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Jack's POV

I had better wake up Alex for school, though I do hate to wake him up he looks so peaceful when he's asleep.

Shit, the eggs are burning. Who burns eggs? It's the simplest thing to cook and I burned it, better crack open a new egg.

Wait what was I doing before this….. it's on the tip of my tongue….

Alex! He's going to be late for school!

Alex's POV

Honestly, reacting on instinct is a bit of a pain.

One moment your in a deep blissful as it can get with the fear of nightmares sleep.

The next you have somebody in a headlock.

I simply ask "Jack what are you doing"?

"Well I thought you would have appreciated it, if somebody woke you up for school" she whimpered "but I can tell that you aren't grateful that I took great measures to make sure that you aren't late."

"Jack it's Saturday" I moaned, no teen should have to get up this early when they don't have anything school or MI6 related of course the latter only pertains to me.

"Well, umm, you know the old saying the early bird gets the worm" she stuttered. "By the way when are you going to let go of me"?

'How did I not notice that' I wonder as I let her go.

Though about ten seconds after I let of her she runs out screaming "The eggs"!

Well it looks like I'll be having cereal for breakfast.

Suddenly I remember that Tom told me wanted me at the park at eight, it's a good thing Jack woke me up.

7:30 so I have half an hour to get ready and get to the park, joy. Looks like that cereal will be downgraded to granola bar.

After I finish getting ready I tell Jack I'm meeting with Tom and the and yes I will try to stay away from anything dangerous or MI6 related. I run out the door get on my bike, and hope that I get there on time.

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