I'll be there

Disclaimer: I do not own Grey's Anatomy or any of its characters. This is a work of fiction and a bit of fun.

Sequel to Back to your Heart

Seattle- One year later

It was a beautiful sunny, warm day in September, Meredith woke up in a strange room, and she rolled over to find Derek not lying next to her, than she remembered that today was the day she was going to marry the love of her life, seventeen years after she first met him. It was a day she dreamed about for the past year and the last 17 years, not quite believing that it had finally arrived. She heard someone knocking on the door, and Kathleen entered the bedroom, it was her first night in their new house, but without Derek it didn't seem right.

"Good morning, Meredith. How are you feeling?" Kathleen asked, passing her tray with a cooked breakfast and coffee.

"I am fine thanks Kath, you didn't need to do me breakfast"

"Meredith, it is your wedding day, you need to eat. I know you, and coffee isn't good enough"

"Okay" Meredith laughed, tucking into her breakfast.

"Are you nervous?"

"Honestly Kath, no I'm not. I've been waiting for this day for years. I can't wait to get down that aisle and finally be Meredith Shepherd"

"Okay, eat your breakfast and then we have things to do" Kath said has she left the room. Meredith ate her breakfast than got out of bed and walked over to the window that overlooked the cliff; she could see people setting up the seating for people to sit during the ceremony. They had decided to get married on their land, knowing how special it was to the both of them. Meredith looked down at her engagement ring, her mind wandering back to everything that they have been through over the past 16 years. This was her forever, she heard her mobile ring, she knew who it was, and she was surprised he hadn't rang her before now.

"Hey, you up? Mrs Shepherd" Meredith giggled, thinking how good it felt being called Mrs Shepherd.

"I am Dr Shepherd"

"I missed you so much last night"

"Me too, I've missed you so much the past two weeks"

"It was your idea to abstain from sex before the wedding" Derek said quietly, hoping no one would hear him.

"Well, think how special tonight will be"

"Well, let me tell you now, I will be having you scream like never before"

"I'm holding you to that Dr Shepherd"

"Don't worry Mrs Shepherd, by the morning you won't be able to walk"

"Why don't we just skip the wedding, and get down to it right now" she said seductively. She heard Derek moan, she giggled.

"Cruel, cruel Meredith Shepherd, I will get you for that later. I better go and get a cold shower before any of the kids ask me, what is going on. I love you, and I'll see you this afternoon, my bride"

"I love you too" she says before hanging up. She looked around the bedroom, she can't believe that this is her home, that her and Derek designed it together, their dream home. She walks into the bathroom, and runs herself a bubble bath, intending on relaxing until the hair stylist comes and do her hair.

Derek stayed at Mark apartment, he wanted to stay at the trailer so he wasn't too far from Meredith, but he mom insisted that he stayed with Mark. She knew that he had intended on sneaking over to the house, and spend the night, wrapped up in the arms of his soul mate. He had always found it difficult to sleep without her, and after the past year, of spending every night with her, he found it even harder. He missed her so much, he knew that Mark should kill him for ringing her, but he needed to hear her voice.

After he got off the phone, he knew that he needed to have a cold shower, he couldn't really walk around with an erection on, and thinking of Meredith tonight just made him harder. He climbed into the shower, thinking back to that first day, he saw her, and then at the party the next day. He had felt a connection to her, and he never thought that they would be getting married 17 years later; he knew that he wanted to married her, the first time he kissed her, and he had never felt anything like it. Every time he kisses her, he falls in love with her that little bit more. He can't wait to start their married life together, and to build on their family. He knows he is lucky to be loved by someone like Meredith; he can't wait to make her his wife, 13 years after he had originally asked her.