The Vampire Mermaids – Alice gets surprised


Once we had all 'woken up' at 2 o'clock in the morning, we were gathering in the hall outside our room and prepping for departure. We could have stayed a little longer but no, it just HAD to be sunny. If we didn't catch this flight we'd be stuck in the hotel until nightfall. Stupid sun!

We were taking the elevator down from our 18th story rooms while Emmett was humming, quite loudly, a bad version of elevator music. That lasted all of 3 floors before we all got severely annoyed. Jasper looked like he wanted to rip Emmett's head off because of the accumulating emotions. Rose whacked Emmett so hard I'm sure half the building heard it.

"WHAT?" he cried.

We all looked at him like it should be obvious but he apparently didn't get it.

Hours and hours later, after having boarded the plane and flown back to Forks, we were driving back in our cars that had luckily not been stolen at the airport. We had been hanging around the house for a few hours, Esme in the bedroom and Carlisle in the library, when the guys said they wanted to show us something in the forest. Having brains, we knew something was up, but we let them have their fun. I mean, we did scare them half to death or whatever it is we vampires have happen.

Alice knew what was going to happen and informed us so that we could be prepared for their little trick. Rosalie was only told once she promised not to stop it, which she did, grudgingly. I think Edward knew because they were probably thinking about it as we walked, but he didn't seem to notice or care. He was a too happy to push me in a river. Rude much? This was a perfect prank for Ali and Rose because they actually cared about what they were wearing. I on the other hand, just didn't want to get wet. If I got wet then Alice would have to redo my makeup and hair, which means Barbie Bella for hours. Yippee! So it was pretty much a win-win-win for the guys.

Once we had all jumped the river behind our mansion to get to the main forest area, the guys stopped. Then, at vampire speed, so fast we wouldn't have known without help from the in-house psychic, they spun around and swiftly pushed us all into the river. Then, I, along with the other two girls, hit the water and fell into its depths, soaking my clothes and hair. The river's pretty shallow, only 5 or 6 feet, so we all used vampire speed to hit bottom and push up, making the time elapse about 6 seconds. The time would have been shorter, but something weird felt like it was happening to my legs in the water and the same for the others. We landed, still soaking wet, to face the guys. They started yammering on, spouting out apologies and explanations left and right. This went on for 3 seconds, then we all were about to charge them when we did something I haven't done since my human days.

We fell, flat on our faces. Alice fell. Rosalie fell. I fell. All at the exact same time.

We turned around to see what could possibly trip a vampire and gasped.

"What the hell?" Rosalie screamed.

"How in the world?" I asked.

"Why didn't I see this?"Alice yelled.

The guys, who had been turned in the other direction to escape our fury, righted themselves to our direction. Edward, who had seen the fall and our... ehem… hind-quarters in Ali and Rose's heads, was calling Carlisle while he rushed over to me. The other guys looked like they might faint; though I'm pretty sure they couldn't when they saw the scene displayed in front of them: both of their wives, splayed out on the ground lacking legs with a tail as replacement.

Yeah, I said tails. As in brownish orange fish tails complete with scales and a fin at the end. We didn't have shirts on anymore, nope. We had scaly bikini-ish tops the same color as our tails. That's going to take a while to get used to.

Emmett and Jasper where recovering their shock and rushed to their wives, assuming the same position as Edward.

"Yes, Carlisle," Edward was saying, "Uh-huh…. You wouldn't believe it if I told you… Yeah, hurry."

No sooner had Edward said that had Carlisle and Esme running top speed towards us. They arrived a few seconds later, Carlisle carrying what looked to be Alice's battery-operated hair dryer. Okay, weird.

While Carlisle and Esme were staggering for words, Edward said, "Give it here." He proceeded to dry me off then handed it to Emmett and Jasper so they could do the same for Rosalie and Alice. In no time, we had lost the tails and regained our clothes. I glanced at myself, seeing if I really had legs again, never thought I'd say that, I did. I wearily stood up, Alice and Rosalie mimicking my actions, and didn't fall over.

"Nice call, Alice." Edward said.

"Yeah thanks." I told her. She shrugged, thanking us.

Emmett interrupted the semi-awkward silence forming. "Now that that's all cleared up, WHY DOES MY WIFE HAVE A TAIL?!"

We all looked at Carlisle instinctively, though I don't know why he'd know, not like he's the one with the tail or the weird water thing. The water thing… cave pool… moon overhead…

Alice interrupted my thoughts, "I think I know." She said meekly.

We were all waiting for a continuation, and stared at her. "Well, ya see, when we turned off our phones it wasn't exactly because we didn't want to call you, it's cause we didn't want them to get wet." Our focus encouraged her and she continued. "And when we exploring it wasn't all on main land."

Recognition dawned on Rosalie and me, knowing what she was talking about. Edward understood because of Rosalie and Alice, but he didn't say anything.

Alice explained, "We were really board, even once we started exploring the coat of Australia, so I suggested we go to this island I'd seen in a vision. It was very exotic looking and interesting. Well, when we were swimming there, looking at some of the corral, when I saw this easy-to-miss cave entrance. We all swam in and sat on the area surrounding the small pool. The walls of the cave came together to form a volcano-ish opening at the top, showing you the stars. We were laughing, when Bella backed up too far, falling in backwards and pulling us in with her. Once we stopped laughing, I told them that the moon, which was full, would be passing over the opening. We all looked up and became entranced." she paused checking that the same thing happened to both of us; we nodded "The water was bubbling and glowing while little water molecules were frozen mid-air. After the moon passed we went back to normal and left. The end." She smiled a little having told them about our adventures and leaned back into Jasper.

"Well that explains the smell." Jasper muttered.

"What smell?" Rosalie asked, offended.

"You guys smell like salt water and seashells on top of your normal scents. It's like standing next to the ocean."

The other guys, even Carlisle and Esme nodded.

"Where you guys planning on telling us anytime soon?" I asked, annoyed that they'd keep something from us.

"We thought it would go away after a day or two, like the wolf smell." Edward said.

"You're comparing us to wolves?!" Rosalie shouted, agitated.

Emmett fielded this one, "No, no, no, not at all. Like Jazz said, oceany, not like the mutts." Rose 'hmph'ed but made no further comments.

"How about we continue this discussion inside?" Carlisle suggested. "So that no one," he glanced pointedly at me, Rose, and Alice, "ends up wet."

The three of us trooped back to the house with frustrated and annoyed looks on our faces muttering "their fault we got wet," "it's not like we'd jump into the river," "to a dog!" We met up at the dining table, where we have our family meetings. It was also well away from any faucets or water-sources.

We sorta just stared at each other. Well us three stared, our mates just sat there, and Carlisle looked at us in fascination from his spot at the head, next to Esme.
"Alice, got anything?" Rosalie asked. Alice, who I hadn't realized wasn't actually staring, came back to the present.

"Yep, definitely." Alice said confidently. We had no idea what she was talking about, seeing our confused expressions, she said, "It was definitely the moon pool at Mako."

"You went THERE?" Edward questioned, astonished.

"Yeah, so?" I asked.

"That's the place hardly anyone goes, it's said to be infested with sharks, and it freaks a lot of people out." He answered.

"I wonder why…" Emmett said sarcastically.

Carlisle cleared his throat, gaining our attention from the conversation we were having. "If my theory is correct," he said, "then water is what changes you. So we'll have to see what types of water change you because we can't have you guys growing tails when a raindrop hits you."

"Right." Alice said, verifying that his theory was correct. "Carlisle, I need you to plan on doing water tests on us so that I can see the outcome."

He nodded, and focused, as if he was thinking really hard about something.

"Got it!" Alice exclaimed. "And you guys probably are not going to like it. ANY water changes us, salt, tap, fresh, and most importantly since we're in Forks, rain."