It was morning, and we were going to check out, dress out of Mandy. and go see Carly and Freddie.

We were at the front desk. "Hey. We're here to check out early." Justin said.

"OK, then. Just sign here and have a nice day." We signed for the room and got into the truck.

"OK, my rented range rover has bullet-proof glass. Take off your wig and put it in your bag." Justin said to me. "You sure they're gonna let us stay?"

"Yeah. I just gotta find out where Freddie lives."

"And you'll find that out how?" Justin said as he started driving.

"All I gotta do is go to the apartment where his mom is. Lucky for me, I still remember. Its the building right across the street from Groovy smoothie."

"OK." Justin started driving and turned on the radio; his song baby came on.

"Hey! Its baby!"

"My hit song from 2010? Please. No one likes that song anymore. Nobody even likes Ludacris."

"Thats because Beyonce let out a rumor that he smells like goat urine."

"Yeah, but still. I'm not as loved as I was in my teenage years."

"You kinda are."

"And now lets talk about Justin Bieber." The radio said to his partner. I turned it up.

"I think he's adorable. I saw him in concert yesterday opening for Mandy Algoee."

"Adorable? Hes 21 for crying out loud! He's fu-"

Justin turned off the radio. "OK! No radio. We'll just listen to Mandy." He laughed awkwardly.

At the apartment building.

"Sam Puckett?" Lewbert said.

"You still work here? Shouldn't you be retired?"

"Shouldn't you be dead?"

"Tooshay." I got up on the elevator.

"Who was that?" Justin asked me.

"The nasty old doorman who still works here."

"That wart on his face in nasty."

"OK, we're getting up. Put your hoodie on." We got up to Mrs. Benson's apartment.

"This is where Carly and Freddie lived?"

"The same." I knocked on Mrs. Benson's door. She opened it.

"Samantha Puckett! What a surprise!" She hugged me.

"Aren't you Justin Bieber?" She asked.

He groaned and took his hoodie off. "Girls, start trampeling."

"Please, come in." We came in and sat down. The place looked cleaner than it always. "Would you like something to drink? Coffee? Coke?"

"Coffee. Decaff." I said.


"I thought you were dead." Mrs. Benson said as she sat down.

"Gee, thanks. Why don't you just stab a knife in my heart?"

"I didnt mean-"

"I know. I'm just kidding." I laughed

"I should leave you two alone. I'm going shopping. You programmed the mall into the GPS, right?" Justin said.


"Well, seeya."

"Bye." Justin left.

"How'd you meet Justin?"

"Um... I met him... through work. When I first went to LA, I figured out they dont want me for my singing; and they wanted me to pay $3,000 a month to be apart of their business."

"Oh, thats too bad."

I felt guilty lieing to Mrs. B about my secret.

"Wait. Thats not the real reason you dont see me. You know Mandy Algoee?"

"Yes. She is one of Freddies favorite singers."

"Well, I have a secret that you can't tell anyone."

"What is it, dear?"

"Um.. Well, I... Am Mandy Algoee."

"Are you OK, sweetie?" She felt my forehead. I knew what I had to do.

"Open, close me. Keep your secrets with me, I can ease your pain"

"Oh my gosh, you really are Mandy!"

"Mhm. Please dont tell anyone."

"Oh, I wont. I promise."

Justin texted me.

DUUDE. They have a supra store here!

Yeah, I know. Cool, right?