When we went into our hotel, Edward called me.

"Yeah?" I answered.

"Sam, bad news: There was a tragic accident at the staples stadium."

"What happened?"

"When they were doing Disney: On Ice, a little girl got so excited to see Cinderella that she got onto the ice rink when the skaters weren't paying attention, and she got cut by the blade."

"Its just a little cut"

"She got a 10-inch cut that was 5inches deep."

"Thats horrible."

"Yes, I know. Anyways, they're closing down the stadium for 2 weeks while they deal with the lawsuit. So you're basicly stuck in Seattle for 2 weeks with Justin. The news is already doing a national broadcast and telling fans about it."

"OK. I'll tell Justin. Bye"

"Seeya, kiddo." I hung up and told Justin.

"I dont think we can stay in this hotel for another day. Its all booked up."

"Dont worry. I have a plan."

Sorry its soo short. Better chapter next time :)