It was a find day in Marzipan City. And there was a chocolate festivel going on down the street from Mung Daal catering service.
So chowder,Mung daal,Shnitzel,and Truffles went down to check it out since Chowder kept begging all morning while looking out the window and drooling all over the window,floor and himself making Shnitzel angry cause he's the one who has to clean it up.

"Radda radda radda"
All he kept saying the whole time under his breath(Stupid asshole why don't they just take the dumb fuck to the freaking festivel it's slow here anyway!).

So they set off after Mung Daal heard Shnitzel and got tired of hearing it so many freaking times. Not to long afterward did they split up.
Truffles went to see the chocolate grubblegum, Mung Daal went to give advice to bakers on how to make the perfect chocolate funnal cake, Shnitzel went back to work (he was getting really bored and well he'd have the whole place to myself) and chowder was lead to the chocolate cake stand were Panini was plotting a secret plan to drug chowder so he would be high enough and had no idea what he was doing.

"That sexy fat basterd will be MINE!" She whispered to herself in an evil voice.
Chowder walked up to the stand and Panini jumped up on her feet.

"Hi chowder" she softly with hearts in her eyes said "I'm not you boyfriend" Chowder shouted back at her.
"I know that silly I was just saying how you doing?" she said in question "Um... I'm ok" Chowder replied while slowly backing away from the stand.
"No chowder don't leave! I made you this cake see!" Panini lift a big chocolate cake with sweet sugary filled chocolate icing.

Chowder couldn't resist himself after staring at it for 5 whole miserable seconds of not touching the most beautiful cake he has seen all day!

"OKAY Thank"! He yelled fastly and then he took off with the cake.

While running he gathered up Mung Daal who was in a fight with the baker and Truffles who bought all the chocolate gum balls that weren't sold already and headed back to Mungs Catering service.

"Mung Daal look what I got,and for freeee!" Chowder yelled with huge eyes and a glowing smile showing the cake panini gave him as they walked in to the kitchen.
"Looks good chowder where did you get it?" "Someone gave it to me; Can we eat it now please!?" Chowder pleaded on his knees "Yea sure why not get the forks and plates"Mung said siting down

As Chowder was getting the forks and plates Panini was outside the window listening on them

"HAHAHAHAHAHA That sexy beast has no idea that I put reffer in the cake soon he won't be sober and I will trick him into being my forever boyfriend all I have to do is get him to say it into this tapeing recorder and he will be mine all mine!"

She watched through the window eger to see what was going to happed next.