Gaara jumped when he felt a hand on his naked shoulder and looked at who had disturbed him. Hinata's lavender eyes met his teal gaze.
He slowly realized he was standing in the shower, water no longer hot but lukewarm. He reached for the hot water knob and turned it higher. Gaara was highly aware of Hinata's eyes traveling over his naked form and kept his back to her til she left.

"Damnit. I fell asleep in the shower again." Gaara scrubbed viciously, taking his anger out on himself. When he went to rinse off he noticed his skin had taken on a red hue. It was then that a soft chuckle reached his ears.
"Still in the shower, then, Gaara? I thought you'd be out by now." He recognized that condescending tone as his brother's voice. Konkuro knew it bothered Gaara to linger in water.

"Brother." The Kazekage's voice betrayed nothing that was going through his mind. He shut off the water and stepped out. Konkuro was standing in the doorway with Hinata right behind him.

"Why did you send yor wife in here when you knew I was in the shower?" A reprimand was clear in his voice.
"She said that she could barely feel your chakra. I also know that something has to be wrong with you if your in the shower longer than 20 min. Besides / could barely feel your chakra, and I knew that was bad."

Gaara flicked a glance at his brother before wrapping a towel around his hips. "What do you need? I know this isn't a social call." At least Konkuro had the decency to look ashamed, Hinata, on the other hand, took a step forward. "I'm pregnant, so, congratulations your going to be an uncle." Gaara wasn't surprised. He knew it wouldn't be long the way they kept going at it.

Gaara thought about his life, wondering if he should be thinking of finding someone to live with. A soft knock at the door interupted his thoughts. When the door opened he saw his sister walk in. Temari was smiling. It wasn't a pleasent smile, it was the smile that warned him she was up to something.
"You have a date tonight." Her voice was firm. The red head knew she meant what she said, even if he hadn't agreed to any such thing.

Gaara sat at the table, watching his date eat. She wasn't too bad on the eyes. Pink hair, green eyes, nice skin and a nice figure. So what was wrong with this picture. The girl also happened to be his best friends ex-girlfriend. She had broken up with Naruto when she heard her long time crush, Sasuke Uchiha, had returned. Sasuke had taken one look at her, and run. All the way to Sunagakure, where Gaara was.

The red head raised his hand subtly requesting the check so that he could leave and kill his sister. A passing waiter slid it into his hand and then turned to Sakura, distracting her so that Gaara could pay it without her noticing.

"Sakura, I had a wonderful time. I'm sorry that I have to leave, but I just got a message saying that I'm needed." With that he walked away.

When he arrived at home he breathed a mental sigh of releif. It was short lived. When he walked into his room he found none other than Uzamaki Naruto, and he was livid.

"What the hell were you doing on a date with Sakura?" The blond yelled.

"One word. T-E-M-A-R-I. Did you honestly think I would willingly go out with her?"the red head returned.

"Heh heh." Naruto laughed and scratched his head sheepishly. "Sorry."

"It's alright. By the way did you forget that I'm gay?"