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Surrender To Me

Chapter 1

It was around ten o'clock in the morning and everyone was up and buzzing around to get they're errands done. The Soutaichou had just settled down in his office with some tea until he heard a knock on the door. He took a deep breath.

"You may enter."

Serenity walk in, followed by her Fukutaichou.

"Ah. Seraphina-Taichou. What can I do for you?" The old man's voice boomed in the large office. When she reached about ten feet from his desk she kneeled.

"Soutaichou. I know I'm new and this may seem like an awkward question for you, but... may I have your permission to have a concert, here in the Seireitei?" She pleaded bowing her head. Hisagi kneeled beside her. Yamamoto looked at her and could see that she was rather nervous about asking him such a question. Her hands and knees were trembling from how nervous she was.

"I request that it be on the day everyone has the day off." Yamamoto said with a slight chuckle.

Serenity looked up at him with a big smile.

"Arigatou Yamamoto-Soutaichou! And of course you're invited to my concert!" She said running out of the room to get things prepared. The next day everyone had off was in three days. Yamamoto laughed at how energetic this girl was.

'Just don't go overboard on it...'

Hitsugaya was in his office doing his piles of paperwork as usual, when a Hell Butterfly flew towards him and floated in front of him.

'Great more orders and paperwork.' He thought setting out his finger, the Hell Butterfly landed on his finger and the message started.

"Attention anyone free to listen: Thursday there will be a concert held by Seraphina Serenity, Taichou of the Ninth Division. It is free to come to this event. All that is required is that you must were casual clothes. That is all. Arigatou." After the message, the Hell Butterfly flew off to to inform another person.

Matsumoto ran in and smiled at her Taichou.

"Taichou! Did you hear about Siren-Taichou's concert?"

Hitsugaya pointed to the Hell Butterfly flying past her.

"Oh. Ok, but isn't it going to be awesome?!" Matsumoto squealed thinking about what cute outfit to wear.

"Yeah I guess so. Kurosaki's probably going to drag me to it anyways so I might as well go." 'I was planning on going anyways. Just to see Serenity-Chan.' Hitsugaya sat back into his office chair.

"I heard from Shuhei that his Taichou is going to be performing in it with some of her friends."

He looked at his Fukutaichou and went back to glaring at the wall. He could swear he saw it crack at how hard he was glaring through all these years.

"I also heard that she's playing something called a... electric guitar? Yeah that's what it was." She said putting her finger at her chin in a thinking way.

The white haired Taichou sat up and walked past her. He stopped and looked back at her with a slightly sad face. She looked back at her Taichou worriedly.

"Matsumoto I'm going to visit they're graves... stay here and take care of the Division while I'm gone." Hitsugaya opened the door and closed it behind him. Matsumoto bowed in response.

"Hai Taichou."

Hitsugaya Shunpoed to the Ninth Division, fooling Matsumoto. He smiled, thinking about his time with Serenity only a few nights ago. He stopped at the office door and hesitantly knocked. Serenity opened the door and smiled up at him.

She was in ripped jeans, a long sleeved shirt, gloves that had muffins on them, a witch hat on, that her hair was pulled up into, and a long guitar hung from her shoulder.

"Hitsugaya-Kun! I'm so glad you came." She said pulling him into a hug. He hugged her back laughing, "You came just in time to hear us practice!" She said grabbing his hand and pulling him into the other office. He blushed at her affectionate gestures. She stopped and stepped out from in front of him. Putting her hands to where she looked like she was showing something off.

"Girls this is Hitsugaya Toshiro, Taichou of the Tenth. He's the guy I was talking about." Serenity said blushing a little. He heard the girls going 'ohh', "Hitsugaya-Kun. These are my best friends and band mates!" She said stepping off to the side for him to see.

The first one to introduce herself stepped forward. She had sort of short black hair with dark red streaks through it. She was also rather short, about 5' 2". She had a natural tan. She wore black jeans and a shirt that said 'I love Ninja's!' on the front. She had a base guitar standing next to her.

"Hi. I'm Chibi! Nice to meet you!" She said with a small funny voice.

The second girl bowed. She had shoulder length brown hair that curled at the ends. She had on orange sweat pants and a tie-dye shirt. She was a little shorter than serenity. She also had glasses. She stood behind a keyboard.

"Konichiwa. I'm Éclair." Her voice was a lighter tone than Serenity's.

The third girl popped out from behind a drum set. She had short dark brown hair with blue tips. She also had a natural tan. She was in jeans, a black short sleeved T-shirt. She was a little taller than Serenity.

"Yo. I'm Banni. Hey Siren, where are my drumsticks!?" She yelled with a slightly deep voice.

"In your backpack dum dum." Serenity replied back to her.

The last girl stepped forward and bowed her head. She had shoulder length copper hair with random orange streaks, which made Hitsugaya think that she would be well suited with Ichigo. She was in baggy jeans and a baggy white T-shirt. She had a microphone in her hand.

"Konichwa! My name is Rose!" She said and bowed her head again.

"And these are all of my friends Hitsugaya-Kun! Oh and before I forget, like I did with Hisagi, put these head phones on when I say to. Okay?" Hitsugaya nodded and put them around his neck.

Then all of a sudden, five little dragons flew out from behind a couch and each one of them sat on each of the girls' shoulders. They didn't have legs; they just had little wings, sort of like Hyourinmaru, but twenty times smaller.

"Oh! And these are our zanpakutou spirits. You know Umishiro." The little white dragon made a little squeaking noise and looked like it was smiling.

"Hi! I enjoyed fighting you, Hyourinmaru's master!" It had a cute little girls voice.

"Rose's one is Nytsua." The little black dragon nodded to him.

"Nice to meet you." Its deep voice came out.

"Banni's is Zalarus." The blue dragon spun around on her shoulder.

"Yo! Whats up? Nice to see ya!" It had a cute voice as well.

"Éclair's is Ibari." The little red dragon jumped up and fell off its master's shoulder.

"Ow. Hi I'm Ibari. Nice to meet you. Owww." It had a childish boys voice.

"And Chibi's Is Lumiere." The little green dragon wrapped itself around its masters arm.

"Hi... I'm Lumiere. It's a pleasure to meet another dragon zanpakutou wielder." She had a delicate and well mannered voice. Chibi burped suddenly and Lumiere's head dropped, "A lady should be more delicate."

Serenity laughed when Hitsugaya started to chuckle, then he started to laugh as well. Serenity walked up to him and set the head phones on his ears and held them there. He could see that she was talking to the girls and Rose said something and Serenity blushed scarlet. Hitsugaya wanted to know what she was saying. She yelled back at her he could barely read her lips but could make out the word 'later'. She took her hands off and went over and plugged her guitar in.

"Oh. Hitsugaya-Kun leave the head phones on were about to start playing. So leave them on." Serenity said turning the knob on her guitar up, "loud as you can girls!" They did the same as she did, but they flicked a couple of switches. Serenity turned around and pulled something out of her pocket and then put it back. When she turned around her lips were half blue and half red. Hitsugaya looked at her funny and she smiled with a light blush still on her face.

"OKAY! ONE TWO THREE FOUR!" Serenity's fingers danced across the neck of the guitar and her fingers strummed the strings with a small pick furiously. Banni played the drums with serious expression on her face. Chibi's fingers moved across her bass guitar flowingly. Éclair apparently didn't have to play in this song so she sat down next to Hitsugaya on the large couch. All of their little dragons were next to them swaying back and forth like they were doing some kind of dance. They're eyes were closed and they look they were smiling. Hitsugaya actually thought it was rather cute. Rose put the microphone to her lips and started to sing.

"Blazing on by

There's nothing more that I could do

I'm sorry that

I'll never be with you again

Even though

My heavy heart is parched with pain

I know somehow

Your sorrow's something I won't see

It's my life

I'm moving on and never back there

The future's turned away

And leave me on my lonely rail

God knows that

I will follow you if that is what you wanted

Take me into all your darkest shadows

And you'll see that

I'm even stronger than you could know

God knows that

I'm standing here and you could disappear

Slipping right over the edge of the future

If I had my way

We'd be together forever

Eternally god bless"

Serenity had sweat pouring down her face as she started on a solo that made her fingers move across the guitar even faster than when she first started. Chibi calmly moved her fingers across the loose strings. Hitsugaya stared on in amazement.

'Wow. She really is amazing.' He thought to himself.

"One day you're standing there

I feel as though we're almost one again

And yet

We're miles apart in time

Beneath the pale blue moon

I see your eyes are glistening

With so much love!

It's tearing you apart to be here!

You know it

God knows that

I will follow you if that is what you wanted

Take me into all your darkest shadows

And you'll see that

I'm even stronger that you could know

God knows that

I'm standing here and you could disappear

Slipping right over the edge over the future

If I had my way

We could be together forever

Eternally god bless"

The song finished and the three other girls collapsed from exhaustion. Hitsugaya clapped and took off his head phones. Rose looked over to Serenity and pointed at her.

"Okay. We played our best at our practice. Keep your end of the dare, or so help me god I will leave!"

Serenity panted and gave her a funny look. Rose and all the other girls nodded. Serenity's head dropped and waved her hand in a mock dismissive way. She walked over to Hitsugaya and smiled up at him.

"Good job Serenity-Chan. You guys were amazing." He praised her, whipping sweat of her face with his sleeve. She then hugged him and pulled him close, he hugged her back.

"Arigatou, Hitsugaya-Kun." She said before placing her lips over his. His eyes closed in contentment. When they separated they looked into each other's eyes and blushed. The girls in the room whistled.

"Woo! Go Siren! I told you he would like it!" Rose teased the purple haired girl. Said girl sent her a slight glare.

Hitsugaya blushed harder and stepped away from Serenity.

"Well Serenity-Chan... I-I've got to get going. I'll talk to you later when your friends have gone home. Goodbye." He said walking out of the office and Shunpoing off. Serenity got a small smile on her face and threw her hand into the air.

"Yes! That was amazing! His lips were cold, but so soft..." she said dancing around. The other girls laughed at her dancing around the room. Then she stopped, a terrified look on her face, "OH SHIT!"

"What?! What did you do?!"

Serenity got out a mirror and looked at her lipstick... that was no longer on her lips... but on Hitsugaya's and he didn't know about it.

As Hitsugaya Shunpoed back to his Division, he let a smile grace his face.

'Wow... her lips were so soft and they were so warm too...' he thought as he went into his office. Matsumoto was drinking sake like she usual was. She glanced at her Taichou and had to do a double take. He gave her a look that said 'what?'.

"What Matsumoto?" He asked. She tried to stifle her laughter but ended up busting out laughing. He glared at her hard, "what are you laughing at!?" He yelled.

"T-Taichou! Ah ha! Look in a mirror and aha ha ha! Look at your face! Oh my goodness!" She laughed so hard she fell onto the floor but kept laughing.

Hitsugaya ran over to a mirror. His eyes must have popped out of their sockets from how wide they were. Serenity's red and blue lipstick had smeared onto his lips and he wiped it off as quickly as he could, even though he didn't want to forget that feeling of her lips on his. He heard Matsumoto still laughing and turned to glare at her.

"Matsumoto. You are not to leave this office until all of your paperwork is finished. Is that clear, Fukutaichou of the Tenth Division?" His voice came out harsher that she had ever heard it before.

"But, what about the concert?"

"I suggest you hurry and finish. I'm retiring for the night. Good night Matsumoto. Finish your paperwork and you may leave." Hitsugaya said closing the office door and putting a kidou spell on the lock that she couldn't break. He heard her run to the door and her hitting the force field.

"Owwww... Taichou you're so mean! Why can't you be nice for once?!"

"I'm not supposed to be nice." He simply replied to her comment.

Serenity was sitting down at the table in her office when she heard a light knock at the door. She smiled and poured two cups of tea.

"Hitsugaya-Kun. Come in."

Hitsugaya walked in, a small smile on his face. He walked over and sat across from her. She blushed and smiled back, her wavy bangs falling into her eyes.

"About earlier, the kiss I mean… I'm sorry; my friends dared me to do it." She said fiddling with her Shihakshou sleeves. Hitsugaya looked at the floor disappointedly.

'Awww she didn't like the kiss? I must be that bad…' he thought. Serenity saw his reaction and reacted by wavy her hands in the air crazily.

"Wait! Let me rephrase that! What I meant to say was that I did want to kiss you but I'm too shy to and my friends knew so they dared me to kiss you, and I didn't want to back down. It was basically a two birds with one stone situation and—WAIT! I-I mean…" She stared at the ground, "Shit…"

Hitsugaya stared at the girl and blinked repeatedly.

'What a strange rant, but she actually wanted to kiss me! Yay!' He mentally jumped up and down like a little kid on a sugar high. He let a little laugh slip out and Serenity blushed and squinted her eyes shut.

"Whats so funny?!"

"Your so cute when your embarassed." Hitsugaya smiled at her, causing her body to tense up and her face could've been even redder than Renji's hair.

Serenity tried to say something but it cameout in murmers and studdering sounds that might have been words.

Hitsugaya suddenly got up and sat next to her. She looked into his mezmerizing teal eyes. He gazed back down into her blue and red eyes. Serenity scooted closer to him until her knees touched his. His hand reached up to her face and brushed the bangs from her face. Her eyes fluttered closed as she leaned up and placed her lips onto his. He returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist. She wrapped her arms around around his neck and they both pulled each other closer. They're light kiss turning passionate and heat filled. Hitsugaya shyly licked her bottom lip, asking for entrance. Serenity smiled and granted him access to her mouth. His tongue swirled around hers and explored her hot cavern. He slowly pushed them into a laying position with him on top.

When they seperated they were both gasping for air. Serenity smiled up him as he caressed the side of her face. She reached up with her hand and ran her hand through his snowy white hair, she was surprised at how soft it was. He looked at her with a sweet smile and laid down next to her, his arms still around her waist tightly. She giggled as she pulled at his bangs.

"How do you get them to stay like that?" She said laughing. He looked at her funny and kissed her nose.

"I honestly don't know. I get up in the morning. Take a shower. Dry my hair. Get dressed and comb out my hair. It just pops back out." Hitsugaya said cuddling with the lavender haired girl.

"Oooohhhh... did you ever try to use hairspray?" Serenity said looking over to him. He shook his head.

"I will never put that stuff in my hair. Blame Matsumoto for that." He said shuddering at the though of his busty Fukutaichou putting his hair and hairspraying it so they would stay. It took him three days to get that stuff out of his hair.

Serenity laughed as she read his thoughts and saw what happened in his mind.

"Poor you."

Hitsugaya looked at her and smiled, he pulled her up to where they could stand. Serenity suddenly pulled from him and ran through her desk. He just looked at her and stood there.

"Ah ha! Here it is!" She yelled happily. She pulled a small packet of paper and a CD from her desk drawr. Serenity ran back over to him and held out the two things,

"Toshiro-Kun... would you do me a favour." She said innocently swaying back and forthin place.

"Depends. What is it?"

"Well... would you sing with me in my concert? A song just for you and me." She said scooting closer towards him, "pleeeeeeaaaassseeee."

He smiled nervously smiled and took the papers and disk from her.

"I'll think about it... I'll tell you tomorrow..." Hitsugaya said placing them in his kosode. She smiled at him and hugged him.

"Good night Hitsugaya-Kun." Serenity whispered in his ear. He hugged her back tightly.

"Good night Serenity-Chan." He said giving her a peck on the lips before walking out the office door.

'Aishiterou Serenity...'

'Aishiterou Toshiro...'

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