Naruto raced back to Konoha, leaving a clone in his place to "search" for Sasuke. He reached the gates and sprinted past the guards, Genma shouting in surprise but was quickly lost as he reached the Uchiha residence. It was the safest place he could think of to take him. Naruto slit his thumb and wiped his blood over the cuts and gashes in Itachi's form.

He had researched his clan and found a girl named Karin could heal someone by letting them drink her blood and absorbing her chakra. Naruto had copied that but, because it just wasn't feasible to be bitten in the middle of a battle, he had modified it. He was allowing his chakra to seep into Itachi's wounds with his blood, speeding up the healing process.

As he covered the last wound he slowly focused his chakra under his palms and passed them over Itachi's chest. He could see the infection that was destroying the Uchiha's lungs.

Naruto focused his chakra more, making it burn hotter as he slowly began the process of removing the infection and repairing the damage that it had been done.

Itachi's body began to shake as he coughed and hacked up the bits of infection that had been lodged in his lungs. His breath came in large gasps as he sat up, knocking the blond away from him on accident. His eyes gazed wildly around the room as he slowly realized where he was.

"I'm glad you woke up. I swear both you and Sasuke are so hard headed. Do you realize just how long it took me to learn medical ninjutsu with as much chakra as I have?" Naruto sighed and sat up as Itachi's eyes landed on him.

"Why did you bring me here? I will be found. I have to-" Naruto cut him off as he tried to stand and pushed him back down. Itachi glared at him.

"I just healed you. You're not going anywhere. I put a seal on here so that only I and those of Uchiha blood could enter. yes, I've met Obito/Tobi/Madara. I know his real name is Obito and a lot more things like that. Now, knowing him like I do, he is telling Sasuke everything that has happened, including the truth behind your clan's slaughter."

Itachi's eyes widened and he stopped glaring to drop onto the futon again, covering his eyes with his arm. Naruto watched this and pulled his knees up to his chest.

"Soon, he will declare Konoha his enemy and vow to destroy it. He sure is stupid for a genius. He's going to throw away all of your hard work. But, I still love him. I will bring him back. I know now that I can't do it by force and that he has to want to come back first." Naruto looked over at the silent man on his futon before he tilted his head back against the wall.

"When the time comes, I will save Sasuke."

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