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Fall of a leaf; Black fire.

The Uchiha Hideout: The land of Fire.

"Gomen…Sasuke..." chuckled Uchiha Itachi, a kind smile gracing his normally emotionless features as he stood before his completely flummoxed brother, blood trailing from his lips as he tapped the younger Uchiha between the same eyes he'd threatened to pluck out, just as he used to do when they were younger "this is the last time…"

That said Uchiha Itachi, the legendary S-rank missing nin, member of the criminal organization Akatsuki, and killer of his own clan, the Patricidal Uchiha, slumped against the wall as his legs gave out, his chin resting on his younger brother's shoulder for a few seconds, before sliding off, sending him slumping to the floor on his back, eyes gazing up at the sky.

'I've done…all I could…' he reasoned, even as the blurry outline of his reduced sight faded into darkness, a fading image of Konoha rising before him, reminding him of everything he'd sacrificed for this day to come to pass '…I only pray…Sasuke doesn't…fall into his-!'

He trailed off, eyes widening as, despite the fading of his senses, he caught sight of a telltale chakra signature not ten feet away, recognizing it as Zetsu, the Akatsuki spy and Madara's devout informant, who had apparently been watching the interchange from a safe distance. 'No-!' Itachi growled, as Sasuke collapsed next to him, drained from their battle, the elder Uchiha's entire being roiling as he realized exactly what the plant man would do as he walked up to them for a closer look 'Not my brother…not again-!'

Struggling to move, his limbs feeling like they were being weighed down with lead the entire time, Itachi turned his head to glare at the plant man, willing what little remained of his chakra into his eyes, blood dripping from them like tears as he lashed out with numbing fingers, latching onto Zetsu's ankle with the savagery of his namesake, even as the plant man began to shift into the soil.

Zetsu, caught completely off guard at the unexpected movement, having fully brushed Itachi off as a meal for later, could only gaped at Itachi in alarm as he unwittingly dragged the man into the earth with him. He opened his mouth to curse, or initiate some retaliatory jutsu, only to receive a face full of Amaterasu, the black flames cutting off his screams as they forced their way inside his throat, the smell of roasting plant and flesh filling the air, even as Itachi convulsed, feeling a peculiar sensation of something snapping inside his body.

'That's it…' the Uchiha deduced, his fingers slipping from the screaming nin's body, a mocking smile on his face as he slipped deeper into the ground with him 'At least this takes care of the burial…'

He didn't even notice the surge of chakra emanating from Zetsu as the plant man desperately tried to teleport to Madara's side, for if anyone could fend off the Amaterasu it'd be the one true master of the Mangekyou, as he was already slipping into the blackness.

The woods: outside the Hideout.

"Well now…" Uchiha Madara, in the guise of Tobi of Akatsuki noted, tilting his masked face towards the west as he listened to the sound of dieing thunder, one hand raised to shield his eyes in mock confusion "Wonder what's going on over-?!"

"MADARA-SAMA!" a pair of dual, high pitched screams called out, the true master of Akatsuki snapping round to gape as Zetsu, covered in black flames and clearly panicked, stumbled out of the tree branch he was standing on like something clawing it's way out of hell "HELP ME!"

"WHAT THE HELL?!" came a curse from the Inuzuka below, the feral teen falling off his canine in horror as he pointed at the monstrosity that has appeared before the equally startled Sasuke retrieval team "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!"

"Zetsu…" Madara muttered, forgoing the 'san', as there was a time and place for keeping up appearances, and it wasn't when his subordinates were being fried alive. Nonetheless he backed up, not wanting to be caught by the flames as he looked said subordinate over in alarm "What the hell hap-!"

He swore as the feeling of spatial displacement washed over him, whipping his head round just in time to fire off a parting glare at Hatake Kakashi, as the transplant-Sharingan wielder used his own version of the Mangekyou ability, Kamui, in a bid to put an end to them all. 'Sorry, Zetsu.' the eternal Uchiha muttered, warping away with his own space-time ninjutsu before he was trapped in the dimensional riff, watching with trepidation as the screaming plant man was sucked in, along with what appeared to be the corpse of Itachi, which he'd only noticed because he was looking down at the scene from a higher perch.

'Well…that answers two questions.' The true leader of Akatsuki reasoned, honestly impressed with Itachi's dedication to his ideals, not many could pull off a last ditch attack from the grave after all, before turning on his heel and racing off to the hide-out before the Hyuuga or Aburame could get a lock on his chakra.

'Now I'm not bound by that pledge to leave Konoha alone…' he smirked, recalling the terms of Itachi's allegiance to Akatsuki 'Though the irony of turning Sasuke on it is simply to good to pass up.'

"Kaka-sensei…" Naruto muttered, looking over at the panting jounin with a concerned expression, as the last time Kakashi had used Kamui it had wiped him out "You okay?"

"I'm fine…" Kakashi assured him mid-pant, his sharingan reverting to normal as he covered his face with one hand to suppress the migraine that using Kamui always imparted him with "Hinata…did I get them?"

"I detected three chakra signatures in the field of your jutsu." The shy Hyuuga heiress reported diligently "H-however, at the last second that masked one m-managed to teleport away."

"Wait…three?" Naruto stammered, looking over at the girl in confusion, causing her to blush and hide behind the annoyed form of her teammate, Shino "But I only saw him and that barbecued plant thing!"

"The third one was injured…" Kiba opined, leaping up to the branch with Akamaru and giving the bark a sniff, lifting his hand up to reveal blood that had soaked into the bark "Badly at that…" he added, only to frown suddenly "Weird…the third guy smells like Sasuke…sort of."

'Itachi?' the members of team Kakashi, old and new alike, wondered at the same time, shooting each others looks of unease as Kakashi looked to the west, wondering what the masked sharingan wielder had been looking at so intently before.

"Let's move out." The jounin ordered, sounding less winded with each breath "Kiba, Hinata, Shino, used your widest range and scout ahead." Team eight nodded and went to work immediately "The rest of us will follow suit, keep close."

"Kaka-sensei…" Naruto called out, pausing the team in their bid to move out as he looked up at the jounin with unusual calm "That jutsu of yours…are you sure you don't know where Itachi…?"

Kakashi, realizing where the line of conversation was going, shook his head with a sigh "Sorry," he offered, looking at his charge with pity "But even I don't know where the dimensional space disappears to."

Naruto flinched, seeing their one chance to bait Sasuke back to Konoha go up in flames, internally wondering if he'd ever figure out what the elder Uchiha had meant when he'd 'bequeathed' him with some of his own power, but put it out of his head for now.

Right now he had bigger fish to fry, like catching up to Sasuke before that masked freak.

Main Street: Juuban District.

"How much are you planning to eat Odango-Atama?!" Hino Rei snarled, glaring death at her best friend/bottomless pit on legs as said blonde continued to put away sweet after sweet with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

"But it's a food fair Rei!" Tsukino Usagi insisted, stuffing another helping of rich, chocolate cake into her mouth with gusto, little crumbs decorating the edges of her mouth as she spoke "C'mon, loosen up a little!"

"I get any looser and you'll eat up MY allowance too!" the fiery tempered priestess snapped, slapping the blonde upside her pigtailed head with a novelty harisen she'd bought early on into the festivities, a wise purchase indeed as it turned out "You've already spent your bus fare along with everything else! Don't expect ME to lend you any for the trip back!"

"Rei-chan, your blood pressure…" Ami opined weakly, whilst Minako and Makoto sighed dramatically, looks of long suffering good humor on their faces. After all, a day without Usagi driving Rei to her wits end would most likely be very boring indeed, and at least Rei wasn't throwing O-fuda around like last time.

"It's Odango-Atama's GLUCOSE intake that should be bothering you!" Rei challenged the bluenette with a huff, shaking her head in disbelief, her long hair moving counter to the motion "Seriously, with the amount she eats I'm surprised she doesn't burst out of her senshi uniform the next time we have to fight!"

"YOUMA!" a high pitched scream cried out, the crowd turning in shock as a horde of panicked clients stampeded out of a nearby ice-cream salon, from which more screams and the sounds of wanton destruction could be heard "THERE'S A YOUMA! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

"Speak of the devil…" Minako giggled, shooting a stunned Rei a wry smirk as the priestess gaped at the sacked salon in shock "you that desperate to see Usagi bust outta her suit? Sure there's something you're not telling us Rei-chan?"

"U-Urusei!" Rei snapped, looking flushed at the very idea, before whipping out her Henshin rod and moving behind an abandoned stall to transform "C'mon! Let's just get this over with!" she glared as Usagi was the last to respond "DROP THE CAKE NOW!"

"You don't need to yell…" Usagi wept, letting her friend drag her behind the stall like a beanbag "It was only a small mousse…"

"IT BURNS!" Zetsu screamed, thrashing around like a maniac, knocking tables, chairs and display cases over, eliciting screams as the black fire that was eating him alive spread to whatever he touched. The Akatsuki nin didn't know where in the hell he was, hell he couldn't tell up from down at that moment, as his eyes had been boiled dry by the heat of the flames. All that existed for him now was the searing heat and the seemingly endless pain, for even if the summoner died, Amaterasu would not fade until his opponent had been completely consumed "BUURRNS!"

"Hold it right there!" A loud, irritating voice called out, drawing the half-burned plant-man's attention in the general direction of the doorway, where five familiar, to the locals anyway, silhouettes could be made out from the glare of the sun behind them.

"Vile enemy of all that lives!" Sailor Moon called out, posing dramatically as she pointed at the fore "How dare you threaten these people in their pursuit of sweet…creamy…chocolaty…"

"GET A GRIP MOON BRAIN!" Mars snapped, producing a harisen and clouting her drooling leader over the head with it, earning sweat drops from the onlookers, as there was always a few hanging back and snapping shots of them, usually hoping for an up skirt shot or three to lighten up the local gossip rags, "In the name of Mars!"




"And the Moon!" their leader added, snapping back into focus rather quickly as she pulled off her traditional opening pose "We will punish you-!"

"BUUUUURNS!" Zetsu roared, barreling towards the insufferable noise desperately, too wracked with pain to think further beyond his need to extinguish the flames, and hoping like hell that whoever was speaking new suiting ninjutsu "BURNING! FIRE! BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" Moon screamed, leaping out of the way as their fiery opponent blazed past, smashing into tables and display cases as he lashed out at anything that moved, her eyes widening as a patch of black fire landed right in front of her "HOT!"

"SHABON SPRAY!" Mercury called out, sending a blast of freezing called mist towards their foe, only to blink as it dissipated upon contract, though the monster paused mid-rampage.

"Water..." Zetsu muttered, his deep gravelly tone lined with madness and agony as he turned to face the source of the apparent Suiton jutsu in desperation "MORE WATER!"

"Mercury!" Jupiter yelled, realizing the danger as the monster lunged towards the startled Bluenette like a man possessed "SPARKING WIDE PREASSURE!"

Zetsu's screams increased as the blast of electrical energy ripped through his body, only adding to his suffering as he stumbled past the startled Mercury, only to curse as a 'Love Me Chain' wrapped around his feet, sending him face first over the counter, burying him up to his waist in frozen cream, which promptly began to melt from the heat.

"Now Sailor Moon!" Venus cried out, pointing at the struggling fiend for emphasis, only to blink as her leader rushed past, with her pigtails trailing smoke, as apparently she'd gotten too close to the black flames than was wise "Sailor Moon!"

"AH!" The blonde wailed, only to blink as a rose came out of nowhere and severed the smoking ends of her pigtails, embedding itself in the wall as she turned to face her savior as he stood on a tabletop "Tuxedo Kamen!"

"The enemy is vulnerable Sailor Moon!" the tuxedo wearing 'guardian of the senshi' proclaimed, stating the obvious after doing next to nothing, as usual "Finish him!"

"Hai!" the blonde cheered, whipping out her moon scepter for the finishing blow "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

The sole consolation Zetsu had, as he dissolved under the force of the attack, was that at the very least he couldn't feel the heat anymore. Well, that and the fact he'd passed out face first in a tub of Gummy Worms, which was always a plus.

"Moon Dusted!" Moon Cheered, doing a victory pose, only to slip in someone's spilt sundae and crash butt first into the floor "OWIE!"

'Our Fearless Leader ladies and gents…' Mars muttered with a sigh, shaking her head as the blonde broke out into tears of pain 'Seriously, she'd fall over her own two feet under water if she could!'

"Aww…all the ice-creams melted!" Venus exclaimed, looking around in dismay at the liquidized vats that were slowly mingling with one another, pressing a finger to her lip as she pouted cutely "I wanted a snow cone when this was over…"

"God save me from blondes and their stomachs." Mars muttered, though it was without any venom, as she knew quite rightly that Minako, and Usagi to an extent, were anything but stereotypical 'Dumb blondes'.

Yes they were boy crazy, hyperactive troublemakers, but then so were the rest of them, with the exception of Ami, who's only vice was that she was too shy for her own good.

Minako, after all, had been battling the Dark Kingdom far longer than any of them as Sailor V, and had been doing a damn fine job of it too. Hell even Usagi, a klutz and class-A ditz through and through, had her moments of brilliance, usually in the heat of battle, and when the chips were down there's no-one Rei would've preferred to have in a firefight, though you couldn't have gotten her to admit to that even under penalty of death.

"Omigosh!" Mercury gasped, drawing their attention to the bluenette as she gaped at something on the floor, her hands covering her mouth in horror "Moon!" she cried out, voice trembling with shock "Come quickly!"

"What's wrong Mercury?" Venus queried, sidling up to the usually shy bluenette in confusion, only to pale as she followed her gaze to the prone form on the floor "Oh My God!"

'Was that English?' Mars wondered idly, sidling up to the duo alongside an equally surprised Jupiter 'That's right…she was in Britain as Sailor V.' she recalled, shaking her head in disbelief at how well traveled her fellow senshi was 'I wonder what it's like over…'

She trailed off, her eyes going wide as she stared down at the figure lying prone before her. He was lying face down, so she couldn't make out his features, but it was apparent from his battered, bleeding figure that he'd been caught up in the monsters attack. His clothes, which seemed to consist of a black T-shirt, trousers and sandals, were in tatters, and there were obvious signs of multiple cuts and stab wounds about his person, the smell of blood rising from him as he bled out on the floor.

"M-Moon…" She stammered, voice trembling, fighting down the urge to retch as the smell of his blood washed over her, only to snap out of it and spin on her heel "MOON!" she yelled, surprising even herself at the volume "GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE NOW!"

"Coming!" the leader of the Senshi yelled, racing over with a look of shock on her face, as she'd never have expected her friend to swear, being a priestess was probably a major factor, only to pull up short at the sight before her "Oh Kami-sama…!"

"This is bad!" Mercury gasped, crouching next to the man and whipping out her trusty mercury computer, running his body through a full scan in a matter of seconds "His heart's stopped and he's not breathing!" she paled as she pulled her hand away from his back to find it covered in blood "Oh my-!"

"O-on it!" Moon yelped, whipping out her scepter again and waving it over the man's prone form desperately "MOON HEALING ESCALATION!"

The healing power of the spell, powered by the sacred energy of the Ginzuishou, washed over the man, the cuts on his skin healing up at an accelerated pace, though it did little to affect his clothes, which considering the damage done to them shouldn't have been a surprise, nor did it remove the dried blood trails that had been rubbed into his skin.

However, despite that, as the lights faded around him it was to reveal an uninjured, but nonetheless unconscious man, the spreading stain of blood that had been pooling beneath him having receded back into his body.

"Thank Kami…" Mercury exclaimed, breathing a sigh of relief as her computer detected the telltale signs of the man's heart starting up again, a quick check revealing his breath was unrestricted too "I thought he was a goner for a minute there."

"Yeah…" Moon agreed, shivering slightly at the near thing. While she and the senshi were no strangers to being knocked about, they at least had the benefit of their Senshi armor to protect them from serious harm. It was surprising really, the amount of damage the deceptively thin outfits could take, Makoto had once been thrown into a tree and she hadn't a bruise to show for it, though her back had been stiff as hell for a few days.

"Hey, what's he look like?" Venus enquired, smiling cheekily as Mars shot her an incredulous glare "What? Can't blame me for being curious can you?"

"You're incorrigible." Mars muttered, though it was with a good-natured smirk as she shook her head at the blonde, after all, what was the harm in looking? She herself liked to let her eyes wander, though she never really acted on them as the only man she considered dating material, Chiba Mamoru, was spoken for already.

The senshi promptly snapped out of their respective thoughts as another series of gasps from Mercury, who'd been rolling the man onto his back to help him breath easier with the aid of an equally stunned Jupiter, drew their attention downwards again, their eyes bulging out of their skulls at the sight of the man's face.

"Holy cow he's HOT!" Venus squealed, little hearts in her eyes as she gazed down at the face of their bishounen patient, literally drolling at the mouth "I mean REALLY hot!"

"He looks hotter than my old sempai!" Jupiter insisted, which in its self drew looks of shock from the rest of the senshi, as up till now no man they'd met had surpassed this so called 'Sempai' in anything.

"Mamo-chan's better." Usagi insisted, pouting slightly as she crossed her arms, though it was with decidedly less certainty than normal, as she was having a hard time tearing her eyes from that cultured, almost mask-like face. Even the weird wrinkles on his face seemed to only highlight the man's looks further.

"What are you blind?!" Mars stammered, looking at the pouting blonde in disbelief. She'd be the first to admit that Mamoru was indeed the dreamiest guy in town, spoken for or not, but his poster boy looks actually seemed boyish in the face of the manly perfection that lay before them now.

"He looks like he might be in his late teens, early twenties at most." Mercury noted, her face bright enough to serve as Rudolph's stand in as she found herself incapable of tearing her gaze from the man's face "You think we should call a doctor?"

"Why? He's healed up isn't he?" Minako asked, looking down at the bluenette in concern at the possibility that their newfound hunk was still in danger.

"Maybe so, but he was in pretty bad shape before," Mercury reminded her "even if we healed his wounds he might have suffered shock from the experience."

"Don't think we need to worry about the hospital…" Jupiter noted, titling her head towards the door, where the sound of sirens could be heard "I think it's time to book."

"Wait!" Minako exclaimed, crouching down next to the hunk, drawing looks of confusion from the others as she patted him over "Lemme see if I can find his phone number first!"

"COME ON!" Mars growled, dragging the struggling Senshi of love off the recumbent hunk and out the door, just as the first of Tokyo's finest and the Ambulance were pulling up outside.

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