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Feels like home:part 2



"Naruto!" Tenten cried, rushing toward her old friend.

He really had changed; he was actually taller than her now. His clothing also looked a bit different, his jacket now looking a bit more form-fitting with black stripes going up and down both sides of his jacket. His pants had also grown longer to accommodate his height, also sporting a new pair of black ninja sandals.

The blonde had no time to react as Tenten rammed into his body, burying her head into his chest, suprised to actually feel muscle under his jacket. She smiled softly as she felt a pair of hands clasp her back as Naruto returned her hug, his expression was startled as he choked out, "Tenten?" he asked, though he knew it was Tenten. Her twin buns had alwasy been quite distinguishable, smiling to himself as he remembered how he had always found it funny when he would imagine her as a panda.

"Tenten!" came Sakura's shocked voice as Tenten looked up and smiled, pulling away from Naruto's embrace and smiled as both women shared a hug.

Sakura had learned much from Tenten, mainly from the files Tsunade had kept in her office. After Tenten's leave Sakura had tried to find out as much about Tenten as possible and to find the cause of Tenten's disappearence during the time of when everyone had been looking for the missing konoichi. But after...his departure from Konoha, she -and most of the others- had completely forgotten about Tenten unless someone brought it up, such as Kiba or Hinata. A stray tear bubbled around her eye as she smiled, glad to finally see that at least Tenten had returned. She looked past Tenten to see Naruto with single tear streaks that went down each side of his face and a pained smile on his face, looking as if he was thinking the same thing as she was.

"It's good to see you Tenten." came Kakashi's voice as his one eye looked over at Tenten, all of the emotion that he portrayed was only visible from the one eye on his face that wasn't covered.

Tenten smiled as she turned her head to look at Team 7's sensei, "It's good to see you too Kakashi-sensei!" she said, a big smile on her face as she looked at the Jounin. She didn't seem suprised that his attire or looks hadn't changed at all.

"Kakashi, I see you came a little late...as usual." came Asuma's voice as he strolled up to them, a faintly visible stream of smoke came from the cigarette in his mouth. Tenten frowned lightly at him as he stopped to stand beside her.

She remembered those many times when she was younger and when she had questioned Asuma about smoking; seeing as how he did it often and looked as if he enjoyed it. He had let her try it but she refused, never really liking the burning smell the cigarette would put off. And now, due to the fact that her true form was accessible to her, she was able to notice that the smell was alot stronger to her senses and right now she was hating it.

Sensing her gaze, Asuma turned and seeing that she was looking unhappily at the cigarette, which made him smile sheepishly before looking away, scratching the back of his head. She rolled her eyes, "I swear that stuff will be the death of you..." she muttered, knowing that he hadn't heard her considering the fact that he had turned around and was waiting for his students to come toward them.

She sighed and put the thought of Asuma's bad habits out of her head and turned to Team 7, smiling as she looked over at Naruto, who's bright blue eyes were now on her. "Wow..you've really changed Naruto." she replied, smiling as he closed his eyes, letting off his famous cheeky grin as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. Sakura looked ready to say something before someone else spoke up, "Trust me, he hasn't changed a bit." came Shikamaru's reply as he sauntered up to them, Kai at his side while Ino and Choji were talking behind them. "Ahhhh Shikamaru you don't mean that!" Naruto whined before he fell to the ground, a lump on his head from Sakura smacking him down; an irritated look planted on the pinkette's face. Tenten sweatdropped; Shikamaru was right, nothing has really changed.

"Well if you're done Sakura, I think we should be starting our training." Kakashi replied, walking past them, glancing at Naruto before continueing on and had stopped to stand a few yards from the tree they were just at. He pulled out from of one of his vest pockets a small group of three bells that dangled from his fingers. "Kakashi are you really going to do that? Tsunade said both of our groups were to train together." Asuma drawled as he looked disapprovingly at Kakashi, who just smiled in turn. "Tsunade didn't tell us how to train, besides, I got some for you too." Kakashi replied, his other hand pulling out three other bells from his other vest pocket, tossing them to Asuma. Ino and Choji seemed confused but Shikamaru seemed to know what was going on, muttering something to Kai, who looked as if she had asked him a question and he had just answered it.

Tenten smiled, glad that Kai seemed to have made a friend so quickly; though she wouldn't have expected it to be Shikamaru. But she reasoned to herself that the two had probably the most considerably close personalities in Team 7 and Team 10. They also seemed to be the most composed besides herself and Choji, except when Choji was called a...fatty.

"Alright, as Naruto and Sakura already know, your goal is to get the bells from me and Asuma. It doesn't matter who you go after or what moves you use, so long as you end up with a bell." Kakashi explained, but seemed to be discussing the 'game' mainly to Ino, Choji and Shikamaru. Tenten still listened intently while Kai was looking at the group around her.

"Okay so now that you know what to do, I suggest we start." Kakashi said, his voice sounding light and relaxed. Asuma nodded before turning to Kai and Tenten, "You two don't have to join in on this if you don't want to." he replied, though he knew what Tenten's answer would be. "Asuma you know I'm not going to listen to the rules of important practice and not join in." she replied, frowning at the Jonin. He smiled, she still had some of the Team Gai spirit in her.
"I'll join in too...this could get interesting." Kai agreed as a smirk formed on her lips.

"Um...I don't mean to be rude but who are you?" Ino asked, looking over at the other blonde as the others looked over at Kai also though Asuma already seemed to have known who she was and Naruto was looking at Ino like a complete idiot. Shikamaru and Sakura seemed slightly interested too, looking over at the blonde curiously. Choji seemed to pay no attention to the subject and randomly pulled out a bag of chips and began eating with a relaxed expression on his face.

"Oh, my name is Kaikatsu, I'm Tenten's sister." she replied, closing her eyes as she heard a few gasps of suprise. She could feel Shikamaru's and Naruto's gaze burning her skin but ignored them as she opened her eyes to be faced with Ino, Choji and Sakura's shocked expressions.

Sakura remembered when Tsunade had told her that Tenten had siblings, but she hadn't revealed anything else. This had gotten Sakura's curiosity into the open every once in awhile when she didn't think of Sasuke, but she always ended up more frustrated than ever over the realization that there didn't seem to be any open files about Tenten's siblings or relatives. But one question bugged her endless sometimes when she was around Team Gai, a question that Tsunade had refused to answer throughout these two years whenever she had asked. Who were Tenten's parents?

"Ready...BEGIN!" Kakashi replied, snapping Sakura out of her thoughts, her green eyes looking about desperately before quickly leaping upward onto a thick branch of a tree and began to bound farther away from Kakashi and Asuma. Her goal: To Hide As Fast Possible. She saw Choji and Shikamaru racing on the grass below her. And even though she couldn't see them she could sense Naruto and Ino's chakra, the latter's chakra had become easier to identify over the few years from around each other.
But she was unable to identify Kai or Tenten's chakra. And after awhile she grew worried at their lost chakra, "Wait guys!" she called down to the combined team, who stopped abruptly as Sakura lept down from the various branches before her feet nimbly landed on the ground.

"What is it?" came Ino's voice as she ran up to them, panting lightly with Naruto soon appearing behind her. "Where are Tenten and Kai?" came Sakura's question that finally brought everyone's confusion and shock into the air. "You're right...I don't sense them anywhere. From where we are now we should be able to sense their chakra still." Choji replied, his face scrunching up in befuddlement as he looked around. "Well, should we go back?" Ino asked as she also glanced around, as if she expected the two sisters to appear right then. "Well if I know any better Tenten shouldn't be too far...even if she is a long-distance fighter." Shikamaru said, looking up in the trees but his eyes only spotted the leaves, the dappled orange sunlight turning the leaves a burnt color.

Tenten looked down quietly a few trees away from Asuma and Kakashi who were looking about them carefully, as if they would expect an onslaught of attacks any moment. Her best tactic at the moment was Taijutsu, the decision causing her to smirk at the thought of the shocked expressions she'll receive when she does hand-to-hand combat first instead of using her precious weapons. Although she probably guessed both Jounin would expect her choice also considering she had been a team that specialized in Taijutsu, though she had been the weakest at that type of jutsu...at least she had. She glanced at her sister, who was at least 30 yards away from her, hiding in the uppermost parts of a thick oak tree that was closer to the two Jounin.

"Alright, ready?" she asked, her thoughts easily reaching Kai's mind. After hard, long hours of merciless training, both Tenten and Kai had become experts in what was called to be 'Mind-Speaking'; to the point where they have been able to communicate at a distance of over 100 miles away without having the possibility of fainting from so much focus.

"Yeah, lets do this." was her only answer before she lept from the outermost branch and into the air, causing both Asuma and Kakashi to look up. Kai smirked as she momentarily covered the sun before diving toward them, a faint blue chakra lightly cloaking her body like flames igniting and racing up a log of wood. Both Asuma and Kakashi's eyes widened when they sensed the sudden shift in chakra, both quickly dodging out of the way as Kai's body crashed into the ground, leaving a deep fissure in the ground.

Kakashi's eyes widened when he heard the sweet jingle of a bell, turning around sharply to see a finger lift one of the bells, lightly flicking it. His eyes then traveled to Tenten's face, a smirk on her lips as she watched the bell bounce around, it's jingling noise a soft melody to everyone's ears. Memories coursed through his mind when her eyes then rested on him, her expression seemed to show an evident challenge.
His mind was becoming numb as memories of Sasuke's same expression flooded his thoughts, shocked at how Tenten had done the same thing as Sasuke had first done when Team 7 had begun their first practice. She didn't look as if she was trying to take it but he was not up to taking any risks.
As soon as he felt her feet hit the ground he propelled himself backward so fast to the point where Tenten's bangs danced wildly from the wind he had created, his hair splaying forward. She smirked before dashing toward him, pulling a kunai from a small pouch that hung at her waist. She never lost her quick pace as she lept into the air, her form now lost in the sun; making Kakashi squint above him, trying to hid his shocked expression. He had never seen her run as fast as she just had but he had still been able to spot her movement, but what made him suprised was the fact that, if he was correct, she had probably moved as fast Naruto had in his One-tailed form.

He dared to let his attention slip to look over at Asuma who seemed to be battling Kai, her moves fluid and sharp as she easily dodged Asuma's trench knives, his chakra coating the metal and growing longer as he slashed forward. He watched in suprise as her head pulled back along with the top portion of her body as she nimbly dodged the nasty looking trench knives.

Kai smirked as an idea struck her, though she would have to be quick. She bent her legs, knowing that she was still in a precarious position, her hair dangling as if it wasn't even a part of her. Asuma quickly lifted his other trench knife, and as he slashed down at her she pushed against the ground to lift her legs in the air; her whole body was off of the ground now. Satisfaction grew evident in her forest green eyes as her legs latched onto Asuma's upper arm. But before she could drag him down she twisted her body and grabbed a hold of the back of his Chunin vest. She quickly let go of his arm when she sensed him lower his arm at alarming speeds, slashing at the ground again. "Do you know who I am?" she whispered, just like Tenten, Asuma could sense that Kaikatsu was also giving off a challenge to him. She lept off of him lightly before he could react, her feet making no noise as she landed on the ground. He looked down quickly and seemed suprised that she hadn't taken a bell from his side.

He then looked at her closely, his eyes then resting on the large scar on her forehead, something he had not noticed before. His eyes widened lightly, "Kaikatsu Uchiha..." he muttered, amazement filling his eyes.
He had not been around when Tenten had been born although he had heard that she had a twin sister. Sure he didn't know much about her since his father told him very little but he knew she was the Jinchuuriki of the Ten-Tailed Wolf. And now that he thought of it, she had been at the Hokage's office when he had been in there with Tenten.

She glared when she heard her full name escape his lips, grinding her teeth to keep herself from letting out a growl. She never understood why people looked at her with fear and awe and even when she had found out, she still hated being looked at like a total monster...not that she wasn't. She raced toward him, pulling back her hand, her sensitive ears hearing the slight pop in her knuckles as her hand clenched into a hard fist, her hand clenched so tight that her hand became pale and her veins rose precariously on her skin. She smirked as she watched him switch into a defensive stance, as if he expected he could take the hit. She feinted a punch to the head, watching with calculating eyes as he lifted his trench knife to block his face. She closed her eyes as her fist made sudden contact with his gut, knowing that his eyes were widening with suprise now as he flew back at an unnatural speed, his body slamming mercilessly against the tree. She turned and locked gazes with the shocked expression of Kakashi before she lept away back into the safety of the shadowy trees, though she was aware that Kakashi could easily spot her.

Remembering Tenten he quickly shifted his gaze upward but the bun-haired girl had never come down from the sky, or she had but he mustn't have seen her actions. Still alert for both Kaikatsu and Tenten he turned to Asuma who was getting up, lightly clenching his gut, a small trickle of blood ran from his lip to the edge of his chin. "I'm fine." he grunted, looking up at Kakashi with a small smile grazing his face. Kakashi nodded and turned around before he sensed something, dodging quickly as a kunai flew from the bushes and slicing the air as it passed him and dug into a tree. He watched as Naruto lept from the trees, a few shuriken in his hands as he easily threw them at Kakashi and Asuma with a flick of his wrist. As soon as the weapons began to be dodged Sakura jumped from a tree, her fist aiming for the ground. Her face was contorted in conentration as her fist connected with it's target, the earth shifting as it lifted and went under, the earthquake-like explosion caused both Kakashi and Asuma to hurrily head for higher ground.

Not long later

"Hahaha! We win Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto cried happily, a bell clenched in his hand. Sakura smiled and giggled lightly as she held up her own bell, the soft jingling now soothing to everyone's ears. Everybody had gotten a bell, even Ino, Choji and Shikamaru. Everyone was smiling until Kakashi suddenly frowned, glancing at his side, suprised to see no extra bell.

"What is it Kakashi?" Sakura asked, looking at her sensei's expression before letting her gaze drift to where he was looking at. Her eyes widened, everyone had taken a bell. She looked about her and confirmed that all of the Chunin had obtained a silver bell. Her brows furrowed and a frown formed on her lips for a few moments before she stopped, her eyes slowly widening and her lip dropping as a thought came to her, 'Unless...'

"Hey Kakashi-sensei! You forgetting something?" came a voice from the tree behind them. The group turned around and looked up to see Tenten and Kai at the top of the tree, a bell dangling from Tenten's fingers and a triumphant smile on her face. "Tenten?" Naruto called, suprise in his voice. During their assault on Kakashi and Asuma, nobody had seen any sign of Tenten or Kai. Or at least he thought...

Kakashi was still in deep thought but his eyes suddenly widened as realization dawned on him. He now knew how Tenten had obtained the bell and smiled, "Congratulations Tenten, I never expected it." he replied, his one visible eye closing as a smile appeared from behind his mask. "What'd she do Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked, looking at the masked ninja in confusion.

He chuckled lightly as he replied, "Well, she had the bell before you guys came that's for sure...and you must have had it before you were able to touch the fake one." he said, looking over at Tenten who held a bright grin on her face, confirming his suggestion.

"What do you mean a fake one?" Sakura asked, looking from Tenten and Kai to Kakashi. He nodded to Naruto, "Much how Naruto creates Kage Bunshins, Tenten created a bunshin for one of my bells, though I wouldn't call such a technique a bunshin jutsu." he replied, looking up at Tenten who was now quiet, his eye showing his confusion at seeing her suddenly calm, calculating brown eyes that seemed to watch his every move, as if anticipating what he would say next. The bun-haired woman had lost her cheery demeanor it seemed so quickly it kind of suprised him. He knew Team Guy was not one known to often have such fleeting emotions as Tenten had just displayed; from happy to serious in a matter of seconds.

He knew that Guy was not like that at all; he was a man who held on to his emotions and it would sometimes take the green-suited man a few seconds before he was able to understand the situation and on occasion he wouldn't even recognize the reality of various situations that he would be pitted against. Lee seemed to follow in that category also, taking after his idol and sensei greatly by usually showing a one-tracked mind.
But Neji was vastly different from his sensei and teammate in many ways. Kakashi had seen that Neji was mostly in a calm, irritated, proud, or annoyed demeanor. These emotions he clung to, and if his atmosphere and feelings were to change drastically with the situation, Kakashi knew that from what he had seen that Neji would slowly accomodate to the surrounding mood in the area or sometimes he wouldn't at all because he was so used to feeling the common emotions most Hyuga members displayed. Or in other words, it was not often you saw Neji turn from calm to happy immediately; the process would come about slowly...or not at all.

"Oh I see what you're saying Kakashi-sensei," Shikamaru replied, the others turning to look at the genius as he continued,"what she basically did then was get the bell before she even visibly attacked you in a physical way, most likely getting the bell by either means of a weapon such as a senbon or took it herself but I don't see how that is likely," ignoring Tenten's eyes boring holes into his back before going on,"so if I'm correct it was probably the former, then she seemed to have found a way to replicate a non-living thing in the way a bunshin would be made, which she then must have somehow gotten the fake bell onto your hip with the other two real bells without your notice. And since the bell she had made made no sound during her movements I'm guessing Kai must have had it. Thus making the idea come to me that when we had come and you defeated Naruto's clones the bell probably disappeared when one of the clone's let out a puff of smoke next to it." he finished.

Realization, shock, and awe dawned on his teammate's faces, along with Sakura and Naruto while Asuma nodded his head as if proud his student had made such a detailed conclusion. Kakashi nodded his head,"Exactly Shikamaru, exactly what I was thinking." he replied before turning his gaze up to Tenten and Kai and said,"Is that what happened?"

Both konoichi jumped down, the bell letting off the melodic tune as Tenten tilted her head to the side,"Something like that." she mused, a small smile playing at her features. Kai was quiet but looking at Shikamaru curiously. Sakura saw this and replied, "His IQ exceeds 200." she said simply, her words causing Asuma to smile proudly and Tenten smile in acknowledgment. Kai didn't seem shocked but she did feel a worming emotion of suprise in the pit of her stomach as she nodded, "I'm not suprised, he looked smart when I first saw hiim." she said curtly.

Those words caused a bit of shock from everyone, even Shikamaru seemed mildly suprise while Ino asked skeptically,"Are you sure you didn't see a lazy ass when you greeted us?" she asked, her blue eyes slightly troubled. Shikamaru turned and glared at her lazily, which caused her to smile sheepishly when she noticed his gaze on her, the blonde not hearing him as he muttered, "Troublesome woman.."

"Well what now?" Naruto asked, turning away from the scene after a few moments of silence to look at Kakashi and Asuma. At the question both men looked at each other before Kakashi spoke up, "Well now that the test it over, which you all passed, you may do what you like. Which means I'll be leaving you." he finished, about to depart before a cloud of smoke appeared in front of the two Jounin, the smoke quickly dispersing to reveal Genma.
Kai narrowed her eyes.

"Kakashi, Asuma, The Hokage wishes to see you two." he replied before disappearing in another cloud of smoke as quickly as he had came.

"Perfect timing." Asuma muttered, glancing at Kakashi who nodded. "Well as you can see we have to go, see you all soon!" Kakashi replied, a sheepish smile on his face before both men vanished in two clouds of smoke.

"Well now what?" Ino asked, looking at the group. "Well I have to-" Shikamaru started but was silenced as Naruto loudly suggested, "Why don't we just have some fun and catch up on things? We haven't seen each other in over two years and I'm sure we'd all like to know what each of us has been up to." he reasoned, his eyes looking over each of them but stopping on Tenten, who smiled at him as if she had heard nothing he said and seemed unaware of his penetrating gaze.
Sakura was about to object but stopped herself when she glanced at Tenten and Kai, "Of course, you actually came up with a smart idea Naruto." she replied, smiling sweetly while Naruto sweatdropped. "Oh come on it's not that rare for me to have good ideas!" he whined, but his words were ignored by everyone as they began to walk away.

"Hey wait up!" he shrieked, racing after them. Tenten smiled to herself, turning around to watch Naruto run toward them before glancing at Kai. Her sister looked at her and nodded, smirking before suddenly sprinting forward, racing past the others with Tenten following close behind.

The other's looked confused as they watched Tenten slowly gain on Kai though Kai didn't seem to be running from her sister. They looked on curiously as Tenten hopped onto her sister's back, Kai keeping her hands free as Tenten wrapped her legs around her sister's waist and latched her hands on to Kai's shoulders to keep from falling. The group looked shocked as Kai turned around sharply and with suprising speed raced past the group and toward Naruto, who was quickly gaining ground and almost with the group.

Naruto seemed suprised by their position but couldn't help but smile when he saw the joy and merriment filling Tenten's eyes and amusement in Kai's. "Come on Naruto! You're getting left behind." Tenten said, bending down precariously with the frontal part of her body facing the sky as she reached out to grab his hand. When her hand clenched his she was practically dragging him toward the group; half of her body bending back while her lower torso clung tightly to her sister's body. Amazing enough Kai didn't seem bothered by Tenten and Naruto's combined weight and position and ran at a steady pace toward the rest of the group.

Naruto let out a shocked yell as Tenten let go of him and he fell to the ground by Shikamaru and Choji, who looked down at him in amusement. Everyone had stopped walking.

They all looked to Tenten, who called to them, "Piggy-back rides! First one who reaches the end of the field wins!" she yelled out childishly, a bright smile on her face. The group looked around; they were indeed in a field. It was very vast with the wind moving the grass mildly and making it look like a green ocean of waves. Kai looked back at Tenten, curious as to why her mood was so carefree and childish. Not even Kai herself had ever acted as Tenten was acting now.

Ino was the first to move, walking up to Shikamaru with a small smile. "No..I'm not doing that." he replied firmly as he saw her expression. She frowned and a murderous intent came off of her body, making Shikamaru sweatdrop, "Troublesome.." he muttered. Taking his response as a 'yes' she smiled brightly and hopped onto his back with ease, her weight obviously not bothering Shikamaru as he made no expression that he felt the sudden weight on his back. "I'm not made to do this." he muttered, glaring sullenly at a chuckling Choji.

"Come on Tenten's going to win!" Ino shouted, her voice ringing in Shikamaru's ear, making him wince as he rubbed his ear lightly, letting his eyes roll as he tried to look up and glare at her, "Don't yell in my ear..troublesome woman." he replied, ending his sentence with those two words when he noticed she had not heard him and was instead pressing her body roughly against his back as if doing that would cause him to run. He sighed in frustration as he fought down the urge to make a fool of himself, 'What does she think I am? I'm no horse...' he thought to himself.

Seeing as everyone was still staring at him he sighed again, and began to jog toward Tenten, saying nothing when he heard Ino's breath hitching in her throat. He smirked, she was probably shocked he chose to even jog at all. Well to be honest he was starting to get annoyed at everyone's sudden sly and devious looks when she had pressed against him in means of trying to get him to run. But apparently Naruto, Sakura and Choji didn't think as such and Choji and Naruto couldn't help but snicker at the sight while Sakura had had a smirk plastered on her face.

This didn't seem to go unnoticed by Tenten either, even from the lengthy distance she and Kai had been away from them they still seemed to had seen the exchange because Tenten's lips curved into a tiny smirk and Kai's expression seemed to show amusement. He ignored their looks and continued to jog toward them.

The closer he got to the two, the more he was able to notice the tension that grew in Kai's legs, as if she just wanted to sprint then and there. When Shikamaru was a little less then a meter away from the two sisters, Kai's legs shifted and she sped at a leisurely run; though she easily outran Shikamaru. "Naruto let me go!" came a loud screech from behind Shikamaru. He sensed Ino had heard the familiar voice also because he felt her body shift against him so she would be able to get a view of what was going on behind them. But not even a full three seconds had passed before someone raced past Shikamaru. He quirked his brow at the amusing scene.

As it sounded, Sakura was probably forced or hefted onto Naruto's back by the ninja himself. She was screaming various profanities at him, and whacking his head with the back of her hand repeatedly in a comical manner. Naruto turned around and held a big grin as if he was enjoying this no matter how hard Sakura slapped him, "Sorry Shikamaru! But I intend to win!" he called to the Nara who only let out a huff as if to say 'Go figure.'

Tenten turned her head back toward the sound of rushing footsteps and shouts that she recognized to be Sakura's voice and smiled. She had turned away from behind her not long ago after seeing that Shikamaru was running after them but keeping a pace to where they steadily stayed behind her and Kai. But now all she could see was Naruto running straight toward them with Sakura on his back and hitting him over the head, with her fists it seemed which she chuckled in amusement when she saw Naruto wince from the strength in the pink-haired konoichi's punches.
"So loud." Kai complained, her sensitive hearing unable to bear Sakura's loud wrath.

Tenten said nothing but her chakra system seemed to agree with her, though her human form wasn't as painful as it would be if she and Kai had been in their true forms. If they had both been in that situation, they would both have a killing intent toward Sakura and both would be experience tinnitus, as Lellori called it; which was the annoying ringing noise that pervaded your hearing system when one would be exposed to unbearably loud noises for a prolonged period of time. But because of their special forms and being hybrids, it would only take up to less than 5 minutes before the ringing sensation would fill their hearing and momentarily paralyze them. If the noise continued at the same height of extremity or increased in sound, it was possible that in their true form they were susceptible to losing their hearing.

But luckily for the both of them, the closer Naruto was getting to them, the less fuss Sakura was making. Tenten guessed that Sakura's initial anger was passing and was probably noticing that her yelling and physical harm to her teammate wouldn't help anyone except maybe her own satisfaction in revenge; but Tenten thought that could be saved for later. That's what she would've done, wait for the right time before act on physical revenge.

As if on a silent command, Kai picked up speed and still ran a steady pace ahead of Naruto, who was also steadily gaining on them. Shikamaru kept a few paces behind Naruto, his eyes rolling in annoyance from the 'huffs' and grunts Ino was making. 'She probably doesn't like that we're behind Sakura and Naruto.' he thought, his eyebrows furrowing together before running faster toward the group.

"What was it you wanted Tsunade-sama?" Kakashi asked, standing next to Asuma as they both watched their Hokage carefully. She closed her eyes before asking in mild frustration, "Did you find anything out about Tenten and Kai's battle styles or any techniques that might have changed since we last saw them?" she asked.

Asuma sighed, he knew that when Tsunade meant them, she meant Tenten because he knew Tsunade knew little to nothing about Kai. And today him and Kakashi had not gleaned much information about them at all. "I'm sorry Hokage-sama, they didn't show much in the practice, but Kaikatsu Uchiha had shown unusual chakra power and dexterity." he replied which Tsunade gave a curt nod in recognition but didn't look at all satisfied. She turned to Kakashi and he shook his head, "Tenten had not attacked at all but instead proved her speed, to which I note she had been able to easily keep up with my battle pace. But nothing more." he replied, omitting out the part where she had replicated an inanimate object into a bunshin. Tsunade's frown deepened but she said nothing before nodding, "Very well, they'll be tested again and I will be there this time, and you should both know why this is crucial." she replied, before standing up and waving her hand; her posture suddenly showing her exhaustion, "You may go now."

The two nodded and walked out of the room and toward the Guard Room of the Hokage Tower to prepare for their duty tomorrow in watching over Konoha during the Fire and Sand Festival.

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