Chapter 1: The beginning

The keyblade master went carefreely around in Twilight town. He had just finished off another Organization member and was in Twilight town to take it easy for a while. He went to the Sandlot and looked up at the sky. Twilight town. The town of eternal twilight. Donald and Goofy seemed tense

Hey, what´s the matter? Sora asked.

Donald didn´t answer but he looked at something a few meters away. Now Sora saw what they where tense about. There on a roof he saw a familiar cloak. The Organization. Immediatly he summoned the keyblade and attacked who ever it was. The cloaked one looked up and summoned a path to get away from him an reappered a few meters away. The cloaked one began to speak

How come you attack everyone all the time?

Sora looked startled but answered still in attack position

You are Nobodies arent you?

At these words the cloaked began to laugh.

Oh, and that is the reason you tried to kill me. Because I am a Nobody?

Well yeah... Sora mumbled. The cloaked one put its hood back. It was a female with brown hair and gray eyes. She began laughing again. Sora looked almost offended by her laugh and began wondering why he didn´t just strike her with the keyblade and got it over with. It was something with her that didn´t make him strike her.

-What is your name Nobody?

She looked puzzled at first but then answered

My name is Hikari, and by the way stop calling me Nobody it makes me sad.

You don´t have any feelings anyway. Sora snorted. The next thing he noticed was that Hikari had come really close and slapped him on the cheek.

If you really think that then I really where right about you being a kid.

Hikari was trembling with anger. Sora looked at her, she was so emotional could it really all be an act?

- Let me ask you something Sora, the reason you killed Demyx what was it?

Demyx? Oh, the Nobody he finished just now, the one with a really strange hairstyle.

He was a Nobody.

Hikari didn´t seem suprised by Soras answer. Instead she began to tell him something.

You know what. You really are a kid. Demyx was a really nice guy he was the only one that could get Zexion to smile and he hated to fight. Didn´t it occur to you that he didn´t want to fight you? Didn´t you think about how he felt, not even once?

The Organization knew you would kill him, and he knew it was a suicide mission.

But he didn´t care because Zexion was gone. He was a really kind guy who loved playing on his sitar. He loved playing and Zexion loved listening. You don´t think of Nobodies as beings at all. We are just someting in the way for your glory. I know you want to save Kairi and find Riku. but do you really have to kill beings because of that? I knew the guys you have killed even if I didn´t like all of them.I don´t really like the Organization either but just because i don´t like somebody doesn´t give me he right to kill them!

Sora just looked at Hikari then he said

Nobodies doesn´t really exist, who cares if I kill them? They attack me and my friends because of some stupid goal. Why should i not kill them?

Hikari looked at him then sighed.

I really need to teach you the hard way.

She summoned her "weapon" a brush and a drawingpad. She sighed again and told Sora

I am going to give you a nightmare, maybe you will understand how it feels for me then...

Sora gasped before he fell to the ground in deep sleep.

He is on Destiny Islands in one of the wooden houses on the little island where he playes with Riku and Kairi. He is happy, he can finally be with them again after the adventure. He have found Riku and has rescued Kairi. When he goes into the room he can feel that something is wrong. Its to quiet. He screams when he sees Kairi, she lies on the floor, her red hair is lying around her neck like a halo of blood. She is pale and she has a hole trough her stomach. She is dead. Sora can´t believe what he sees.

Kairi... Wake up, you can´t be dead!

Someone laughs. He looks around, halfway down the stairs Hikari stands with an unconscious Riku in her arms. Her knife is a few centimeters from his throat.

Stop! Let Riku go!

Sora summons his Keyblade and attacks her. She jumps away. Riku finally wakes up.


Stooop! Sora's scream cuts through the silence like an arrow.

Hikari smiles and stab Riku with the already bloody knife. Sora looks at her with eyes shrouded by hatred and yell at her

Why? They didn´t do anything!

Hikari looks at him, her face is stained with his friends' blood and answers

Because they where Somebodies.