesn't become seduced nor has the mind to go all luscious on you so you don't have to worry about it."

"Hn, whatever. I still don't get what she has to do with me."

"She's your personal bodyguard!"

"Hn, I see…." (5 seconds of silence passed) "SAY WAHHHHHHHHH?"

"she's your bodyguard so enough explanation I'm gonna bring her here."


All of the sudden a women with bubble-gum pink hair in a black tux that hugged all her curves perfectly entered the room.

'Holy fuck, is she a D?' the raven almost had his eyes plastered into the woman's bust. 'Fuck what am I thinking? She's my bodyguard! Jesus Christ I shouldn't be checking out my bodyguard. That's fucking nasty!'

"Ohayo, Uchiha-sama. Watashiwa Haruno, Sakura desu." (Hello, Uchiha sama. I'm Haruno, Sakura.)

"um hi."

The violet stared at the two with glittery eyes and had her hands joined together in a hopeful way.

"SO SO SO SO what do you think Sasu-chan? Good enough, neh?"

"whatever. You're the one that hired her anyway."

"oh well then talk to each other for a while I need to go outside for a while to call your otou-san"

When she left there was a really really REALLY AWKWARD silence….

The bubble gum colored women sat down on the couch with a straight posture and waited. The raven approached the woman and said, "So… Sakura how old are you?"

"I'm 16 years old."

"How long have you been training to become a professional in martial arts?"

"I've been training for 12 years"

"Wow then you started to train since you were 4?"




Then the fuscia asked, "Is there anything you want me to do Uchiha-sama"


"Excuse me?"

"Call me Sasuke. I'm tired of hearing Uchiha-sama from everyone"

"Cocky much—"

"What did you say?"

"Nothing sir."

"Sureeee I heard it." The raven smirked

"Yet you wanted to ask what I said. You have a weird habit Uchi—Sasuke sama"

"I said just call me Sasuke"

"Sumimasen, I'm not used to the colloquial language."

"You use too much hard language. Get a life Sakura."

"This is my life and I'm going to appreciate it as much as possible"

"Being a bodyguard that's what you call a life? Puleez~ life is something like hanging out with hot babes like Megan Fox or Jessica Alba in the beach or do grindage with sexy chicks in a dance club." The raven moved his eyebrows suggestively.

"I don't think I want to do that. I'm a girl if you weren't aware of that. I wouldn't like to perform any sort of inappropriate actions with others especially those who have the same gender as I do."

The raven slapped his forehead and sighed, "Baka—I wasn't saying that that's what you should do. I'm saying that that's what a guy would like and you should do what a girl would like"

"What if I like the way I'm living right now without doing those things?"

"hn, boring girl. Oh well you're 16 after all."

"Got a problem with that pretty boy?"

"What did you say? Did you just call me pretty boy?"

"What if I did? Do you have a problem with that?" all of the sudden the rosette pushed the raven against the wall and kept little distance between them. They were so close that both of them were able to feel each other's breathing, "Listen to me cocky boy. I suggest you to be respectful when I'm being respectful as well. If one more perverted word slides out of that disgusting tongue then I may as well kill you to death." Her breath fanned his face and strangely it had a cherry-blossom aroma.

The way they were pressed against each other perfectly got the raven high. Since he was only focused on the rosettes busts being so tightly pressed against his chest he couldn't hear a word she said except [disgusting tongue]

"How do you know my tongue is disgusting? Have you tasted it? Have you sucked on it? Have you smelled it? How do you know it's nasty? Do you think it is nastier than your cunt?"

"Excuse me? I told you to fucking stop saying those—" all of the sudden her supple soft lips were covered by another pair of lips. Her emerald eyes were open wide with surprise. Her slim arms tried to push him away but he couldn't budge a bit. The raven smirked against her lips and his muscular arms grabbed her hips and pulled her to get tighter against him. Because of the daring action she let out a short gasp. Despite the short period of time that her lips parted the raven plunged his hot wet tongue into her mouth and licked out the cavern of her mouth. He massaged the molars and canines sensually.

The rosette was slowly losing her focus and control and obliged to dominant masculine tongue's orders. She slowly sucked his tongue and played her part of the role of the kissing session. The raven was surprised at first that she actually took part of this "performance". Immediately he started to caress the sides of her hourglass figure. His large hands softly glided from her thighs to the hips to the waist and slowly towards her huge breasts. He massaged the twin mounds and squeezed them making the rosette moan. The rosette pulled on his raven locks rather harshly but the pain was immune to the raven because he was too focused on groping her body. Their lips slowly parted to gain oxygen. The rosette slowly fluttered her dark long eyelashes. Her eyes were blurred with intense lust and her lips were parted and they were moist and swollen due to the harsh kiss session they had. Her white blouse's top 8 buttons were unbuttoned revealing her creamy skinned cleavage and her tux pants were slightly loose nearly about to fall. Sasuke's hoodie was off revealing his tight black tank top that showed his toned abs perfectly. His pants were slightly loose as well. After they regained their oxygen they went back to their session.

Little did they know that the camera next to the plasma TV was recording their first "little" session. The older raven entered the security system apartment and went into the room where all the recordings was done in order to find the younger raven.

Then he saw the camera which had a large clear view of his otouto sensually kissing a girl. He zoomed into the camera and noticed that they were about to tear off each other's clothes and on the tag of the rosette's tux coat it said, "official personal bodyguard of Sasuke Uchiha". The older raven smirked.

'Hmm.. seems like otouto has got himself into a relationship with that pinkie. Now he proves that he isn't a homo haha.. hmm that girl what is so special about her to make Sasuke so high.. since she is capable of making Sasuke like that maybe—just maybe she can make me feel the same like how Sasuke's feeling… after all that other chick I dumped was way too inexperienced.' The older raven smirked and left the building.

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