This is just a really short little crossover set several years after the war. This is set with the Resident Evil games, not movies.

I don't own Resident evil or Harry Potter.

Hermione chewed her lip in frustration and sighed, leaning back. She'd been working on this for a while but the thing still wouldn't play anything. She really wanted to finish this before Arthur's birthday. She wanted to get him something that he would really like.

She'd come up with the idea of seeing if she could get a radio to work even with all the magic around his home. After all the man was obsessed with muggle things, perhaps she could show him some muggle technology.

Glancing to the side, the date caught her attention. It was the five year anniversary today. She and Ron hadn't talked about it. The wizarding world had already celebrated their five year anniversary of Voldemort's death. Now, a week later, she was caught by another anniversary. One that did not put her in the mood for celebration.

Not for the first time she wondered if he was alive and if he was where he was, what he was doing as she muttered the spell again and motioned her wand towards the radio. For one full minute, nothing happened and she was about to try something else.

"You have got to be kidding me." Hermione stopped her movement at the sound of the voice coming from the radio.

"How many?" Another voice asked.

"We need to find Claire and get out of here." Hermione stared at the radio with wide eyes.

"Where the hell is she?" The second voice, Hermione did not recognize and the accent was obviously American. It was the first voice that had her staring in shock. Although the accent was just a bit fainter, like he'd spent the last five years in another country, the voice was unmistakable.

"How did this place get so infested?" The voice of her once best friend asked. "Remind me to shoot you later for convincing me to join S.T.A.R.S. and getting me involved in this mess." She heard the second man chuckle at this.

" I believe you've said that before."

"Yeah, well, I mean it this time. I'm almost at the end of the line, Chris. You got anything?"

"Nothing," she heard him sigh. "Alright, meet me back at the lab and we'll make a sweep of upper floors."

"Gotcha." There was a pause. "You do know we're going to find her, right?" She heard the second man sigh again.

"Yeah, I know." After that, there was nothing but static but Hermione remained in her seat, staring at the radio for several minutes. That had to of been her imagination. He had been gone for five years. Still, she couldn't bring herself to try the spell to fix the radio again…

When Ron came home with the baby, she had placed it on the mantle. She knew it was stupid, that it had to of been her imagination, she just couldn't bring herself to get rid of it.