Short Introduction:

A normal eleven year old would start their journey through middle school and finally make their way to high school. That wasn't the case for eleven year old Zack and Cody Martin. They had a gift that you could only dream of having and Zack and Cody's dream came true when Professor Dumbledore came knocking in suite 2330.

"Your wizards, both of you." Dumbledore said as he looked at Zack and Cody over his half moon glasses. "What type of medication are you on?" Cody asked as this strange old man looked at them. Although he looked and seemed friendly and gentle, Cody, Zack and Carey thought he was nuts. Dumbledore ignored Cody's question and continued talking. "Tell me, have you two done something that you can't explain? Something that other children can not do unlike you?" Zack and Cody looked at each other then back at Dumbledore and nodded their heads. Carey relised that yes, Zack and Cody have done things that neither she nor Kurt could explain. "Tell me, Zachary and Cody, what have you done that you can not explain." Dumbledore finished and waited for the twins reply.

"Well once, when Cody pushed me, I got really angry that my hand seemed to start a fire, oh and one time, Cody moved a plate and it smashed on the table." Zack replied. Carey looked at Dumbledore then at her eleven year old sons. "So you're telling me that my sons are magic, and in order to learn about what they can do, the need to go to England and got to a special school called Hogwarts?" Carey asked, Dumbledore nodded his head slowly and Carey knew that this man was telling the truth.

"Zack wake up, where going to be late for our first class!" Cody yelled at his brother.

"Sorry, I was dreaming!" Zack said sleepily.

Zack got out of bed and got in to his Gryffindor robes, grabbed his books and headed down to the Gryffindor Common Room.

"About time!" Said fifteen year old Harry Potter. Harry was standing with Cody, Ron and Dean along with Neville.

"Like I said, he was dreaming!" Cody said, as the rest of the boys laughed.

"Zack how many times do we have to tell you! You don't have a chance with Hermione!" Ron jokinley said. Zack could feel his face going red. He looked at Cody with a annoyed face and pulled out his wand. Zack's wand was a hippogriff feather with a Phinox stem, The Same as Cody's.

Cody saw Zack pull out his wand and aim it at him. Cody rolled his eyes and looked at Zack with an annoyed expression.

"Please, the last time you tried to curse me, jinx me or even use a simple spell like 'expelliarmus' you held your wand the wrong way, or you missed. You have never hit me with a spell Zack! So stop before you really do get someone hurt!" Cody yelled.

"Well maybe if you didn't piss me of I wont have to use my wand!" Zack yelled back.

"Ok, I hate to break the family feud but we need to get to potions or Snipe will give us a potion that will give us the runs." Ron said as he grabbed Cody's wand out of his hand. They started walking out of the common room when Fred and Gorge, the twin Weasley boys saw the argument and grabbed the oldest Martin twin.

"Hey! I have to get to potions!" Zack snapped but Fred and Gorge just laughed and shook their heads.

"Says the boy who never does his potions, and cheats on his final O.W.L.S" Gorge said.

"Sit down Zack; we have some thing to show you!" The Weasley twins said in unison. "We over herd your argument with Cody, and we know a way for you to get back at him" Fred said as Gorge grabbed the Weasley joke box.

"Although its first week back and I did promise mom ill behaveā€¦. Eh any thing to get back at Cody is worth it!" Zack smiled.

"We like the way you think, Zack" The Weasley twins said again in unison.

Zack smiled evilly, "This is going to be a good prank that no one forgets!" Zack thought to himself as looked into the Weasley joke box.

My First Crossover Fan Fic! And it's my fave movie and books with my fave T.V show!

Some regulers from Both T.V show and Books will enter the story, like Bailey, Woody, (most of TSLOD and HP)

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