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"I can't believe I'm actually enjoying this, but then again anything beats being shot at by terrorist organization" Alex thought. It's been two weeks since Alex was released from the hospital after his so called 'appendicitis', and he was finally starting to get used to things. Sitting next to Tom in every one of his classes helped a lot though.

Though the same can't be said for everybody else who still whispered and gave him strange looks every time he walked pass them in the halls. Most of the kids didn't believe he was always sick, and spread rumors that he was a druggie, or in gang. While most of them avoided him in response to the cold aura he emitted there were others who felt the need to taunt him, in other words just Drake and his followers.

After class Drake came up to Alex gave him a look of disgust and said "well if it isn't sickly little Alex" Alex simply looked up at him with cold eyes, but some people are just plain oblivious. "I mean, why did they let you in your gang, or maybe it's because you supply them with the drugs, what was your uncle their last supplier and now that he's gone you've taken over the family business". He's not to far off about the family business thing thought Alex. "Bug off Drake, leave Alex alone", yelled Tom standing up for Alex while making everybody next to them wince. He and Alex walked off to Alex's house leaving Drake and his cronies struggling to regain their hearing.

"You know you didn't have to do that" chuckled Alex, "if any of the teachers where nearby they would have given you detention for a week at the very least mate, it's a wonder the whole school didn't hear you". "I just get so mad; I mean you could easily take any of those blokes, and they would never bother you again" Huffed Tom. "That's the problem I want to be as normal as possible, if I take out a whole group of kids it won't be considered very normal, and it would probably ruin my whole 'I'm always getting sick and that's why I never come to school' excuse." "Of course, that's because everybody believes that you're a sickly child, who just about a year ago was the best football player in the entire school," said Tom sarcastically. "People don't actually have believe it, I just need there to be no evidence that I'm not always sick, so the teachers can't confront me about it" explained Alex.

When they stepped inside the house they were confronted with a hysteric Jack "Alex I thought SCORPIA had attacked you again, or MI6 took you away for another mission without you telling me, what took you so long" she stuttered. "Jack relax, take two deep breaths nothing happened, SCORPIA didn't attack, I'm not going on any missions". Yet he thought wryly. "Well excuse me for worrying, I mean your only fourteen and you have terrorist organization that won't leave you alone how can I not worry and then there's that stupid MI6, I can't believe they're in charge of protecting this country." rambled Jack.

When Tom and Alex were finally alone Tom asked, "What was that about". "Jack thinks every time I step foot out of the house, I'm liable to get my self killed" explained Alex. "Then why don't you just get a phone to tell her where you are" asked Tom. "Because Tom phones get you killed, SCORPIA could track it and kill me" said Alex. "Well excuse me or not knowing every last little thing about the spy world all mighty James Bond". "Hey, I just want my spy life and my school life to stay far apart" said Alex.

That was not to be.


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