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It was an average day for the trio. Serena, Jason, and Adam were just lying on their bed, trying not to wake up from a long dreamless sleep. They saw all of their past's right in their dreams and smiled when everything would turn out correctly. Jason's arm was around Serena's waist while Adam back-hugged Serena. Serena was between her two lovely husbands and was content. That is until…

"My Queen," shouted a servant, "Your daughter is trying to transform into a Sailor Scout again!"

"Ugh," murmured Serena as she didn't want to get up.

"King Adam, King Rocky of Saturn is here for your daily workout in the Royal dojo," said another servant.

"King Jason," said another servant, "Wake up! It's a beautiful day on the Moon and you have to watch over your son while he's learning martial arts from Bulk again."

"We'll be right out," shouted Jason as the other two groaned on their sleep.

Yes, another average day for the trio on the moon. It seems that a long time has passed while the royals went to the Silver Millennium Palace. You see, the last time they were on Earth, they defeated Thrax, the son of Rita Repulsa. Pluto materialized before them when they got home and said that the great ice age would appear in one week. In that one week, the rangers gathered their friends and fellow rangers, taking them to the moon. Mack's dad exclaimed that there was no oxygen on the moon. This went into a long explanation of who Serena really was, leaving the newest team of rangers to gawk. Then after the week when they saved those precious to them, the Earth froze over. Serena and the others realize they didn't want a Crystal empire and started to rule on the Moon while the other rangers, not blessed with planetary powers, went back to Earth to save it just in case another bad guy appeared. Now, we bring you guys back to what is happening now, 100 years later into the rule of the Moon Kingdom. "I'll get Alexandra to stop using her broach," said Serena as she placed on her queen gown.

"Rocky sure knows how to make Aisha crazy," said Adam.

"Well, he should be supporting her from her planet, Neptune," said Jason.

"Just goes to show that he really didn't age," said a laughing Adam.

"But didn't we all not age," smiled Jason.

Indeed, the rangers who were blessed with planetary powers never aged. Their parents were gifted by Serena to age slowly so they could take care of the grandchildren or gret grandchildren. Essentially, the other rangers weren't ready to let their parents go, not after everything they had to protect them from evil Rita and other players like Rito and Goldar. Jason and Adam smiled when they thought about their own parents who were still around, gray hair, but still around. "Let's see what we can do to keep the peace," said Adam.

"I'm with you there," said Jason as both walked out of their bedroom chamber to be what they always did: rule the Moon Kingdom and the magic on Earth while having fun with their friends and family.

The End

AN: Sorry if it's short, but yeah... This pretty much ends this story. ^^; Going to focus on "Angel & Samurai" and "Harry's Twin" from now on. c: Thanks for sticking by me guys! 8D