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Light Yagami, L decided as he got ready to go to bed (was forced to by his suspect, who he was chained to), was completely insane.

He had gathered many pieces of evidence to support that theory over the twelve hours or so.

It had started when Light had decided that he would be the one to open the door.


L stared as Light attempted to kick open a brand-new door. Somehow, Light had managed to get his leg up so that it was parallel to the floor, and was now kicking at the door.


L sighed. It would probably be awhile before Light got the message that the door was not going to break.

"Nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer -nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer-NYER!"


L stared. Somehow, Light had managed to break down a brand-new door, by kicking it.

...Kira percentage up by .12%. No normal person would be able to break down a door simply by kicking it. Especially not a door that was specifically designed for government headquarters.

"...Light-kun is aware that the door would have opened had he pulled on the handle, is he not?"

Then Light had further proven L's point when Watari brought in the day's first set of cakes, and subsequently refused to allow Light any, due to the previous day's events.


That had made no sense whatsoever. It was completely random, and by all accounts should have simply made Light look utterly ridiculous. Instead, somehow he managed to pull off the homicidal look very well.


Then there was the rather frightening moment where Light had implied that he was somehow aware of L's homeland.

Light looked over at L, who was drinking his tea like he always did.

"Why so British?" Light asked.

L choked on his tea and stared at Light with frightened eyes. A million thoughts were running through his head, all circling around roughly the same point.

How did Light know where L was from?

But then Light burst into laughter.

"Oh...Kami...Your...face!" Light gasped between laughs.

Soichiro glanced over at the hysterical Light, sighed and cradled his head in his hands.

L had no idea what to think of that incident. He only knew that it frightened him greatly.

And then there was the incident in Misa's room. L had been annoying Misa like he always did to try and relieve some of the stress that the Kira case was causing, but this time, Light interfered.

Light stood up and faced L. Misa, who was leaning forward, obviously getting ready to begin lecturing L about how he was a pervert, stopped mid-breath.

Light pointed at L dramatically and shouted, "L! I challenge you...TO A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME!"

L stared, unsure how to respond to that. Misa paused for a moment, and then began to giggle.

L rather thought the worst part of the situation was that Light looked completely serious.

Then there was his reaction to some new Kira killings.

"It's magic! He must be a witch! BURN THE WITCH!"

For a moment there was silence, and then L turned to Light. Very slowly, afraid that any sudden movements would upset the crazy person.

"Light-kun. Death by burning is no longer legal. When Kira is caught, he will be judged fairly, and then given a lethal injection. And there is no proof that Kira is killing via supernatural means."

"He must be a witch! He turned me into a newt!"

Disbelieving glances were shot amongst the investigative team. All of them were thinking roughly the same thing. How did this kid end up with the best grades in Japan? Maybe he just cracked from the pressure. He was the prime suspect for Kira after all. That had to be tough on someone. L just stared at Light.

"If you...say so, Light-kun."

All in all, L's view of Light was rather quickly changing from 'potential Kira' to 'how the hell has he stayed out of the loony bin for as long as he has?' L wasn't usually one to swear, but in this case, it just seemed to fit.

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