I'm enjoying this crossover even though it was never meant to be one. Oh well, that's what happens when you're a rabid EarthBound fan XD

Ah, what a relaxing escape it was; Lupin barely had to lift a finger!

Fujiko literally planned out every single detail of this escape, making sure to fill in each nook and cranny this plan had to offer. The very first step of her plan was to release Jigen and Goemon from their prisons, something Lupin was still quite amazed she could do all by herself. It was then after that Fujiko further proved her hidden talents by having Lupin go through a makeover; transforming him from someone who had a bullet shot in his chest to someone who had a really bad car accident (Lupin thought the stop sign impaling his abdomen was a bit much, so Fujiko later scrapped that idea). It was later that he found out that not only had she knocked out both guards guarding the hospital room he was in, but she had also pulled a lot of strings to get into the security area to disable any alarms this hospital carried. Finally, she had replaced Lupin's body with that of a dummy, so realistically detailed that it looked as if Lupin was simply sleeping. Once those steps were done, all they had to do was move out of the room and past the two sleeping guards. It was a clean and easy sweep, one Lupin himself was proud of.

It turned out that an emergency back door was located near the major surgery unit, so to anyone who glanced at the two only saw a nurse and an injured man rushing slightly through the halls. When they finally reached the back door, they were met by Lupin's partners in crime, waiting for in a fairly decent sized blue car that Fujiko had picked up. With a little help, Lupin clambered into the car and went off, riding off to the hideout Fujiko herself had picked.

It was well hours away from the hospital in a remote part of the town, a nice little cottage on the edge of the forest. It was here that Lupin finally realized how fatigued he felt and decided to sleep for a bit before he continued on being the master thief he is.

It was this time that Lupin finally found out something was seriously wrong with him.

Lupin's gunshot wound had been feeling sore ever since he left the hospital, but it was nothing out of the ordinary, or at least he thought. But the nearer he got to the hideout, the more the gunshot wound pained him, so much to the point it became hard to hide the fact he was in agony right now. Maybe sleep it off, he pondered, it just might be the fatigue that you have. By morning it would be all right …

Only the pain wouldn't go away.

Now Lupin knew gunshots and their wounds –he'd live through plenty to know what they ought to feel like before and after he was shot. But this pain was unlike any other pain he knew. It left him tossing and turning in his cot all night, the pain feeling as if someone was grabbing his arm and twisting his heart around and wouldn't let go. It took all his effort to stifle yelps of pain that erupted within his throat. Finally, Lupin couldn't take anymore, and just so curious to find out what was causing all of this, he rushed towards the bathroom.

Carefully unwrapping the bandages that had protected his wound from the elements, Lupin took great care of making sure he kept quiet, as to not disturb others from their sleep.

What he saw when he finally finished the unwrapping made him yelp.

Lupin saw in the mirror's reflection that his wound was not a normal gunshot wound anymore – in fact, he didn't think he could call it that anymore. Rather, it looked like a beast had clawed at where his wound was, digging deep into his flesh – he was surprised he was alive, and he was even further surprised to see that it wasn't blood oozing out of his wound, but rather, a thick, black liquid that slowly poured out.

What the hell?! Had his shot been infected or something?! Straight away, Lupin's initial reaction was to dig into the medicine cabinet to find something – anything – that could help him –

There came a loud knock at the door, and Lupin jumped, started. He turned around as he heard Jigen's voice yell through the other side of the door.

"Hey boss? You alright in there?" Jigen asked, pounding on the door, "You need to come out here – I found something interesting."

Lupin jumped, glancing at his bandages that spilled over on the floor. Crap, he can't re-wrap his wound, he needed something else to hide –

Eureka! Conveniently placed on the bathroom door was a robe, just big enough to cover the wound on his chest. He frisked it from the door and wrapped it around him, taking care to hide his wound out of sight from Jigen. Finally, he opened the door, coming face to face with Jigen, who looked ultimately disgruntled.

"Yo, Jigen!" Lupin said as casually as he could, giving him a small wave. "What's the trouble."

Jigen said nothing. Instead, he lifted his arm, where he revealed a squirming teen in his grasp, trying to escape from him. "Y'know this kid?" Jigen asked, "He claims to know you –caught him sneaking in my window."

Lupin blinked at the black-haired, red-capped boy who continued to squirm in Jigen's grasp. With a great deal of difficulty, Lupin lifted his arm, pointing a hand at the boy. It was him! The same boy who had invaded his dream last night! Could it be that …?

"Um … Jigen?" Lupin asked, taking the boy from Jigen, "Mind leaving me with him for a moment? Y'know, so I could teach him a lesson about trespassing?"

"Whatever …" Jigen said, turning away from the bathroom door, "Don't make me the one to dispose of him."

"Wouldn't think of it." Lupin smiled, waving.

Lupin closed the door and separated himself from the boy, traveling over to the toilet and sitting on the closed lid, his elbows relaxed on his knees. He closed one eye at the boy, who stood there, smiling, and sighed.

"Didn't think you'd be back so soon, Ness." Lupin said, rubbing his head, "I didn't even think you were real."

"Well, that's really all I'm here for." Ness stated, walking towards the thief, "I just wanted to let you see me in the flesh. It's easier if I visit you in your mind, but just in case, here I am before you."

"Dandy." Lupin muttered, his hand unconsciously floating towards his chest.

"Hey … you okay?" Ness asked, noticing Lupin's awkwardly put-on robe, "You seem to be in pain."

"I think my gunshot wound got infected or something, nothing I can't deal with." Lupin said, smiling at the boy – and immediately hissing through his teeth when he tapped his fingers gingerly on his chest. "It … It just stings a bit, nothing to worry about."

"I didn't even need to read your mind on that one, Lupin." Ness said, glaring at the thief. "Lemmie see your wound, perhaps I can heal it."

"You can heal wounds?" Lupin asked, flabbergasted, "Why didn't you heal me when we first met?"

"I can't do that in your mind, Lupin, doesn't work like that." Ness stated, motion a hand towards his robe. "Now take it off. I wanna see the extent of this wound."

Lupin sighed and undone his robe, setting it over the rim of the bathtub, seeing Ness's expression change dramatically. He slapped his hands over his mouth, his complexion going pale, and his eyes went wide. Ness rushed over to his wound, barely waving his fingers over the wound, as if scanning it. Ness looked at Lupin sadly, his eyes blinking."

"When did this start …?" Ness asked, his voice silent.

"Just … Just as I got out of the hospital, why?"

"Then …" Ness backed away, looking as if he would fall over any second, "Then Giygas already had gotten to you … I was too late after all …"

"What do you mean? Can't you fix it?" Lupin asked, getting up from the seat.

Ness swallowed, glancing down at the floor before looking back up at the thief. "Perhaps … if only temporarily." Ness stated, "But … I can't heal it fully, not unless I rid of Giygas."

"What exactly is wrong with me?" Lupin asked.

"Since Giygas couldn't attack you through your mind," Ness began, walking over towards Lupin, "He's attacking you out here from within your body. He's destroying you from the inside."

"That doesn't sound good." Lupin simply said. "How do you plan of fixing it temporarily?"

Ness walked over and placed his hand over the wound and closed his eyes, concentrating his powers. "I can't get rid of Giygas within your body, but I can at least keep him from destroying you by knocking him out for a few hours." Ness instructed, looking at the thief, "This may hurt a bit …"

Lupin felt a jolt of power race through his body before he went limp, falling on the floor. He saw Ness rush over to him, and soon after, he felt himself being picked up by his hands, leaning him against the bathtub. Lupin shook his head, trying to shake away the dizziness he felt before he looked back at Ness, who was smiling again. "What was that?" Lupin asked, using the bathtub as support as he got up.

"PSI Brainshock." Ness stated simply, tilting his head towards the side, "I used it to knock out Giygas for a while. If you start feeling the pain again, tell me right away, okay?"

Lupin nodded and steadied himself on his feet before he looked at the child, rubbing the back of his head. "Hey Ness …" Lupin said in a hushed voice, "What would happen if … if this thing was never resolved?"

"I … rather not tell you, Lupin." Ness replied, "It's … too graphic for my tastes."

It was then that both jumped when they heard another knock on the door, only a softer and more smoother knock than Jigen's. Lupin waltzed over to the door, opening it as happily as he could, seeing Fujiko there, looking both perplexed and as if she really needed to use the bathroom.

"Hey, Fuji-cakes!" Lupin exclaimed, wrapping his arms around the vixen, "And what brings you here this time at night?"

"I need to use the bathroom …" Fujiko groaned, looking behind the man. "So you and that boy get out of here. Now."

"Better listen to the girlie, Ness." Lupin stated, letting Ness pass between him and Fujiko. He then bowed his head in a playful formality and smiled at Fujiko, his face lit up with happiness. "As for me …."

"No." Fujiko barked, pushing the thief out of the bathroom, "Go talk with that child of yours!"

"But –."

The door slammed in his face, leaving the child and Lupin there, staring at it with a mixture of confusion, and in Lupin's state, distressed.

"So … that's your lover?" Ness asked, smiling.

"You could definitely say that." Lupin said, a smirk coming on his face.

I believe the morning sun … always gonna shine again.