New Beginnings

Here I am, Forks, Washington; the rainiest place in the continental U.S. I needed and loved the sun, so this was one of the last places on earth that they would look for me. I have long, slightly curly, waist length mahogany brown hair with fiery red streaks in it. My skin is pale and my right hand is crimson red that ends three four inches after my wrist. While I run low on power, the red in my hand fades. Once the red is all the way gone, it's time for me to "recharge" so to speak. In Forks I am going to go to Forks High School just to pass the time. Also, I heard that there were vampires and wanted to see for myself. They supposedly didn't hunt humans. I knew that if they were close to me, they wouldn't want to suck me dry. That, of course would confuse them. Looking at me you could tell that I was not a vampire. My skin wasn't white enough; I definitely didn't have the perfect, glorious beauty. Many times I have been told that I was more beautiful than the average human, they may be true but I would lose in a competition with vampires. My eyes would be a dead giveaway that I wasn't a vampire. Vampire eyes are red, black, or topaz. Mine are a deep, chocolate brown. My lips and tongue are both crimson red, the same as my hand.

Tomorrow I would start my first day at high school. I would enroll as Elizabeth Morinstall. My real name is Isabella Swan, but I can hardly use that. I will stand out enough without the help of using my real name; so a pseudonym will have to suffice. Just yesterday I moved in to a small, two bedroom house that was practically all by itself, nestled rather cozily in the woods but in all actuality quite near to the road. There were no houses nearby and for that I was grateful. I don't need or want to have to deal with nosy or bothersome neighbors. Also, as I have been alone for quite awhile, I wasn't sure how well I would do with having to live near people, and this house is absolutely perfect. All of my things were already unpacked and the boxes stacked neatly in the smallest bedroom. Looking at me, you wouldn't see somebody strong. You would see a slender, 5'4", frame that looked very fragile; for the entire world as if a strong wind would knock me off the face of this earth. There were many people who had to be convinced of all the things I could do, I hate being judged on the way I look. If I had my way, I would make myself tall and very intimidating. But alas, I do not have the power to change my appearance at will. So, this way I will have to stay.

The next morning my alarm went off at six-thirty waking me up from a nightmare; I had dreamed that I had been captured and was being tortured. Just remembering makes me shudder. I walked over to my closet and pulled out a pair of dark blue form fitting jeans, a white baby doll with a small black vest. After I rid myself of my pajamas and clothed myself in my clothes for the day, I reached back into my closet and pulled forth my black leather jacket and a pair of black satin gloves.

Grabbing my keys and a strawberry yogurt granola bar I headed out the door and to my dark blue Ducati and black, silver, and blue motorcycle helmet. Strapping my helmet to my head, I straddled my bike and kicked to life. It roared and I zoomed out of the parking lot and off towards the school. It didn t take me very long to locate it. As I roared into the parking lot and I parked into an empty space next to a shiny, silver Volvo, I noticed that everyone s eyes were on me. Feeling a little discomfort being the center of attention, I turned off my bike, removed my helmet, and pulled the glove off of my left hand. Folding the one glove up into my helmet, I cradled my helmet under right arm and turned to the face the silver Volvo. Getting out of the car were five beautiful, pale creatures that couldn t be mistaken for anything but vampires, of course you could mistake them for angels. Their looks at least put them in that category, but if they really did eat animals then they really just might be in the realm of angels. For a second they just stood there staring at me in surprise and shock. I could only assume that the shock had to do with my smell. I smiled at them and waltzed right past them towards the office.

The office was like the rest of the school, red brick and was clearly marked Office . Behind the desk sat a woman with bright red hair and a purple over sized sweatshirt that said, Forks High School .
Excuse, me, may I help you? she asked.
I m Elizabeth Morinstall, I told her smilingly.
Oh, of course, well, Elizabeth, here is your schedule and a map of the school. I need to have all of your teachers sign this slip of paper. At the end of the day, I need you to bring it back here. That way we ll know that all went well on your first day. Welcome to Forks and I hope you enjoy your stay here.

She waved to me as I left the office. Materializing out of seemingly nowhere, a small, pixie-like creature with short spiky black hair that stuck out every which way appeared in front of me.

Hi, I m Alice, she enthused, bouncing gracefully forward to shake my hand, her gold eyes glowing brightly.

Elizabeth, I imparted with a smile on my face. Her hand was ice cold, but since I knew that she was a vampire it didn t surprise me in the least. When I showed no surprise at her icy hand she seemed to be taken aback for half a second. But laughed and motioned towards a tall, lean, muscular blond man. His tawny eyes were appraising me as if he thought I would leap forward and attack Alice. Watching his stance around her, I decided to test my theory. The way he watched her and held himself around her made me suspect that they were mates. I smiled wickedly and leaned towards Alice, his eyes on both Alice and me; he tensed and leaned forward as if to crouch in between the two of us. Smiling normally I straightened my stance and he also relaxed. Alice looked between the two of us for a second before laughing, a high, tinkling, and bell-like sound.

This is my boyfriend, Jasper, she informed me with a smile and a reassuring pat on his arm. I m a Cullen and he s a Hale. His twin sister Rosalie is dating my brother Emmett. Lastly there s my other brother Edward. We are all adopted by Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme. It s really nice to meet you Bella. I think that we re going to be best friends! Alice fired off at high speed. I almost couldn t catch the words. My hearing was as good as a vampires and I could talk just as low and fast as they could.

It s a pleasure to meet you Elizabeth, Jasper said in a soft, melodic voice with a slight southern accent.

Hey, you re all ready meeting the new girl and you didn t tell me! A deep, melodic voice boomed. A huge hulk of a vampire came to a stop in front of me and looked me over, not in a creepy way, but like he s measuring me to see if he thinks I match up to his standards. Apparently I did because he boomed out a laugh and grabbed me up into a bone crushing hug.

My name s Emmett, and there s my girlfriend Rosalie! he shouted proudly still crushing the breath out of me.

Emm Can t .Breathe! I gasped.

Oh, sorry, he said sheepishly and he placed me back on the ground.