Personal Body Guard

-*By CrystalSak*-

Chapter 3- Invitation card & a Slut?!


"Sasuke.. I notice you got yourself a new personal body guard.. she was quite sexy… and she got you high yesterday, neh?" he whispered.

"WTF how do you know about that?" The younger raven looked at the older raven with utter surprise.

"Well… I'll leave you alone for today but watch out Sasuke…"

"What the fuck are you trying to do." The younger raven growled at the older raven.

"Hn." the older raven only smirked and released the younger raven.

"Well then, I'm off for now, okaa-san. I'll be seeing you tonight during dinner right?" the older raven gave a charming glance towards his mother. The raven looked at his mother disbelievingly as if though saying, 'WTF'.

"Oh..hehe.. Sorry, Sasu-chan. I completely forgot to tell you that we will be having a family reunion tonight." The violet sheepishly smiled at her son.

"Mother, I clearly told you yesterday that I was tired to come all the way here in Las Vegas from Japan. Can't we delay this reunion for at least 2 days after today? Or better off, tomorrow?" He eyed his mom pleadingly.

"Gomen, but it's too late to put it off. I mean it's already 3 PM and I suddenly put this off then your relatives would be very disappointed! Onegai Sasu-chan, just come to the reunion. You can invite your friends this time!" the violet flashed a huge grin towards the raven as if though saying, 'isn't this enough for you to just friggin come to the reunion?'

"Hai hai I'll come then. Could you just leave my room for now?" he swayed both of his hands gesturing for them to leave.

"Hai, arigato Sasu-chan. That's my baby!" she gave thumbs up to him while Itachi dragged her out of the room.

The raven sat down at the sofa dreadfully and looked up at the ceiling with various thoughts overwhelming his already exhausted state of mind. 'This is so troublesome… I'm meeting otou-san.. Itachi's here… my cousins are coming… my uncles aunts—' his thoughts were interrupted by a huge SLAM! Of the bedroom door.

"Sasuke-sama! Do you know how long I've been waiting inside that room!? I was waiting until you would come to the room and just tell me 'they're gone'. And you are just lying on the sofa daydreaming while I'm worrying my guts out depressingly inside that room?!" the rosette frantically shouted at him clearly forgetting the fact that he was her boss.

"Tell me the truth, Haruno."


"You're in that time of the month, right?" He glanced at her with his signature, the smirk.

"NO! I'm just frustrated 'cause all my depressed feelings were worth nothing!" She puffed her cheeks like a 4 year old who didn't receive sweets from her parents and then she sat next to him on the couch with her slender arms crossed above her busts.

"Least okaa-san didn't find out what we were doing last night." He stood up from the wine colored couch and approached the exit golden door.

"Where are you going?"

"Just to clear my thoughts."


"You ask to many questions, Haruno. Fix that habit or you're fired."


"Oh and keep in mind that I hate to repeat what I've already said." Then he looked at her with a smirk.

"How—how dare he!" the rosette sat on the couch again.

'He is the boss after all… but I really wonder what's got him all frustrated he seemed to be deep in thought. Wait a moment.. Am I worrying about him?'

'Yes, hun. You're worrying about him 'cause you LOVE him~' the inner did the ballet dance while floating in the full-of-hearts background.

'Oh, it's you again. Long time you've appeared within my mind, inner.'

'Well, your life was boring so far because you always concentrated in training and hardly had any love life. So I thought I would give up on you and just find another person who actually has a LIFE.'

'I do have a life! Plus, you don't have any privilege to choose a person you should be inner of.'

'I don't have the privilege but I do have the capability to do so. Anyway, what are you going to do about Sasuke-kun?'

'Nothing, I'm after all only his bodyguard if he faces danger which I highly doubt due to his various bodyguards I would care but he isn't in danger so I'll just chill myself in this ca-ching room'

'You are surely very boring. It's a nightmare to be your inner.'

'Humph, just go away.'

Then the rosette walked out of the room and thought about a certain raven until…..


She fell down on the floor on her bottoms.

"Ugh—nothing seems to be working out well today…" Then she looked up seeing a GOD.

"God..?" She asked dumbfounded.

"Haha, I'm not a god but I wish I had capability to do so." The "God" charmingly smiled at the rosette while offering a hand for her to stand up.

"Oh I'm very very very sorry. I just tend to daydream these days often. I'll keep in mind not to make a fool out of myself Mr…..?"

"Just call me Itachi."

"Oh! Itachi-san! You're Sasuke-sama's—!" The rosette pointed a finger at him with a aghast look.

"Otouto. Yes, I guess Sasuke has already mentioned about me to you." He flashed another beautiful genuine smile.

"Not really, he never mentioned that he had such a well-mannered otouto! But really, he should learn those manners. Why don't you teach him? I tried to so badly but it just lead to—" all of the sudden the rosette blushed madly—"haha! Forget about me teaching him. I can never teach anything right haha!" she swayed her arms continuously to let the embarrassing aura leave her mind.

"Ah, I wish to invite you to a dinner party if that's okay with you, Ms. Haruno." He handed a golden card that had [Uchiha reunion party invitation card] imprinted in sparkly calligraphy.

"A reunion party?! Is it okay for me to go there? I mean it's a—reunion party! A Family reunion! I'm not an Uchiha but a Haruno. Is it really okay?"

"It is okay for I have invited you, an Uchiha. Sasuke's inviting one of his friends so why can't I?" He smiled again! (A/N: Really charming really…)

"Wow—wow.. just wow." The rosette looked down as if the floor was more interesting than the smexy man infront of her.

"Well then, I'll be waiting for you at the lobby."

"Wait! I haven't said I was going to the party yet!" The older raven just flashed an Uchiha smirk and gave a curt nod and walked away.

"Huh, a smirk. I guess it's a thing that flows in the family I hope women don't smirk in the family. It would really be weird I mean sure~ men look hot in it but women? Nah—. Wait a minute. Why am I talking here stupidly? I have to dress myself!" She ran towards her room that was right beside Sasuke's room but was smaller and more "modest". (A/N: let's just say that her room was realllllly modest. Similar to a normal person's small cabin room).

She dashed into her closet door and looked at her clothes which were all simply tuxedoes.

"Whoa—I really should do shopping often with Ino." She looked through her clothes until…

"Sakura Haruno! If you're in there I demand you to come to my room and bring me some coffee!" an intercom right at the high corner of her cabin's wall rung throughout her cabin.

"Ugh that Uchiha, just can't let me have a sweet life!" She stomped out of her room and kicked through the golden door making her feet….. "OWWWW! Damn is this door really made out of gold!? Dammit!" she limped towards the door and walked into the room.

"Hn, You should try to twist the door knob and come into the room like a normal person would do, Haruno. By that way you would actually come in safely." The raven smirked at the rosette while sitting on the couch reading a newspaper.

"You're the one that told me to get a life and now you make me bring coffee. That's surely nice of you!" She pointed a slender finger at him accusingly while grasping onto her injured feet.

The raven looked at the feet and stood up from his sedentary state and walked towards a shelf.

"Where do you think you're going? Aren't you going to drink your damn coffee?!"

The raven took out a first aid kit and sat down on the couch again. He gestured the rosette come and sit beside him. The rosette was dumbfounded but she followed his orders and obediently occupied the seat. The raven softly grasped her ankle and lifted it.

"Whoa whoa! Watch out it hurts!" The rosette yelped in pain that rushed throughout her leg.

"Oh, sorry. Just try to lay your feet on the small table here." She wrinkled her forehead and squinted tightly in pain as she lifted her leg and laid it on the table. The raven got a long white band and wrapped it around her ankle and foot. Then he got a pin and adjusted it firmly so that the band wouldn't fall off. Then he sprayed a medicine around her feet.

"Ok now you can put your feet down if it isn't much of a burden to you." The rosette was really bewildered at the fact that the raven was actually performing kindness towards her.

"Wow, I never thought that I'd see a day that you'll actually be kind enough to do this for me."

The rosette looked down at her feet in embarrassment and to hide the obvious blush that tinted her fair cheeks.

"Ah, so that was your assumption. Well then, you've learned your lesson to not jump into conclusions according to what you've seen the first day we met." The raven was about to stand up when the rosette softly pecked his cheek. The raven was taken aback by her bold action. He looked at the rosette astonished. The rosette's face was flaming with utter timidity. She looked away pretending as if the action had never happened. All of the sudden…

The door opened and a certain carrot head entered. The pair looked at the intruder of such a peaceful situation. There, stood a woman with a flimsy clothing that seemed to be of latest luxurious fashion that revealed quite a lot of her skin and body. The clothing wrapped around her body and revealed both top and bottom. The top showing most of the chest which showed hardly any existence of her cleavage and the bottom that revealed thick "manly" thighs and shiny fishnets which were supposed to be of appealing purpose that backfired instantly. (A/N: as in she wore slutty clothes which didn't work of sexiness purpose since she has flat chest and horrible legs). The woman had horrible make up that gave a finishing touch of her prostituteness and nastiness.

The raven squinted his eyebrows in disgust and the rosette covered her mouth clearly aware of the vomit that was going to come out due to the disgusting view. The woman smiled and opened her thin lips that were smudged with bright purple lipstick. "Welcome to Las Vegas, Sasuke-kun~" she rolled the syllables of her tongue hornily. (A/N: does that word even exist?)

"Get out, Karin. I was about to rest." The raven glared at the carrot.

"Ohhh babe, you know you don't mean that. I know that I'm worth of your precious more than this ugly fag infront of me." the carrot pushed the forehead of the rosette. Then she approached the raven and grinded her chest against his chest. She shuddered at the feel of her hardly visible breasts created friction with his well toned chest. Then she rubbed both of her thighs against the lower part of the raven allowing the raven to feel her dirtiness.

Before the carrot performed more nasty acts, she was pulled back and received a harsh push from the rosette. "Please adjust yourself. You are performing such a disgrace to Sasuke-sama." The rosette glared at the carrot as if though saying, 'fuck off, you nasty whore.'

The carrot regained her composure and intimidatingly approached the rosette and snarled, "And who do you think you are? Interrupting my romantic session with Sasuke-kun~?"

"I'm Sasuke-sama's personal body guard and it is my duty to protect him at all times from danger and even thug like people who perform inappropriate actions."

"Oh! You're his body guard. How kind of you! You protect my babe at all times! But what did you say? From thug-like people who perform inappropriate actions? If you're referring that to me, well you're wrong! 'Cause me and Sasuke-kun are engaged and going to marry next month and our honey moon is going to be full of delightful love that creates tons of his heir!" The carrot bragged showingly towards the rosette.

"Oh? Well, we'll see about that Karin-san. If you become the wife of Sasuke-sama I shall respect as one however before that you're just a prostitute to my eyes that just wants to get him laid by you."

"Ugh! What a disgrace! Sasuke-kun, fire her this instant!" the carrot pointed at the rosette and looked at the raven with pleading eyes.

"You're in no position to order me, Karin. Just leave or I'll make you leave by force!" He was pushed her back which she instantly turned around making him press his hands on her chest. And ofcourse she let out a disgusting moan. "ohh sasuke…I knew that you wanted to have me." She grasped his hands and pressed it more against her chest.

"THAT'S IT. I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR SLUTTINESS!" The rosette threw a huge blow at the carrot making her fly out of the exit and fall on the floor with a huge THUMP!

"Whoa—so that's your martial arts skills." The raven rubbed his forefinger on his perfectly shaped chin in wonder.

"Humph, I've had enough of her. Annoying, humph. Is she really your fiancé?" She looked at the raven hoping that it wasn't true.

"No, at least I hope she isn't. I mean I've known her since I was 15 and ever since I met her she always claimed that I was her fiancé."

"So she's just overreacting things right? You are sure that she's not your fiancé."

"Like I said, I'm not sure but for now the only thing I know is that she isn't fiancé."

"Okay then, god I really wish I could slice up that nastiness of hers." The rosette shuddered with disgust and had her fists tight in yearning for kill and cruelty.

"Why are you in such rage? I was the one that was harassed not you. Unless… you are 'jealous'" the raven smirked and raised his eyebrows suggestively.

"I AM NOT JEALOUS! I'm just performing my duty as your bodyguard, Sasuke-SAMA!" she emphasized with force.

"Chill~ I was just stating it as a maybe~ but now that you are getting serious about it, maybe there's a possibility heheheheh." He ran off before he met the deadly blow of the rosette.

"YOU-LITTLE! COME BACK HERE!" The pair scurried around the enormous hotel room while a certain older raven was spying on them amusingly.

"Hm, I better take my part of the role before things get deeper within them. I guess otouto has already took a bit of the rosette's conscience. Hn, let's see who keeps her as possession, Sasuke. We'll see…" the raven smirked and left the building.

"After all…. I was the one that invited her to the party as…."

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