One day, shortly after discovering and whilst wondering what sort of Twilight fanfiction would be fun for me to try writing, I wondered errantly what Alice must have been thinking throughout the events of New Moon. What she must have been seeing in her visions, feeling about the traumas playing out around her, how she went about finding out about her human life, etc. So, I decided to try and find out...

I started writing chapters from Alice's point of view in May of 2009, having written next to nothing before that. So please don't just shoot insults at me in your reviews, but leave me some good constructive criticism and I'll see what I can do with it. And of course, you're going to leave a review on every single chapter, aren't you? Aren't you...?

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Alice's New Moon

By Merina 2

One petal. Two petals. Three petals.

Carefully, carefully, slowly and steadily, I gently picked the velvety soft pink petals off the beautiful fresh rose held between my thumb and forefinger, one by one by one…

Four petals. Five petals. Six petals.

Just as carefully, just as steadily, I slowly let each petal fall from my fingers into the bowl of scented water held by my disgruntled sister; trailing them in a circular pattern around the rim, then beginning on a snail shape leading towards the centre…

"Hurry up, can't you, my arm's going to sleep here –"

"Shh, Rose, let me concentrate, I'm nearly done!"

Ten petals. Eleven petals. Twelve petals…

"…there!" I smiled widely, placing the last petal in the exact centre of the little crystal bowl. "Perfect!"

"Divine," Rosalie muttered sarcastically, glaring down at her bowl as though it had personally offended her. "Honestly, Alice, she's going to hate it all anyway, what's the point?"

I rolled my eyes – she just didn't get it!

"The point," I answered, chidingly, "is that we haven't had a party for seventy odd years. This should be an occasion, even for you!"

"Naturally. I can't breathe for excitement."

"Aw, Rose, come on," Emmett called reproachfully, from far across the room, where I had settled him sorting bowls filled with larger rose petals from those filled with smaller ones – he'd deliberately spilled two already, but I was being patient, today, and after all, what else was there for Emmett to be trusted with? "It's her eighteenth, isn't it? An important day in most humans' calendars!"

"And a useless day in mine," Rosalie muttered, delicately picking a strand of her own glistening silky-gold hair from the water in the glass bowl she still held and tossing it back into place.

I resisted the urge to smash the bowl I myself was carrying right over her perfect blonde head.

"Jazz? Help?"

My husband sidled over from where he'd been lighting Chinese lanterns for me in a shadowy corner of the room – hm, that wasn't good, no corner of the room should be shadowy today, of all days! – making me catch my breath once again at how utterly, devastatingly beautiful he looked in his new pressed white shirt and trousers I'd picked up for him whilst shopping for the party yesterday. His hair was less stunning; combed back neatly, too neatly, almost plastered to his head, but at least still its usual gorgeous thick honey-blonde.

He smiled gently, knowingly as he approached me, noticing my scrutiny. "What shall I do, Alice?"

I shook myself quickly, trying to stay focused.

"Right. I need the room absolutely filled with these." I gestured to the rose bowls. "Every surface you can find – just the smaller petal ones, though, not the bigger lot! I want those arranged up the steps. Don't you dare drop another, Emmett, and Rose, you help Jazz – don't forget the dining table!"

I pushed the bowl I was holding into my husband's arms and took the lanterns from him in exchange. Then, resisting the urge to take another good long peek at how incredible he still looked, I turned to head outside – I'd planned to hang the lanterns out in the porch eaves…

As I hung the lanterns outside with pink ribbon – it was so silky and pretty I was tempted to incorporate some into my own party outfit, but there just wasn't time, now – I watched through the window as Esme placed Bella's birthday cake – also pink, complete with iced sugar roses and edible strawberry ribbon! – on the snowy-white clothed table.

I grimaced a little at the sight. It all looked so beautiful, the party table, and a part of me truly wanted to try a slice of cake, too – Bella would feel so awkward eating all by herself – but I dreaded the cardboard-like taste almost as much as having to choke it back up again later. Ugh. Perhaps if I dared Emmett to, he would eat with her instead, so she wouldn't be completely alone…?

"Alice?" Jasper's voice called from inside. "Do you want any of these bowls of roses for outside?"

"Oh – yes!" I called back. "Jazz, that's a great idea, bring some out here!"

Jasper appeared in the wood-framed doorway, looking pleased with himself, and handed me the bowls. I set about arranging them carefully on the steps up to the front door, trying one pattern, then another, and darting repeatedly down the driveway to face the house from far away and survey the result.

"Walk up and down the steps, Jazz!" I called to him. Jasper walked mechanically up and down the stairs, watching my reaction. Hm. The steps certainly looked more welcoming, now, but some more bowls at the very bottom might make it look even more so…

"More," I called. "We need more rose bowls!"

I darted past my husband back into the house, grabbed a couple more bowls from Emmett's table full, and hurried back to line the bottom of the stairs with them. Their scent filled the air, warm and sweet, but not overpowering; just right. I grinned.

"That should do it."

Again, I scrutinized the house from a little distance away, Jasper following this time to stand beside me, watching my face.

"Perfect!" I cried, delightedly. "It's perfect!"

"She's going to love it," my husband's voice murmured against my ear, sounding just as pleased as I was. "It looks beautiful, darlin'. Beautiful."

My smile grew impossibly. "It does. It really does. Let's get back inside, then, sort out those other roses."

I took his hand in mine, and pulled him back down the driveway, up the steps, and indoors once more.

"How much longer?" Rosalie sighed from the corner of the room; she looked as stunning as ever in her smart new black skirt and pale pink blouse, picked again by me for the occasion. I probed the future in hope of an answer to her question, slipping in and out for a few short seconds…

The room bathed in candlelight, filled with the scent of roses, the doorbell's ring sounding through it…the clock on the table beside the piano…

"Five minutes!" I half-squealed, my heart leaping. I couldn't wait! "Where are those leftover roses, Emmett? Chuck them to me, won't you!"

He did, grinning widely as they soared miles above my head – I had to jump to catch them.

"Thanks, Emmett."

"Anytime, little sis."

I rolled my eyes whilst he laughed his loud, booming laugh, spreading the roses across the party table in a semi-circular pattern around the cake, like a fan.

"Where's Carlisle?" I questioned over my shoulder, realizing I hadn't seen him for ages.

"Right here, Alice, don't you worry," Carlisle's voice came from the stairs. He joined me at the table a quarter of a second later, Esme smiling by his side – she was a wearing a pink chiffon top with a skirt similar to Rosalie's. Both of them added a small silver package to the growing pile that was collecting next to the cake.

"From Esme and me," Carlisle explained.

"Everything looks great, Alice," Esme added, smiling her warm smile. I returned it, then turned to face the rest of my family.

"Emmett – quick, you stand with Rose by the piano! Jazz, come here to me, we'll be left of the table! Carlisle and Esme, you stay where you are – mind your blouse doesn't catch on the cake, Esme! Hurry, Emmett!"

Emmett snapped a mock salute and darted over to Rosalie's side, looking almost as excited as I felt. Jasper walked swiftly, calmly towards me and took his stance by my side, hand round mine – looking amused.

"Now," I explained, still business like – well, this was very important. "When she comes in, we all shout happy birthday, ok?"

"Oh blast, is that really necessary, Alice?" Rosalie groaned, burying her face – carefully, so as not to dislodge any of her carefully arranged blonde locks – in one pale hand.

"Yes," I said, firmly. "This is absolutely necessary. It's what you always do, I've read about it, Rose. We all have to say it. You included."

Rosalie half-sighed, half-snarled quietly under her breath in frustration – and for a moment, I felt a twinge of regret for being so insistent with her…but I pushed it away quickly. This was Bella's special day. Everything had to be done the proper way, the normal way, the human way. Rosalie wasn't going to get out of this.

And honestly, all I'd asked her to do was hold a few crystal bowls of water and fetch a few candles –

"- oh no!" I burst out in utter horror, clapping both hands over my mouth, "The candles! I completely forgot! How could I?"

I rushed to the sideboard and tore open the top cupboard, grabbing the matches.

"Jazz, help me, please!"

Jasper was at my side instantly, hand outstretched for the matches – quickly, and with Esme, Emmett, and Carlisle's help, we hurried around the room lighting every one of the – pink, of course – candles I'd decorated every surface with earlier.

Only when we were completely finished, and everyone back in their proper places again, did I breathe huge sigh of relief.

"Phew," I sighed, running my hands over my head to check I hadn't dislodged any hair in my tearing rush. "Ok. Everything's ready, then. Panic over."

I leant back against Jasper's chest, his waiting arms rubbing my shoulders soothingly, while Emmett sniggered and Rosalie fought back a snort, turning it into an unconvincing cough. Esme was smiling affectionately over at me, Carlisle hiding his own laughter in his wife's caramel-coloured curls.

Jasper was smiling fondly down at me from behind, like I had just performed a thoroughly amusing act.

"What?" I demanded of everyone, annoyed.

"Nothing," Jasper smiled, stroking a stray strand of black hair I'd missed back behind my ear, his fingers lingering at my cheek. "Nothing, Alice."

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