The final update. Enjoy!

Two months had passed, since Lily was born and today was the day that they were finally travelling back to Seattle, they were relieved to be going home. It had been a few stressful monthd for Meredith and Derek. A date had been set for Rose's trial, which was coming up in the next two weeks,and then they could finally get on with their lives with no worries. Meredith was up in their bedroom at his mom's, packing the last of her stuff, Derek had already packed up his and Adam stuff to take home, all she needed to do was packed her and Lily's clothes. She couldn't believe how many clothes she had already, they had only had her out of the hospital for two weeks, and now they were going home. Meredith walked over to the bassinet, and picked up Lily who was sleeping in. Meredith couldn't get over how perfect she was, despite that she was so early.

Meredith couldn't take her eyes of the little girl in her arms, she was so enthralled with her, that she didn't notice Derek stood in the doorway watching her. Derek had never seen Meredith looking so contented has she watched their daughter. Derek himself was finding this time with Lily was magical, Meredith had done this before, but this was all new for him, but he knew that he didn't want anything other than the perfect family he had, the wife he loved more than life itself, a son and a little girl. His dream, their dream had finally come true, he walked over to his wife, and sat down beside her, putting his arms around her has he leaned down and kissed Lily on the head.

"She is so perfect, Mer"

"Yep, she is, she looks so much like Adam did as a baby"

"She takes after her mother" Derek says running her hand over her hair. Derek takes Lily out of Meredith's arms, before kissing her on the head. "We have to go in about 15 minutes; I'll go and get Lily ready"

"Okay" Meredith says gently kissing Derek on the lips, before walking into their en-suite and getting her toiletries.

Derek took Lily downstairs, all of his sisters were there except for Kathleen who was already back in Seattle, Derek had enjoyed the time he spent with his family, considering that he has barely seen them in years, and he and Meredith had made a promise to each other, to make sure they come back to New York more regularly, especially now Lily was born. Derek wrapped Lily up in her little pink snowsuit that his mom had brought her; with Adam helping him. Adam had been the perfect big brother; he absolutely adored Lily, and always helped his parents to feed her, to change her.

Derek was so proud him, he was concerned that he might get a bit jealous, but he had seen no sign of it so far. Just when the had finished wrapping Lily up warm, his family came into the living room, and all took in turn saying goodbye to Lily. Derek picked Adam up, holding him close, not wanting him to feel upset by all the attention Lily was getting. Adam wrapped his arms around Derek's neck, and stuck his head in the crook of Derek neck, just like Meredith does. Adam was getting more and more like Meredith with each passing day, and he loved it. Derek just hoped when Lily was older, that they would have the close relationship like what Meredith and Adam did, Derek was no means jealous, being that he had only been in Adam life for just under two years, but sometime he did envy the close bond that they had.

Derek finally had his daughter back in his arms, while they all said goodbye to Adam, just has Meredith was coming down the stairs, Derek placed Lily in her car seat, to help Meredith with her suitcase, all the rest of them had already been put in the car, he was just waiting for his wife, Derek met her at the bottom of the stairs, kissed her, he could never stop kissing her.

Meredith gently pulled away, feeling the eyes of his, no their family watching them, Meredith blushed slightly, before going over and saying goodbye to the family. Derek took her case and loaded it into the car, before going back into the house, to say goodbye to his family. After saying goodbye to his sisters, it was time to say goodbye to his mom, which was the hardest, he promised her that they would be back soon, before picking up Lily and walking out to the car, ans they got both the kids in, and Meredith climbed into the passenger side, Derek gave his mom one last kiss, before climbing in the car, and pulling out of his mom driveway and towards the airport. Once they got to the end of the road, Meredith took his hand in her, and smile gently to him. Derek leant over and kissed her gently.

Seven hours later, they finally arrive back in Seattle, it had been a couple of months since they were in Seattle, and Meredith was glad to be home, she couldn't wait to get back to the house, there was a lot they still needed to do to Lily nursery, but at least they had the bassinet for her to sleep in until the nursery was ready. They drove past the hospital, which made Meredith realise how much she missed work, but she still had four months of her maternity leave, Derek was going to stay home with her for about a month. Meredith was talking to Lily who was staring out of the window, watching the scenery; Meredith couldn't believe how alert she was. Once they were on the ferryboat, they all got out of the car, and stood, on the boat, what was their spot, Derek took Lily out of the car seat, and held her in his arms, has Derek pointed out the sight of Seattle to her, even those, all Lily was doing was staring at her daddy. Meredith got out the camera, which was in her hand bag, and snapped at picture of daddy and daughter. Meredith walked over to them, putting her arm around him, and holding Adam in her other arm, when a bystander asking them if they want him to take a picture of them, Meredith handed him the camera, Derek wrapped his arm around his wife, and son has the man snapped their photo; on the ferry boat, with Seattle in the background.

That is the end, I want to thank you all for your comments and support. I have been tinkling with the idea of a sequel, but I still have made my mind up yet. Look out for Right Here Waiting, which again is complete so regular updates, coming within the next few days.