Theresa heard yelling, she panicked and ran downstairs she got to the middle of the landing and looked around.

She saw three of her kids fighting this black shadow. She looked around for jerry. He was in the corner of the room holding the knocked out Michaela on his lap.

"Jerry what's going on" he looked up at the sound of his wife's voice, saw her standing there.

"Don't move Theresa" he yelled at her. "I am Sam" the black shadow wizard announced himself. "Oh no" Theresa mumbled to herself.

"It's over Sam" the main wizard told him. He laughed evilly at him.

Michaela woke looking up at her dad that had been biting his lip. "Dad" she whispered as she pulled herself up. "You okay honey?" he asked her. Helping her catch her balance as he stood up with her.

"I just want their powers" Sam told looking at the three Russo's in front of him.

"Then take me instead" Michaela jumped in between of her siblings, the wizard council and Sam.

"No!" both parents cried out.

"You stupid girl, you don't have powers" his loud voice boomed.

"How do you know, I might have them now"

"If you did, I would have taken them from you years ago, child" he snickered.

"Your days are done" she told them as she stepped away.

The wizards casted the most powerful spell on Sam that caused the whole room to go dark in a flash of the light Sam had disappeared and the lights came back on. Leaving everyone in the room dazed and confused.

"What were you thinking" jerry ran up to Michaela "I..." she stuttered. She didn't know she was improvising.

"Oh my kids" Theresa ran down the rest of the stairs to them giving them all hugs.

"Whoa, mom we're okay, geez" Alex pulled away from her.

Theresa made her way to Michaela and looked her in the eyes. "You okay" Michaela pulled her into a hug whispering in her ear. "I'm fine mom" at the sound of those words Theresa hugged her tighter.

"Mom" she thought to herself "I have my family back".

"Hello Russo family" the main wizard greeted. "I'm sorry for not introducing earlier, but it looked like you needed some much needed help" he looked at the family and continued.

"I would like to commend the children in their bravery in helping in catch Sam, we knew there was a matter of time he'd try and find you."

He turned to Michaela "been a long time since I seen you last" he smiled "what did you expect to accomplish there just then?" he questioned.

"I offered myself, so he could take instead of my siblings" she explained.

"You're saying it was an unselfish sacrifice" he asked her stroking his long gray beard.

"Yes" she nodded.

"You have proven your loyalty to your family we believe you are ready to have your powers back if you wish to accept" he offered

Fade to black

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