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I am really scared right now. Annabeth and I are in the middle of a forest with no idea where we are. Annabeth's hand slipped into mine so that we wouldn't get lost or separated.

"Seaweed Brain, I think that we should make shelter, gather food, and start a campfire. Though I think that we should go farther away from the arenas." She said.

"Good idea, Wise Girl" I said.

Suddenly we heard a bush rustling in front of us. I sighed in relief. It was only Thalia. She was with the other hunters.

"Percy, Annabeth is that you? What are you guys doing out here?" she asked.

"We were kidnapped away from camp. Luke, Rachael, and Calypso had kidnapped us. Luke wanted Annabeth. Rachael and Calypso wanted me." I said.

She asked what happened after we found out who our kidnappers were. We explained that I had killed Luke. Rachael and Calypso were knocked in the building over there.

She took us to their base camp. Artemis greeted us and told us that we could stay for the night. In the morning we could go back to camp.

That night at dinner Thalia asked, "So Percy, are you and Annabeth going out?"

"Yes. After Athena attacked me and saw that Annabeth would always love me, she decided to let me date her." I replied.

She gave me a questioning look.

"Long story." I said.

"Hey guys, what are you talking about?" Annabeth asked.

"I was going to explain to Thalia about the whole Athena incident." I said.

We explained everything that happened since our first date. Thalia understood. Soon we decided it was time to hit the hay. Before Annabeth and I went to our tents we kissed.

"Ew. Guys would you please get a room. I just had dinner." Thalia said.

We both blushed and went to our tents.


I woke up to a bright light. I checked the time. It was 8:00am. I got dressed. I decided that I would go wake up Seaweed Brain.

When I went to Percy's tent I saw that most of the Hunters were surrounding the tent. Apparently it had been a while since they had seen a guy. It took awhile for me to push through the crowd to get to the tent. Once I got to the entrance I saw that Thalia was standing guard.

"Thalia, why are all of these Hunters standing in front of Percy's tent?" I asked.

"I think that Aphrodite put something in the drinks this morning. I wasn't thirsty so I didn't drink anything. When I went into the food tent I saw a vial of love potion close to the milk and juice containers. The love potion is supposed to make a girl have a crush on the first guy they see. Percy actually got up early for once and went to breakfast where all of the Hunters were. Most of the girls saw him and they began chasing him everywhere. I am guarding him. He put a water barrier inside. It will only let you, me, and any of the gods inside. Artemis is working on a cure." Thalia said.

I silently cursed Aphrodite as I walked into the tent. Percy was hiding under his bed. I quietly chuckled as I thought the guy who defeated Kronos was afraid of a camp full of girls!

When I tapped his shoulder, he screamed, "Ah! Stop following me! I already have a girlfriend."

"Seaweed Brain, it's only me. Sheesh. The guy who defeated Kronos, a Titan, is hiding from a bunch of lovesick girls." I said.

I couldn't hold it in any longer. I laughed and started rolling on the floor.

"Well, how would you like it if a bunch of guys chased you around the entire camp." He said.

I stopped laughing, but I could barely breathe when I stood up. Suddenly Artemis appeared inside of the tent.

"Perseus, here is the cure for Aphrodite's potion. I shall slip it in there drinks at lunch." Artemis said.

"But it is 9:00am. That's 3 hours!" exclaimed Percy.

"I am sorry, but my Hunters won't take it unless they think it is harmless." said Artemis. She then disappeared in a flash of bright light.

"I'll be right back Seaweed Brain. I'll go get you breakfast." I said.

I went to the food tent and grabbed some plates of food. I was careful to get coffee without any potions in it.

I quickly went back to Percy's tent. I decided to have breakfast with him to keep him company until lunch.

When I went into the tent a lot of girls tried to go in, but Thalia pushed them away. I set a plate of food and cup of coffee in front of him. He began to inhale his food so fast that it was gone in about 5 minutes. I was half way done when he was completely done. Invincibility must really make him hungry and tired.

He began to stare at my bacon. I sighed and just gave it to him. He gave me a grateful look and started to eat again. After breakfast I collected the plates and carried them to the food tent. I had to fight my way back to Percy's tent. They thought that if they got rid of me they could have a chance with Seaweed Brain. I just stayed inside Percy's tent until lunch.

We talked awhile about what happened after we got separated in the arena. Soon the lunch bell was ringing. We went to the dining tent, but we got a private table away from the rabid Hunters until they took the cure. I saw the antidote work.

After lunch we grabbed the stuff we had and Artemis teleported us to Camp Half Blood. Chiron came toward us.

"Percy, Annabeth what happened to you two?" he asked.

We began to explain what had happened to us beginning where we were kidnapped by Luke, Rachael, and Calypso. When we were done we went to our cabins to freshen up. My brothers and sisters swarmed me when I stepped into the cabin. They kept asking me what happened to me. I told them and they left me alone.

After I freshened up I decided to go meet Percy at his cabin. When I stepped out of my cabin, a swarm of guys came up to me and kept trying to ask out. I looked over to Percy's cabin. He was outside his cabin, but a bunch of girls had swarmed him, again.

We then did the only thing we could do. We both ran. We caught up with each other and ran together. Fan boys and girls were chasing us all around the camp. We ran to the Big House. Chiron had seen what happened and asked all of the fan boys and girls to leave us alone. I heard them groan and go do their activities.

We decided to go to the lake. It was nice and peaceful. Though this time before we went to the lake we checked to make sure no kidnappers were around. When we sat down by the lake, we looked at each other. I was lost when I saw his sea green eyes. We then leaned in toward each other and kissed. It was really passionate.

We heard wolf-whistles and people clearing their throats. We looked up and saw the entire camp and the gods staring at us. We just laughed and jumped into the lake for privacy.

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