Oh geez, How can I explain this?

It's midnight, I'm tired, scared out of my mind by this seriously lightning storm happening, no soda, and I'm sorta angsty right now. Deal with it.

I won't make this a crossover because I don't think most people won't know what the hell I'm referencing this to. If you know, Kudos to you. Otherwise it can be counted as a crack horror fic. Enjoy.

Don't turn off the Devil's Machine

His hands were shaking. Badly. What seemed like the first time in his life, his hands were shaking so badly, he had a hard time handling his Walther straight. Beads of cold sweat dropped down his face, racing towards his neck and within his red jacket. He heard himself breathing in a shallow and rapid pace, feeling a bitter cold wind grab his lungs as he inhaled. Dear god, this was hell … Where ever he was, what ever he was doing, for the first time in his life, Lupin felt absolute terror fill his heart with desperation so bad, he just wanted to scream, to yell out, to actually call for help.

His calls were absorbed by the darkness.

Every now and then, whenever he had the courage to move his face away from the evil that he saw, he would check to see if his friends, his comrades, his partners are alive. They were all by his side, but they were badly beaten and bruised by the inexplicable attacks that this titan released upon them. He could not just grasp the true form of this beast's attack, the very one that left his team down for the count. Every time Lupin thought he finally defined just what the titan was doing, the attack would do something different that Lupin wasn't expecting; just one of these attacks made Goemon collapse just as the battle began. After that, hell broke loose. All of his teammates put up a good battle, but one after another, they dropped like flies, and now Lupin was left standing to defend himself from this darkness.

"… Lupin …"

Lupin's eyes grew wide as he heard the 'voice' of the darkness call out his name. His hair stood on end, Goosebumps forming all over his arms, and his heart beating incredibly fast. He must've been facing absolute terror. Without thinking rationally, he grabbed his Walther tightly, his finger nestled on the trigger, and shot a bullet aimlessly into the darkness. He didn't even here the bullet make impact with anything.

"… Friends …"

The darkness's voice roared like thunder in Lupin's ear, making him convulse with fear. Once more, he glanced down to his fallen friends, their seemingly lifeless bodies pleading to Lupin to save them from this waking nightmare.

"I feel … h … a … p … p … y …"

The darkness unleashed another inexplicable attach against Lupin, who yelled out in pain as bolts of lightning shocked the thief. When the attack was over, Lupin found himself on his knees, breathing hard and feeling like he would die any second. He looked at what he thought was the face of the evil, determined to stand on his feet once more, shakily holding the Walther with both his hands.

"It hurts … Lupin …"

The darkness spoke again, sounding despaired, almost sad.

"Lupin … Lupin …"

Lupin looked down at his hands holding the gun unsteadily, his palms sweaty.

" … Go … b … a … c …k …"

Lupin pointed the gun at the swirling mass of darkness, hiding his fear with every ounce of courage he could muster.

"It's not right … not right … not right …"

Lupin fired one more shot into the void of darkness, again hearing the bullet find no source of impact. By this time, Lupin's courage had just run out, and he fell to his hands and knees, looking horrified.

"Lupin, Lupin, Lupin, Lupin, Lupin, Lupin, …"

The monster kept repeating the man's name, so much so that it started to sound like an unharmonious chorus of banshees screaming his name in his ear. Lupin gave a desperate cry as he covered his ears, trying to block out the noise. It wouldn't stop, dear lord it wouldn't stop. The Darkness somehow could penetrate this man's mind and let the noise continue. It was so distressful, so irritating, so frightful …

"I feel .. G … o … o … d …"

Lupin could not take anymore, and with pecks of tears forming at his eyes, glazed over with pure horror, he brought his Walther slowly up to his head tucking the barrel under his chin. It took a while (And a lot of courage) to get Lupin's index finger to find the trigger of this gun, but after a short time, it found its place, and soon Lupin was in position to shoot his very brains out …

"I'm so sad …"

Lupin shivered.

"Lupin …"

His index finger slightly nudged the trigger …

"Lupin …"

One last gunshot was heard within the darkness.

Don't worry. As long as you pray, Lupin will be alright.


... I bet you don't.