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Light sank back further into the bus seat, scribbling a few more sentences into the notebook. He had finally decided what to name his story, and therefore the notebook was never going to be referred to as Death Note again. Instead, it had a name that fit the story it held. Résurrection Livre: Mort d'un Tyran. Or, in English, Rebirth Note: Death of a Tyrant. At last count, it had taken Ryuuk about five minutes to flip back to the beginning of the story.

"Hey, you!" Oh yes, that was right. There was a bus-jacking going on right now. Light supposed that most people would find it difficult to not focus on that, rather than a story they were writing, but most people had not dealt with large numbers of the most grotesque creature imaginable (and some that weren't imaginable) and come out of it seeming sane. Light had, and it had granted him immense powers of concentration.

Light had set up the bus-jacking in order to prove something, he vaguely remembered, but it was hard to remember what as he watched Jaquelyn (She had appeared yesterday just as he finished writing her having killed Erebus.) and Ayame (She appeared shortly after he ascertained that yes, Ryuuk was actually the Shinigami Prince and that Light had changed the rules for how the Shinigami were able to kill humans, and thereafter stopped taking his medicine completely.) mocking the bus-jacker behind his back.

"Yes?" Light asked, searching his brain for the reason he had set this up. No, it wasn't to try and create more Shini- and Seigami, that was in the story. No, it wasn't to get chili, Light wasn't even sure how that would have worked or why his brain had thrown that out. Oh, yes, that was right. It was to try to convince the annoying FBI agent that was following him that, while Light may have had the right personality to be the mass murderer Kira, who Light was absolutely certain was killing with a Death Note, Light already had an outlet for his homicidal instincts. Namely writing. Light cringed inwardly. He was thinking in run-on sentences again. He would have to get some caffeine in him soon, or he would start responding to his invisible companions (both real and unreal) again.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You retarded or something?" the unfortunate man who had been volunteered to be Light's first use of the Rebirth Note the way it had originally been intended asked.

"...I'm afraid I do not know what exactly you mean," Light responded.

"This is a bus-jacking! You don't just sit and act like nothing's wrong during a bus-jacking!"

"Maybe most people don't, but I am different. I can take things in stride," Light answered calmly, beginning to realize that something was wrong. This man should not have been acting the way he was. Light had not written instructions for the man to harass any of the riders of the bus.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" the man repeated, "Don't you fear for your life? I have a gun!" The man waved said gun around wildly, trying to make a point.

Ryuuk laughed. "He's got you there, Lighto! Normal people can't sit through a bus-jacking. And you're trying to act like a normal kid, aren't ya?"

Jaquelyn smiled, reaching out with her fan to smack the tall Shinigami across the head. Of course, given that she was only a figment of Light's imagination, nothing happened, but Ryuuk knew what she was doing. For some reason, Ryuuk was able to see Light's imagination's creations, like Jaquelyn. "No, you imbécile. He is not. He is trying to prove that he is not Kira, not that he is a normal kid. Comprendre? There is a rather large difference. He does not have to be a normal kid to not be Kira. In fact, he could, for example, not display just one characteristic that Kira would have. Say...self-preservation." Jaquelyn had taken over speaking to Ryuuk, since she was a far more patient and forgiving person that Light, despite the fact that she was Light.

"Though," Ayame frowned, confusion lighting upon her dark face as she stared at the confrontation in front of her, voicing Light's fears, "the man is not acting as he should have. He should have started seeing you by now, Ryuuk. Something is verkerht. Perhaps..." Ayame gasped suddenly as Light realized something. "...Natürlich! The real Kira is on this bus and wrote out this man's fate before Light could! This is bad, very bad. It's eine katastrophe! We're going to Hölle in einem handbasket! Wir sind geschraubt!"

"Why would I?" Light asked, ignoring the antics of the three invisible beings and the realization he had come to while they were talking. (He also ignored the fact that while he knew neither French nor German, Jaquelyn and Ayame were respectively.) "Why would I fear for my life? You aren't really a killer."

The other riders of the bus stared. Raye Penbar sank his head into his hands. Well, he could at least report that there was no way this Yagami kid was Kira. Kira had some sense of preservation, given how well he was hiding his identity. And this kid had no self preservation instincts whatsoever.

"What the fuck you talking about? Course I'm a killer!" However, despite his shouted assertation, the bus-jacker's hands were shaking wildly as he stared at Light.

"Pauvre type," Jaquelyn murmured, fluttering her fan in front of her face, "He's only here as a pawn."

"Ja," Ayame returned, staring at the confrontation through narrowed eyes, "he is unschuldig, innocent. He does not deserve to be here."

"Will you two please stop it with the foreign language?" Ryuuk burst out, "We're in Japan, use Japanese!"

Ayame rolled her eyes. "Stupid Tod Gott. Ruhe! Be quiet!"

"We know you know all languages, Mort Dieu. Please do not pretend to be more of an imbécile than you actually are." Jaquelyn snapped. "Now quiet! I wish to listen to Lueur!"

"No, I really don't think you are. You don't have the right look in your eyes," Light answered the bus-jacker, cocking his head to the side innocently, though his eyes portrayed him as anything but.

Raye Penbar looked up, wondering what a seventeen-year-old kid could possibly know about how a killer's eyes looked.

"Lightoo!" Ryuuk moaned, "That's not the way to remove suspicion! I don't want my entertainment to whither away in a cell cause he was a bad actor!"

Jaquelyn smacked Ryuuk on the back of his head. "Pay attention, Mort Dieu. And don't interrupt!"

The bus-jacker sneered. "And how the hell would you know?"

"Well," Light drawled, completely forgetting about his FBI follower and throwing himself into his role, "I am a writer."

The bus-jacker stared. "...the fuck does that have to do with anything?"

Light laughed derisively. "You mean you honestly don't know?"

Raye Penbar was beginning to get a little nervous, having felt the same sense of impending doom when he was on an under-cover mission to infiltrate the American Mafia. He ended up caught between two opposing high-level mafia members. Then, it had led to a full-out civilian war. Here, he wasn't sure what it would lead to. He did know that it was not going to be pretty.

The bus-jacker was getting a little spoked, but no hint of his consternation crept in to his voice. (And Light needed to kick his habit of using the longest word he knew when a shorter, less confusing one was easy to use.) "Know what? Tch, not like it matters. Pretty boy like you couldn't do anything to me."

"Don't you know? Writers are some of the most homicidal people on Earth. They can kill hundreds of thousands, exterminate entire races, destroy the universe, and never get punished or it. Any good writer knows at least a hundred ways to kill a person, all of which would leave a person like you broken and whimpering," Light purred as he stared at the bus-jacker through narrowed eyes.

Ayame groaned and cradled her head in her hands. "Nein! Light, say you didn't! You are supposed to be decreasing the suspicion that you are Kira, not all but confirming it!"

Raye Penbar stared at the auburn-haired boy he was tailing. In truth, he had thought that L was insane when he (L) told him (Raye) to follow the Yagami boy, but here was proof. Proof that, if Light wasn't Kira, he was at the very least mentally disturbed.

The bus-jacker was spooked now. His eyes were darting side-to-side like a trapped animal, regardless of the fact that he was the one who was holding a gun. His hand shook wildly as he searched for a means of escape from the demonic amber eyes that were staring at him, into him, through him. "W-w-what the hell are you?" he whispered, fear evident in every syllable.

"I told you," Light shrugged, sitting back down, folding on leg over the other gracefully, "I'm a writer."

And with those words, hell broke loose.

The bus-jacker screamed as Ryuuk leaned forward, a piece of the Death Note hidden in spindly-black, invisible fingers and touched it to the man. His finger jerked on the trigger, sending a bullet into the rear windshield, spraying glass everywhere.

Women screamed and men tried to shield them as the bus swerved violently and nearly tumbled off the bridge they were crossing. The bus managed to stay on the road, but all the passengers were shaky with fear. Somehow, Light had managed to remain outwardly composed and calm, though inside he was extremely worried. This was the real Kira's play and, while he might be able to change the lines a little, overall he had no idea how this play was going to end. If it was going to be a tragedy, ending with the death of the main actor, or a happy ending, where Light lived. (And Light thought he might have taken the play metaphor just a little too far.)

The bus-jacker whimpered in fear as he stared at Light. "W-what the fuck did you do? You did something, and now there's some sort of...of MONSTER in here! What the fuck did you do?"

Light shrugged. "I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. As far as I can tell, you have some sort of latent psychological disorder that was triggered by stress. Tell me, has anyone in your family ever suffered from schizophrenia?"

"Hyuk, hyuk. You'd know all about schizophrenia, wouldn't you, Lightoo?" Ryuuk laughed, dancing a little from one foot to another.

"I-it talks!" the bus-jacker stuttered, "Let me offa this crazy bus!" He stumbled towards the exit and off the bus. Thankfully, the helpful bus driver had stopped the bus already, so the he did not end up getting ground to bits under the bus' tires. Unfortunately, an eighteen-wheeler passed by the bus at the exact moment the bus-jacker stumbled off of the bus. So, instead of being ground to bits via bus tire, he was splattered all over an eighteen-wheeler's splattered.

Once again, women screamed and men tried to shield them. Except for three. (Visible people, that is. Ryuuk, Ayame and Jaquelyn didn't count.) Light Yagami checked his watch.

"9:38," he mused, "I wrote 9:43. It would appear that the real Kira is on the bus after all. I can only hope that I managed to derail his or her plans as effectively as he or she managed to derail my own."

Raye Penbar once again tried to assess the likelihood that this youth in front of him was Kira, realized exactly how messed up this bus ride had been and just gave up. He was going to leave the percentages to the lab people.

A man with black hair and glasses sighed. "Well, at least I managed to find the human who rewrote the rules. It's too bad that he managed to derail the complete purpose of that man. I'm still under just as much suspicion as before. Though, really, what are the chances? Both humans with Death Notes getting on the same bus without planning it out, or even having met each other."

The man narrowed his eyes as he stared at the auburn-haired youth who seemed to have a talent for creating chaos without ever being aware until afterwards exactly what he was doing. "Tsuki Yagami, eh?" His eyes flashed red for a moment before settling back to their normal brown. "Game on, Tsuki Yagami. Let's see who is better at avoiding suspicion. Kira? Or the writer with a Death Note?"

The black-haired man chuckled softly. "And if you lose, Yagami-kun...well...sakujo."

Yes, I did have several words of French and German in here. I know neither language and will say this: Google Translator is my friend. C8 So...the foreign words, in order of usage.

imbecile. Understand? (J)

wrong. Of course! a catastrophe! Hell in a handbasket! We're screwed! (A)

Poor man. (J)

Yes. innocent Death God. Be quiet! (A)

Death God. Light. (J)

No! (A)

Delete. (M)

Also, Light is written with the kanji for moon, which is pronounced tsuki. Therefore it would be reasonable to assume that a person with Shinigami eyes would think that Light's name was Tsuki, as opposed to Light.

And yes, I have set things up for a three-sided Kira war. Confusing, no? So, we have L, who wants to catch Kira, Light, who just wants to write his stories, but is getting stuck with having to catch Kira since he knows how Kira kills, and then we have the actual Kira. (I will be severely disappointed in anyone who doesn't know who the actual Kira is, after I essentially told everyone.)

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