A/N: This is super duper sort and slightly OOC but...I love these two. Ep 17 inspired me. I love Elliot's voice. And Reo's. Wah, so adorable. They are my favorite people in Pandora Hearts, currently. I ship them like mad. Soo cute.

As you can see, it is based off the end of chapter 28 of the manga, so there are slight spoilers, obviously. I don't know. I had the idea bloom in my mind while planning a crack vid for them *lol* don't ask how my mind works.

Keep in mind that in this fic, I picture Elliot and Reo as already having some sort of physical relationship. Nothing smutty (really :O) just comforting and normal and sweet.

And if you spell Elliot as Eliot um...haha. Sorry! I did the double-L thing. Anyway I have really talked crap enough- *cuts herself off*

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"Was it that dream again?"

Elliot squeezed his eyes shut, his fingers digging into the coarse fabric of his bed covers. "Buildings on fire…everyone was dying. I'm in a pool of blood, I don't know what happened but…"

Reo's hand brushed over his shoulder and Elliot threw his arm over his head, gritting his teeth. "…my shadow was stained red by their blood."

His whole body was shaking with the memory, images that felt like needles pricking at the back of his eyes, demanding his attention.


Elliot gasped shallowly, willing the memory to go away.

It was not his. It didn't belong.

He stiffly pushed himself up, his hair tickling at Reo's face in the process. He stopped, only half upright, his arms supporting his trembling weight. Reo's hand still rested on his shoulder, a light comfort, a reminder that someone was beside him.


Elliot leaned up and pressed his lips against Reo's, tilting his head just so to avoid knocking against the raven haired boy's obnoxious lenses.

Reo's lax hand on Elliot's shoulder tightened, fingers curling into the shoulder before gently pushing his master back. His face still had it's permanent, wide eyed expression. Ironic, due to the fact that you hardly ever caught a glimpse of the eyes behind the glasses.

The glass lenses hid all the emotion that passed through his eyes. One had to depend on body language. Elliot's gaze focused on Reo's lips, relaxed, soft, opening to speak:

"Elliot, you feel feverish, you know."

Elliot closed his eyes, lifting a shaking hand to touch Reo's neck and slide up into his wild, black hair. "I know." His fingers tightened in Reo's hair and he pulled the boy forward again, pressing their mouths together. He pulled back only when the needles stabbing at his mind, clamoring attention (remember—he can't, those aren't his memories) had stopped. The pain was dulled, the fear was dulled, and he was soon only aware of Reo's gentle hand on his shoulder, his lips pressing back against his.

Elliot dipped his head down, brushing his lips over the pale neck, then rested his head on his servant's shoulder, hugging the warm body tightly against his.

"Reo, I…"

"It's okay to be scared, Elliot," Reo said gently. He leaned his head against his master's. "It's okay."

A/N: Yow, I'm so sorry of OOC-ness. O.o lol! But you know, I felt I had SOME liberty. Since you know. They never kiss. But Reo is a sweety, and I tried to make him so right here^^

And poor Elliot is just freaked by the memories, and voila, trying to get rid of the fear...

I don't know. XD