"Ahhh, another detention, Mr. Martin? Oh and Mr. Potter, I see accompanied him tonight?" The Fat Lady said as Harry and Zack reached the Gryffindor common room painting. Zack shrugged his shoulders and went inside.

"Well he's not to chatty now, is he? "

"He's tired." Harry said as he entered the common room.

"Took you a while!" Cody said as Zack went into their dormitory.

"Look, I really don't want to talk about it." Zack said taking his robe off.

"Why? Couldn't you handle reading a few lines?" Cody joked as he started poking his brother.

"I said, I don't want to talk about it!" Zack yelled as he pushed his brother away. Cody landed on the floor, flat on his back.

"Sorry. I didn- Wait, what's that on your hand?" Cody said as he got up and grabbed his brother's left hand.

"Nothing, I just burnt my self, that's all." Zack replied, taking his hand out of his brother's grip.

"You can't burn 'I must not tell lies' on your hand Zack." Cody said in a worried tone. "Zack, what happened? What did she do to you?"

"What part of 'I don't want to talk about it' don't you understand?" Zack asked annoyed.

"Well, Zack, if she's torturing you, I want to know!" Cody said softly as he sat on Zack's bed. "Just let me look at it."

Cody grabbed Zack's hand and looked at it closely. Blisters had already formed and were all full of puss. Cody put his finger on the wound.

"Owww! Don't touch it!" Zack cried in pain as he slapped his brother.

"Okay, oww, anyway, it's dark magic. I'm guessing she used a certain quill that by what you write goes on to the opposite hand that you're writing on."

"Awww, you think?" Zack said sarcastically.

"No, I know" Cody snapped back. "Look, we need to tell Dumbledore about this. Pink crazy lady can't punish students like how she is."

"But dude, she is part of the ministry, she can do what ever she wants, Fudge is on her side, and we are powerless. Were just a bunch of fifteen year olds, what are we gonna do?" Zack said in dismay. Cody looked at his brother. Zack was struggling to hold back tears.

"Zack, she tortured you, you have to tell Dumbledore, you don't have a choice." Cody said softly. Zack looked at him and let a tear fall down his cheek.

"Yeah, I do, and for and Harry's good, I'm not telling anyone"

Harry walked into the Gryffindor Common Room to find it packed with loud music blearing and the Weasley twins showing off their new product 'The Skiving Snack Boxes'. Harry sat down and started reading a book, trying to block out the noise, and rap his head around what just happened to him and Zack. Soon he was in a world of his own.

"I'm not asking you to write all of it for me" Ron said as he and Hermione walked in to the Common Room.

"Oh please" Hermione said sarcastically.

"It's just I've been studying for these stupid OWLS exams" Ron continued.

"I'll do the introduction, that's all" Hermione smiled.

"Hermione, you're honestly the most wonderful person I've ever met" Ron sweet talked. "And if I'm ever rude again-"

"I'll known when you've gone back to normal" Hermione cut in.

Ron and Hermione sat next to Harry and looked at what he was doing. Harry had barely lifted his head to let them know that he knew that they were there. Hermione noticed Harry's left hand and looked at it curiously.

"What's wrong with your hand?" Hermione asked worriedly. Harry lifted his right hand on the book he was pretending to be reading.

"Nothing" Harry responded like nothing was going on.

"The other hand" Hermione said as she grabbed Harry's left hand. Once she saw it properly, Hermione gasped.

"You've got to tell Dumbledore." Hermione said with no hesitation

"No" Harry quickly responded, yanking his hand away from Hermione "Dumbledore has got enough on his mind right now. Anyway, I don't want to give Umbridge the satisfaction."

"Bloody hell Harry, the woman is torturing you." Ron said "If the parents knew about this-"

"I haven't got any of those, have I, Ron?" Harry cut in. An awkward silence filled the air until Hermione finally spoke. Taking the precaution not to make Harry snap about what she was about to say.

"Harry, you've got to report this, it's perfectly simple. You and Zack are being-"

"No it's not" Harry cut in again "Hermione, what ever this is, it's not simple."

Hermione looked Harry up and down with out saying a word.

"You don't understand" Harry said finally, packing up his books.

"Then help us to" Hermione pleaded

Harry looked at Hermione and then left with out saying a word.

Hermione walked to the twin's dorm, hoping to get some answers about what happened out of Zack. Hermione reached the door and hesitated to knock. She took a deep breath and knocked on the old, hard and dark wooden door. Cody got up from his crying brother and opened the door slightly so they wouldn't see Zack crying.

"Oh, hey Hermione, look this is a really bad time." Cody said apologetically.

"I know, but can I please come in?" Hermione asked. Cody looked back at Zack, Zack nodded for Hermione to come in. Cody smiled and gestured for Hermione to come in. Hermione nearly cried when she saw Zack. Zack Martin, a strong guy, nothing really fazed him, or got to him, a guy who never really took anything to heart, was sitting on his bed, reduced to tears, crying silently. Hermione rushed over to him and wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a hug.

"It's going to be okay Zack, it's okay, we're going to tell Dumbledore."

"No, we can't" Zack said in between sobs. "We just can't"

"That's the same thing Harry said." Hermione said sadly. She let a small tear run down her cheek as she hugged Zack tighter.

"I'm gonna go, I have to give Woody something, I'll be back soon." Cody said. He walked over to his brother and kissed him on the head before exiting the room. Hermione laid her self down, bringing Zack down with her. Zack rested his head on her chest and continued to cry. Hermione kept and arm around Zack while stroking his blond hair, crying silently her self.

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