Bold – action and change of scenery

Underline – thoughts

Italics – morphing and sailor scout attacks (if any)

Bold/italics – flashbacks and dreams

AN: Well, this fanfic is only dedicated to some of the episodes in MMPR; however, it's going to be slightly different if Serena wants to help out.

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"Hey man," said Zack.

"Are you alright," asked Billy.

"Of course I will be," said a smiling Tommy.

"Are you sure," asked Trini.

"Yes, but I have to ask Kim something," said Tommy.

Kimberly nodded her head as both walk out of the Youth Center. Zack, Billy, and Trini smiled as they figured out that Kimberly and Tommy will be together. They did however wondered where Jason was.

- With Jason -

Man, I hate this, thought Jason.

Jason was in the park, walking and thinking about how he has the green ranger powers. He felt a tad weird, if any, to be using those powers. Jason walked and spotted the new girl, Serena, near the lake. He walked over and sat down, watching what she was doing. Serena, however, did not know that Jason was there and was trying Neptune's powers, along with Mercury's. "Let's see," said Serena as she waved a hand over the water.

I wonder what she is doing, thought Jason as he stood up and edged closer to her.

The waters rippled and swirled until it leaped up into the air, but never going back to the lake. Serena had a concentrated look on her face as she tried to move her hands to make a water bubble. Yet, her concentration was lost due to Jason gasping at the site of the water. The water made a huge splash as it fell back to the lake and soaked Serena. "Aw man," moaned Serena, "My new dress."

"What was that," asked Jason as he went to put his jacket around her shoulders.

"I was trying some of the other scouts powers since their powers became my own after the defeat of Chaos," said Serena.

"Oh," said Jason.

"What's wrong Jase," asked Serena.

"It's nothing," said Jason.

"Oh come on! I never believed that when my other friends were down in the dumps," said Serena.

Jason blinked at that and laughed a bit. He was still getting used to Serena's personality. It was one in a million so to speak. Serena looked expectantly at Jason as she raised an eyebrow when he laughed. Jason looked at Serena and saw that she was definitely concerned for him. Jason smiled a bit and started to tell Serena about the green candle and how he's now the holder of the dragonzord. Serena nodded her head as she sympathized with Jason. "I don't know if I can handle the powers," said a solemn Jason.

"Well, I can relate to that," said Serena.

"What do you mean," asked Jason.

"Hello! I have all of my friends' powers within me! I can't control all of their powers," said Serena, "I hate to have visions of the future from Trista or sensing evil from Raye. It's such a pain and the powers are my responsibility to control."

"Woah, calm down Serena," said Jason.

"sighs deeply Sorry Jason. But there are others that are suffering," said Serena, "You just have to deal and hope for the best."

"Well, compared to mine, yours is more difficult than mine," laughed Jason.

Serena smiled and began to laugh as well. Jason looked down at his watch and said that he had to meet up with the others. Serena smiled and pushed him out of the park, trying to get him started to go to the Youth Center. Jason laughed and invited Serena to join up with them once in a while. She said that she'll think about it while handing his jacket back and pushing him out of the park to get to his friends. Jason laughed and jogged towards the Youth Center. I don't think I'm ready to make friends yet, Jason. But thanks for the invite, thought Serena as she watched him disappear before going back to her power training, never once seeing her scouts glowing within the crystals.

- With the Power Rangers -

"I read you Zordon," said Jason.

Jason listened intensely as he heard Zordon give the emergency. Jason ended his conversation and walked towards his fellow rangers and told him it's an emergency. Zack felt as though he couldn't leave, but then decided that it was for the best, protecting people. The five left in the colors of red, pink, blue, yellow, and black towards the command center. "Zordon, what's happening," asked Jason.

"Rita has made a bird-like monster named the hatchet-saurus. Observe the viewing globe," said Zordon.

The rangers looked at the globe and saw an ugly creature. Zordon said that there was a second monster within the first and was essential to defeat it. The rangers nodded their heads and started to morph. "Mastodon," called Zack.

"Pterodactyl," called Kimberly.

"Triceratops," called Billy.

"Saber Tooth Tiger," called Trini.

"Tyrannosaurus," called Jason.

After morphing they called upon their zords to defeat the monster. All of them combined their weapons on their zords and destroyed the monster. However, they were called back and Zordon told them that it was still not defeated. They looked at the viewing globe and saw that the monster reassembled itself. The power rangers were clearly mystify as they morphed again and combined their zords to make the Megazord. Yet, as powerful as it might be, the monster could not be defeated until Jason jumped into the mouth of the monster and confronted the second one. Both duel each other but showed to the rangers that Jason was held captive. Until after Jason called upon the green ranger powers, the Dragonzord broke free of the bind and began to attack. Jason and the second monster fell into the clearing of the park. "You cannot defeat me," said the second monster, Cardiatron.

"Oh yeah," shouted Jason as he attacked the monster.

However, the monster dragged Jason to the ground before an attack could harm the monster. Serena, nearby, sensed the evil and decided to investigate, only to see a heart-like monster fighting Jason, the red ranger. Serena bit her lip as she saw the hard time Jason was having. Decided to use one of the attacks, Serena called upon the Venus Love-Chain to trap the monster before he could float away. The monster didn't even see the chain as it was transparent in the afternoon sun. Jason, non-the-wiser, attacked the monster, using the green and red powers of the rangers. "Yeah," said Jason as he defeated the monster, "So much for Cardiatron; now for that geek with the beak."

I'm glad that he's not hurt. I'm glad that I could help at least once, thought Serena as she silently walked away.

Jason regrouped with his friends and called on the power of Titanus and the Ultrazord. The Power Rangers defeated the monster once and for all. They demorphed and headed back to the Youth Center to watch the last match between Zack's student, Cameron, and Bulk's student. The PR gang watched and happily clapped when Cameron won the tournament.

- At the Park -

"Alright, let's try lightning," said Serena as she channeled in on Jupiter's power.

Jason, after talking with his friends, came back to the park, where he sees Serena. Serena calms down a bit as a bit of lightning and thunder was heard. Jason jumped a bit and looked at the sky to see no black clouds coming. He walked over and tapped Serena lightly on the shoulder. Serena, losing concentration, had shocked Jason and her for a bit. She turned around and glared a bit at Jason. "What was that," asked Jason as he tried to shake the shock off.

"It was Jupiter's attack that I was concentrating on, and you made me lose concentration," said a glaring and pouting Serena.

Jason laughed a bit at the cute expression on Serena's face. He apologized with a smile that Serena gladly accepted. Jason then told Serena about the monster that attacked Angel Grove and said that he was still trying to get use to the powers that his best friend, Tommy, had. Serena smiled and said, "I know that you will get use to it, just like me!"

"That would be nice," said a laughing Jason.

The other power rangers were still a bit concern about Jason and decided to follow him, only to see him hanging with the new girl Serena. The four came over to see Serena and him talking about the green ranger powers and stuff. Upon realizing that, they decided to listen in on their conversation and were shock that Jason couldn't tell them the reason. "Hey Jase," shouted Zack as he and the other three walked towards him.

"Oh hey guys," said Jason.

"Jason, why didn't you tell us how you felt when Tommy gave his coin to you," asked Trini.

"I guess I couldn't tell you all about it because you all were so bummed. I couldn't let you guys be sad even more," said Jason.

"Oh Jason," said Kimberly.

"You know that we would never be bummed," said Zack.

"Affirmative," said Billy.

Serena smiled and was about to leave until she was stopped by Jason holding her wrist. She turned back to look at Jason's eyes, seeing that he wanted her to meet the others, even though she already met them. "Hey Serena," said Billy.

"Hello," said Serena.

"How come you want to be alone all the time," asked Kimberly.

"shrugs Just don't feel like having too many friends at the moment," said Serena.

"Well, we're your friends," said Trini.

Serena smiled and nodded her head. The rest smiled and was talking on what Jason and Serena was talking about. Serena blushed and demonstrated a bit of the scouts' powers, telling them that that's why she's alone most of the time, saying about having too much friends was just an excuse. "Well, I'm glad that you're friends with us, Serena," said Billy, "You're companionship is most welcome with us."

"Thanks, I think," said Serena, "Oh! And Jason, for messing my Jupiter attack, you have to do something for me."

"I'm afraid to ask, but what is it," said Jason.

"Teach me martial arts," said Serena, "That way I can defend myself."

"Sure," said Jason.

"We'll all help," said Trini.

"Thanks guys," said a smiling Serena while thinking, I hope I'm not making a mistake by befriending them. My life is always in danger.

Next Time: Rita makes clones out of Serena's friends. Will Mr. Caplin let the rangers go when he saw their clones and mistook them for the actual people? Will Serena ever let the rangers, especially Jason, into her hearts as friends?