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Anime: Bleach

Genre: Romance/Action/Angst

Rating: M for Mature; Sex, Language, and Fighting

Charcters: Hitsugaya X O.C.

O.C. Info

Name: Seraphina Serenity

Age: In Shinigami years: 386 In Human years: 17

Eye Color: Left Eye: Deep Blue Right Eye: Blood Red

Hair Color/Style: Lavender Knee Length. Always up in a bun

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 106 lbs

Rank: New Taichou of Ninth Division

Personality: Serious and Emotionless... until she gets to know Hitsugaya

Surrender To Me

Chapter 1

"Welcome Taichou's and Fukutaichou's of the Gotei 13. I've called this meeting to discuss the recruitment of some new Taichou's and Fukutaichou's."

They were all lined up like they usually were for a meeting like this one. Surprisingly though Shunsuei was actually serious and paying attention. Hitsugaya was standing where he usually stood though he had grown taller than Matsumoto, but just a couple of inches shorter than Ichigo over the years. Speaking of the orange haired boy, he occupied the spot where the Fifth Division stood. Yachiru fidgeted next to Kenpachi, she had also grown taller, 5' 4" to be precise and her hair was pulled back into two pigtails. She ran next to Kenpachi instead of riding on his shoulder. Rukia was now the Thirteenth Division Taichou (shortly after she achieved Bankai two months priour to this meeting) and Byakuya kept watch over her to make sure she was okay. She became Taichou mainly because before Ukitake requested it before he took his last breaths.

It was a few years after the war and the Seireitei had taken its fair share of damages during the war... and some major casualties. It was during the war that Ukitake was killed and when he said that Rukia was to be the new Taichou. Momo had betrayed them, and it was Toshiro who had to execute his childhood friend in battle. He had to take leave for a few months so he could get over his depression of the second friend he had to kill.

But there had been positive things. Aizen had been killed by the orange haired Vizard. Gin had returned to Soul Society's side, but had been demoted to Third Seat of the Third Division. Hanatarou was promoted to Third Seat of the Fourth Division, he was still nervous as ever though. And the biggest thing was that Urahara had been able to seal the Hokyoukyu away, permanently, so no one could ever use it again.

"Well now, we shall meet our canadits for the places we'll fill." Yamamoto motioned for them to open the giant doors.

Ten people walked in, seven boys and three girls, looking rather confident, except one. She just looked down right bored out of her mind. She had knee length lavender hair and her eyes were blue in he left and red in the right.

"Welcome canadits. Please state your names and your zanpactou's level."

One by one they introduced themselves and told the level of their zanpactou's, all so far, have only mastered Shikai. It came down to the last girl and she bowed.

"Konichiwa. I'm Seraphina Serenity. I've had my Bankai for five years and I'm going to be one of your Taichou's today." She stated. The other Taichou's looked at her with a shocked expression. Yamamoto chuckled at her cockiness.

"Ho ho. Why do you your worthy enough to be a Taichou of the Gotei 13, Seraphina Serenity?"

"Because, I'm going to prove it to you," She pointed to Hitsugaya and scoffed, "I can sense he has a high enough Reiatsu to fight me. If you let me fight him and I win, I will be the Taichou of the Ninth Division, so do we have a deal?"

Yamamoto looked at Hitsugaya and he nodded. Hitsugaya stepped forward towards the girl, he slowly drew his Hyourinmaru.

"Don't think just because you have a Bankai and that your a girl I'll go easy on you." His Shikai was already released. She grinned and drew hers also.

"I don't expect you to," she grinned, "freeze they're flesh and bones! Umishiro!"

He Shunpoed behind her and went to cut her, she turned and blocked. That wouldn't work on her, she could block anyone's attack with that dinky move. She pushed him away and charged at him. When they're swords clashed a wave of images ran through Hitsugaya's mind. His eyes widened and he gasped. To him, the images were rather... erotic. And by the look on her face, she got the same ones. They broke away and slid back about a good twenty feet.

"What the fuck was that..." she murmured to herself, "Okay time to prove my 'worthiness' to these guys."

She closed her eyes and her zanpakutou emitted a strange Reiatsu.

"Ban-kai!" She shouted plunging her sword into the floor. A huge burst of Reiatsu came out and knocked everyone back a few feet. When the dust cleared her Bankai was visible.

Her Shihakshou turned into a beautiful light blue dress that went down to her knees and shimmered. Her zanpakutou was a slender sword, the hilt curled around her hand, wrist and arm like water. Hanging from the hilt was a little white dragon charm. She was in white high heeled boots that went up to her knees. Her eyes had changed to a pale white and glistened like sparkling water. Her hair flowing around her like she was in water.

"Hyoten Hyakkaso Umishiro."

Hitsugaya stared at her in awe. He couldn't even speak to save his life. He soon snapped out of it and called on his Bankai.

"Looks like you finally snapped out of your funk, Hitsugaya-Taichou." Serenity whispered in his ear, her zanpakutou at his neck.

"Alright that is quiet enough!" Yamamoto yelled slamming his cane onto the floor. The lavender haired girl pouted, bubbles flowing from her mouth, "Seraphina Serenity... with much consideration in your skills... a deal is a deal. You are now the Taichou of the Ninth Division."

"Arigatou Yamamoto-Soutaichou." The girl bowed, her Bankai faded away and she sheathed her zanpakutou. She turned towards the group she came to the meeting with and pointed at one boy with spiky brown hair.

"HA! WHAT NOW KAPPA! IN YOUR FACE! YOU OWE ME! BIG TIME!" She laughed at the glooming boy. She laughed until she heard the Soutaichou calling a name.

"Hisagi-Fukutaichou, please take Seraphina-Taichou to her new office and new quarters."

"Yes Soutaichou." The young man bowed and walked over to her and kneeled. She looked at him and crossed her arms, "please follow me Taichou"

She nodded and walked out of the meeting hall, following her new Fukutaichou to her new office and to her new living quarters.

Hitsugaya couldn't help but stare until she left the room.

'What were those... images? Why did they happen with her? I need to speak with her later.' Rangiku watched her Taichou. She knew he was thinking about that new taichou, but what was it that he was thinking.

After about two hours of going through the rest of the group and they're skills, only four were chosen. Only for Fukutaichou seats for the Second, Third, Fifth, and Thirteenth division.

Everyone piled out of the meeting hall and when they were all gone only Hitsugaya and the Soutaichou were left. He walk to the front and kneeled.

"Soutaichou, didn't you sense that strange... glitch in her Reiatsu?" Hitsugaya asked looking up at the old man. He nodded and stood up walking down from his tall chair.

"I'll get Kurotsuchi-Taichou to analyze it as soon as possible."

Hitsugaya nodded and Shunpoed out of the First Division. When he stopped, Matsumoto was knelt at his feet. He looked down at his Fukutaichou.

"Matsumoto. Go back to the Division. I'm going to visit the new Taichou. And get your goddamn paperwork done for once or I'm demoting you!" He ordered her and Shunpoed off to the Ninth Division, leaving her shocked and alone.

"Taichou your so mean!" She yelled, 'but I knew you were going to see her...' Matsomoto smiled and Shunpoed off, probably to get wasted with Kira and Shunsuei.

When Toshiro got to the Ninth Division's office her heard a little bit of laughter, probably from the new Taichou. He lightly knocked on the door.

"Come in." Came the voice of Serenity, "oh Hitsugaya-Taichou. Please come and have a seat. Me and Hisagi were just having a conversation about you and ... Rangiku her name was right?" She looked at Hisagi and he nodded. Her hair was up in a bun this time.

"I heard that she's quiet the partier." She laughed at Hitsugaya's expression.

"You have no idea." He replied leaning into the couch.

Hisagi went to pour him some tea and Serenity stopped him.

"Hisagi, you've done more than your fair share of work today. You may take the rest of the day off. See you tomorrow." Serenity said waving to him. He looked her with a shocked expression, but then bowed.

"Arigatou Siren-Taichou. Sayonara." He said and walked out of the office, closing the door behind him. Leaving the two Taichou's to talk in privacy.

Hitsugaya gave her a funny look. She looked back at him and let a smile come onto her face. She poured him a cup of tea and she handed him the cup. Hitsugaya took it and took a small sip from it.

"I'm sorry I came on such short notice. I just needed to talk to you for a few minutes." Hitsugaya said setting his cup in the palm of his hand, holding it with the other.

"Since you're wondering, he called me Siren-Taichou because back when I was a child that's what they called me in my house. Serenity the Siren. You can call me Serenity or Siren it doesn't matter to me, just not Seraphina-Taichou. Oh, and since you're wondering how I know what you're wondering, it's because I'm telepathic. I even knew that you were coming here, I heard it back at the meeting hall." She explained while he took another drink.

Hitsugaya looked at him with a shocked expression. Serenity smiled at him and nodded. She stood up and took her Haori off.

"God those things are itchy and uncomfy. How can you stand them Hitsugaya-Kun?"

He smirked and showed her the inside of his Haori.

"I was smart and covered the inside of it with silk. You can have anything put on the inside to make them more comfortable."

She walked around the table and felt the inside of his Haori.

"Ooooo. That feels comfy and cool. I'm guessing to keep you cool during the summer since you have an ice zanpakutou right? Hyourinmaru. The most powerful ice zanpakutou in the history of the Soul Society. I have the most power water one though." She said sitting down in front of him.

She looked at him and set her hands on her knees. All of a sudden she bowed setting her head on her knees. Hitsugaya looked at her with wide eyes.

"Gomenasai! For the Images earlier I mean!" She said. He looked up at the roof and remembered. His face turned scarlet and he felt his cheeks with his hand.

"I-it's alright." He stuttered picking up his tea and taking a sip.

Serenity looked back up at him, her face as red as his. She awkwardly laughed and scratched the back of her neck. She looked away and set her hand back down.

"I have a favor to ask you, Hitsugaya-Kun." She suddenly asked.

"Of course. What is it?" He asked back.

"Um may I read your thoughts? It will only take a moment. Please?" She bowed again.

Hitsugaya stared at her. Not knowing what to think.

"Anou... I guess you may..." He said setting his hands on his knees.

Serenity suddenly scooted closer to where she was directly in front of him. She set her hands on each sides of his face.

"Arigatou. Hitsugaya-Kun," She said before setting her forehead on his, causing him to gasp at how close she was, "just close your eyes and relax." He did as she requested and relaxed.

Images from his life flashed soon flashed in his mind. Tears formed at the corners of his eyes. He went to push her away but she grabbed his hands and put them to the sides of her face.

"Please... let me see your pain..." she sadly said, tears streaming down both of they're faces. He stopped and relaxed again, but he left his hands on her face. Hers drifted back to his face.

Then images of Kusaka and Momo started to pop up.

'We'll always be friends, right Toshiro?' Came Kusaka's voice through one memory.

'Maybe when you grow up Shiro, you can come to the same school as me!'

Momo's voice came through another.

Hitsugaya sobbed and suddenly hugged the telepath in front of him. She smiled and wrapped her arms around the Tenth Division Taichou.

"Shhh, it's alright Hitsugaya-Kun. I'm here, it'll be alright." she lightly rubbed his back. The images fading away. He looked at her with tears still covering his face, her face also covered in tears.

"Arigatou Serenity-Chan... arigatou." He hugged her once again and separated. They both stood up and bowed to one another.

"If you ever need anyone to talk to, I'll always be here for you Hitsugaya-Kun. Goodnight."

He smiled at her and nodded.

"Goodnight, Serenity-Chan." Hitsugaya said and walked out of the office she walked to the door and watched him Shunpo out of her Division and into his.

Then a small white dragon flew out from behind the desk and landed on his shoulder. Serenity reached up and petted the small reptile.

"So, is he the one your Majesty?" Its child-like voice asked.

The girl smiled lightly and nodded.

"Yes Umishiro. I believe he is."

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