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Moonlight fell in pools upon the earth, bathing the land in a silvery blanket. The sweet lullaby of crickets warbled melodically amidst the gentle swaying of grass.

All was peaceful.

Golden light spilled from the windows of Imladris, as a young boy peered glumly out into the night.

Steely silver eyes, peering out amidst his locks of dark hair, pierced the midnight shadows. He was young, no older than ten. Weighted with sorrow, his eyes glistened with un-shed tears, swallowing as despair wrapped her melting blue fingers around his heart.

But the strangest thing about this boy was that he was not an elf, but a human – a humanboy in Imladris.

On a lonely cupboard, a single determined candle flickered in the midnight breeze. Few shadows were chased away by its sliver of light. The boy continued to gaze out at the deep blackness, searching for something, and yet nothing, at the same time.

His name was Hope, for that was what he was.

However, at that moment, he was feeling anything but hopeful. A long, drawn-out sigh escaping his lips, while he drummed his fingers on the window pane.

His brothers had told him, his father had told him; even some of the maids reminded him. Estel could almost see the scene that would come.

Tomorrow morning his life would change forever.

In the pale light of morning, trees bowing to its glory, a majestic white stallion would ride up amidst the clapping and cheering of elves. The sun would smile down upon the horse and rider, sending pools of light to greet them.

It would be magnificent, Estel was sure of that.

And atop that stallion, an elf would sit proudly – for what else can you feel but proud, when you are the Prince of Mirkwood? The Prince would have long, golden hair tumbling with the breeze, a lovely, shimmering face, and of course, perfectblue eyes. Oh yes, we mustn't forget the perfect.

Estel smiled grimly.

He was unaware of the Prince's first name, only that Elladan and Elrohir playfully referred to him as 'The Prince', or the 'little Greenleaf'.

He was also unaware of how long the Prince would stay, but he knew it would be too long. The Prince would steal his brothers, and Estel would be left all alone.

The boy rubbed his eyes as the scene in his mind continued.

Then his brothers would run up, laughing and smiling.

'Come Estel,'they would laugh. 'Come, meet the Prince! The wonderful, glorious Prince!'

And the Prince would laugh too.

But not of happiness.

He would turn up his nose and say,

'I do not wish to be associated with such! Come Elladan, come Elrohir, let us talk by ourselves.'

'Yes! Yes!'Elladan and Elrohir would chime.

And Estel would watch, as his brothers left.

Estel would watch, as his brothers were stolen from him.

Just like his father.

He sniffed, and wiped his nose with his tunic, melancholy eyes drifting shut for a moment.

Have you ever had that feeling?

The feeling, that no matter how hard you try at something, there is no possible way that it can go well?

It was that feeling that filled the heart of the boy that night - total, final, absolute discouragement.

Suddenly, there was a soft tapping at the oak door, and Estel was knocked abruptly out of his reverie.

"Come in," he called, voice cracking.

Estel adjusted his wrinkled silver tunic and jumped out of his chair. Cold feet shuffled atop the paisley carpet, white the tiny flicker of warmth from the candle offered a sliver of heat.

Looking worriedly around the room, he looked cast an anxious glance at his smoothly carved bed. A pattern of curling golden vines swirled across the crimson quilt, while pillows of blinding white sat propped up against the headboard.

Estel swallowed.

It was nearly midnight, and the bed obviously had had no one even attempt to sleep in it.

Thoughts entered his mind of who could be on the other side of the door. He just hoped it wasn't his Ada, Lord Elrond, coming to ask why in the name of Eru he was still awake.

The arching eyebrow… The crossing of the arms…The look that clearly said 'You-are-in-so-much-trouble'… Estel shivered.

It was then, that an upsetting thought occurred to the distraught young boy.

Would the Prince take his father, just like his brothers?

Would he lose him, too?

The door swiftly opened to reveal two identical faces grinning broadly.

"Oh, it's just you."

Estel slumped back into his chair with a sigh and gazed tiredly at his brothers.

"Just us?!" Elrohir cried, playing on a sense of hurt.

Raven colored hair swept down their shoulders, and each had a mischievous twinkle in his sparkling eyes. With pale complexion adorning their faces, dark, sweeping hair and royal blue tunics, the two seemed to be the life of the night. The Elvish twins filed into the room, and took seats on either side of Estel.

"What delays your slumber, brother of mine?" Elrohir asked.

"Yes Estel, what is wrong?" chimed in Elladan.

Estel shrugged, gaze directed at the floor.


"Why do I not believe you?" Elrohir gave a pointed look at Estel.

Estel sighed.

"It's nothing really."

The twins weren't convinced.

"Honestly. I'm just tired is all."

"Oh yes! How could I forget?" Elladan playfully smacked himself on the forehead. "You humans and your sleep."

Unfortunately for Elladan, Estel's thrown pillow found its mark upon his face.


With something between a mock glare and an indignant look on his face, Elladan tossed the pillow back at the boy.

Elrohir laughed and hit his brother himself with another pillow for good measure. Estel couldn't stifle a snort. What would he do without them?

"Really, Estel, you're going to have to get up earlier than that to fool us. Tell us, what is wrong?" Elrohir's face was sewn with concerned wrinkles.

"Just…just thinking…about tomorrow," Estel swallowed.

"Ah yes, the Prince!" Elladan nodded; face curling up in a grin as memories flooded his mind.

"I just wanted to ask you…I-I just wanted to ask if…" Estel sighed, and was about to continue -


Another, larger pillow fell flat upon Elrhoir's cheek. Elladan was looking up at the ceiling innocently, as if he were intent on memorizing it.

"I will get you for that!"

Elrohir lunged at Elladan and the two began to roll around on the ground and scuffle.

Feathers exploded into the air and fluttered helplessly to the ground, chairs crashed to the floor, and Estel laughed at the two figures attacking each other on the ground.

Many an elf looked to each other with knowing expressions as crashes and bangs sounded about the halls. All residents of Imladris had to agree, the twins and their brother Estel sure knew how to have a good time.

Estel's throat began to become sore from his throaty laughter. Tears of mirth flooded over those of sadness, and he looked fondly at his brothers.

He loved them so much.

Then, a long yawn forced its way from Estel, and he rubbed at his eyes, attempting to push out the sleepiness.

The yawn brought the twins out of their game, and they turned with twin smiles on their twin faces.

"Fine, we shall leave," Elrohir smiled, his eyes twinkling with mirth. "But it's off to bed with you, little human." Elrohir waggled his finger at Estel.

The twins got to their feet, and dusted themselves off, before gliding to the door.

"Goodnight little brother." They both whispered, before closing the door with a 'click'.

Once again, Estel was alone.

Terribly alone.

Giving a sigh as he looked out over his wreck of a room, he got up and began to straighten chairs, arrange cushions, dispose of some now useless pillows and flatten the rug.

The boy moved heavily, as if a great weight were dragging him down. Surveying the room with a manner of accomplishment, the tired boy rubbed his eyes.

Finally finished, Estel grunted as he resumed his spot by the window.

From a velvety black quilt, stars peered down upon the sleeping forest. A sweet, midnight breeze kissed Estel's face, and he grabbed a nearby cloak and nestled into its warmth.

Estel sighed, holding back a sob.

He once again peered out into the darkness, as if begging it to swallow up the Prince on his way. A clear, watery snake trickled down his cheek.

And as the seconds ticked…ticked…ticked on, bringing the boy ever closer to the morning, there was one thing Estel was sure of.

In the morning, he would meet the one who would change his life forever.

And for the very first time that evening, Estel was right.

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