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Sora was lay resting at the beache of Destiny Islands. Three days ago they had defeated Xemnas. Riku lay beside him. They had been telling each other what had happened while they where separated. Riku was just telling Sora about that he and Naminé had rescued Kairi and they where going to rescue another person but Naminé failed.

What was that persons name?

Sora asked

Riku looked surprised by his question. Then he answered.

If I remember right her name was Hikari

Sora stood up and ran to the place where his gummiship was parked. Riku followed. Kairi saw what they where doing and became curious. She came with them. When she heard what they where going to do she asked.

But why do you want to save her, Sora? She was mean to you wasn´t she?

Sora looked at Kairi then answered.

No, she wasn´t mean to me. She showed me a dream that illustrated how she felt when I killed some Organization members. That was pretty scary, but she was kind anyway. I think she was just sad.

Kairi looked bothered then she told them what Saix had told her. Sora told her

That Nobody was lying. I have been going around in many worlds and asked about Hikari and all the people I has asked has told me she is kind.

Kairi finally understood that she had been tricked and felt pretty guilty and decided that she would help the guys to find Hikari. When they arrived at The World That Never Was, Kairi showed them how to find the dungeons. They went down some stairs. They stopped. Did they hear anything? There it was again! It sounded like someone was in pain. They began running. They stopped. Sora was shocked. Hikari was sitting by the wall. There was all over her and she had a familiar sword through her stomach. Kairi began to cry (it was not really Kairi that cried, it was Naminé, but still). Sora went into the cell and sat down in front of Hikari

Hikari? He called.

Hikari looked up. She smiled at him.

Sora, looks like you found me...

Sora didn´t know what more to say and Hikari continued to talk

Sora, could you do me a favor?

Sora looked at her with tears in his eyes.


She looked up at him.

Strike me with the keyblade.

Sora looked at her, shocked.

Don´t look at me like that Sora. Xemnas injected something into my body before he stabbed my stomach. It prevents me from healing and prevents me from fading away. He condemned me to eternal pain. It is his revenge.

Revenge? Sora asked

Hikaris smile faded

Yes, revenge. I refused to join the Organization and there is something else too but I don´t have the strenght to tell you. Behind my back is my drawingpad. But I have also stored my memories in it. If you unlock it with the keyblade you get to see my memories. It is up to you if you want to or not.

Sora looked at her then summoned his keyblade.

Are you sure this is the only way? He asked.

Yes. I cannot heal and I am in pain. I want to fade away if these are my options.

Sora looked at her again, tears streaming down his face. Then he striked her.

Hikari began to fade.

Thank you Sora. I am glad that I met you, Sayonara... Boku no eiju-chan.

Hikari was gone. Sora went out of the cell. He took one last look before he remembered the drawingpad. He went back into the cell, took the drawingpad in his hands and put it in his backpack. He went out of the cell and together with Kairi and Riku he went home to Destiny Islands.


The pain is gone. I see light. Someone is calling me. I open my eyes. They meet a pair of blood red ones. I smile up at him. Then everything goes black.

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