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Kai speaks! Tenten's past!

_Last time_

*"What would you like to know?" Kai asked. Her sharingan spinning wildly.*

Tenten was speechless.

This girl had the sharingan and nobody knew of it. But what seemed to be overwhelming to her was the fact that this girl was apparently her sister. If this was her sister, did that mean that she had the Sharingan too?

The only people that she knew that had the sharingan were: Sasuke, the supposed last heir to the Uchiha Clan(AN: She doesn't know about Itachi yet...yet...XD), and Kakashi...well its been rumored.(AN: She also doesn't really know about Kakashi either...yet...XD)

"Ok first question, how do you have the sharingan?" Tenten asked, suspicion written all over her face. She needed to know if she was an Uchiha or not.

Kai closed her eyes, opening them once more to reveal two pools of green. "Our father was an Uchiha." Kai explained simply as if it wasn't a big deal at all.

Tenten eyes widened as she was told this. She always was an orphan with no name or family. She lived alone, her family being her team. Might Guy, Rock Lee, and Neji. 'Neji...Neji...' Tenten thought sadly, her face taking a distant and wistfull expression. (A/N: You ppls already how she feels 'bout him so yeah...XD) But upon the revelation of having a sister, she smiled slightly at the thought of having a real family.

"What happened to us? Our family?" she asked sadly, staring at her new sister.

"Well, our mother and father met in Konoha. But mother wasn't a resident of Konoha." Kai said calmly.

"She wasn't?! Who was she and where was she from?" Tenten asked shocked. She always thought that her her blood came from a Konoha family.

"No she was a wanderer, traveling many countries...and well...she was a wolf." Kai explained slowly, carefully choosing the right words to say so she wouldn't scare her sibling.

"NANI?!" Tenten screeched. Oh yeah, that didn't freak Tenten out at a-a-a-l-l-l-l-l.

This shook Tenten to her core. By looking at Sasuke she knew Uchihas weren't idiots, so why did her father marry a she-wolf? Before she could say anything about it another thought came to her. It was what shocked her the most, the fact that she might be a wolf also. She opened her mouth to say something but Kai beat her to it.

"She was able to change into her human form at will, just like me. But sometimes depending on your age and experience sometimes people can see you as a wolf when your in your human form." Tenten calmed down slightly, but was still in an overwhelmed state.

"Does that mean that I am a wolf?" Tenten asked as she looked up at her sister questioningly.

" Yes, but it seems like someone sealed off your sharingan and your wolf form. Hm..." Kai replied thoughtfully, her eyebrows knitted in deep thought.

"Oh...ok.." Tenten said, her mind reeling with all the information given to her.

"Please don't interrupt again sister, you need to know this. I will answer your quesions at the end." Kai said, her eyes grew serious as she stared at Tenten.

"K." she replied as she waited for her sibling to continue on with the story.

"Well anyway our father and mother met and they slowly grew to love each other and mother became pregnant. Right before we were born, a Jinchuuriki, the Ten-Tailed Wolf was terrorizing all the countries and it was heading straight for Konoha. Groups of ninja were sent to defeat it; including our father."

"Our grandmother, father, and some other ninja found a way to capture the demon and seal it inside a newborn baby. Sadly our grandmother died sealing it inside the baby. But there was also a second baby but it was the younger one of the two so not much attention was given to the child. After much discussion all the countries decided to help experiment on the baby, for it was the holder of the strongest Tailed-Beast. They gave the child every kekkai genkai known to the ninja world and every possible technique for the child to use. This caused the child to have a scar the shape of an X on her forhead."

"You?" Tenten asked, completely shocked. Her sister was a Jinchuuriki. She gasped slightly as her eyes shifted to stare at the X shape scar adorning her sister's forehead.

"Yes, and after this was done, the countries decided to figure out who the baby should go to." Kai looked down for a second. Her hair shielding her face.

"But their greed for the child's powers almost caused a war. Luckily mother took me into the woods the day before the war was supposed to start and tought me how to turn into a wolf and to channel my anger and such. She had sent the four of us near different countries."

"Wait four? There are two more siblings?" Tenten asked looking at her sister sharply.

"Both of them our our older brothers, but one is older than the other. They both have the same father as us. One of them looks a little like you. Their names are Minoru, and Hitoshi. Minoru is the oldest and Hitoshi is a year older than us. I have been searching for them, but have so far failed." Kai explained.

"May I continue?" Tenten nodded her head, eager to know what other information her sister knew.

"Alright like i was saying, the four of us were seperated near four villages: The Hidden Rock Village, The Hidden Rain Village, The Hidden Sand Village, and The Hidden Leaf Village. So each time she took one of us, she taught Minoru, Hitoshi, and I how to transform and how to activate our sharingan. She returned before the battle, sadly explaining the 'death' of Minoru, Hitoshi, and I. So the war ended and they took you to Konoha, obviously because our father lived there. They cared for you and trained you in Konoha for over a year."

"Well a year later the Kyubi attacked Konaha but the 4th Hokage saved you all by sealing the beast inside a child, like what had happened before. After the death of our father(AN: They do not know that he is still alive.) and what he had caused Konoha, the 3rd Hokage decided to erase all memory of him so that is probably why they sealed off your sharingan and your wolf form. Mother was already dead," Tenten gasped, her eyes becoming sorrowful. "father killed her."

Anger and sorrow flashed in Tenten's eyes. "Why did he kill her?"

"He found out she was a wolf and killed her. He didn't want his children to be half-blood Uchiha's." Kai said sadly.

"How do you know?" Tenten asked suspiciously.

"I saw the whole thing. It was near Suna, they were both coming back from a mission." Anger started to flow from Tenten's body, causing her to shake.

Kai smiled and placed her finger on Tenten's forehead. A bright light appeared, causing the whole room to shine. The light quickly disappeared and she looked down at Tenten.

Tenten was now a wolf. Her fur was a pure white and yellow eyes adorned her face as she growled angrily to herself.

"Calm down Tenten, let me finish the last bit of the story." Kai said gently.

She watched as Tenten turned back into her human form still scowling. "Fine."

"Ok, since your kekkai genkai and wolf spirit was sealed inside you and you were brainwashed, people soon forgot about our family and moved on. So that is our story. Any questions?" Kai asked calmly, a sweet smile on her face.

Tenten sweatdropped, but was still completely shocked. But she needed to know one more thing before all her problems were solved. "Yes, who were our parents?" Tenten asked.

"Our mothers name was Ayaka. She was a red wolf. Very kind. And our father was well..." "Yes?" Tenten asked.

"Well... he was Madara Uchiha." Kai said slowly, looking at Tenten as she watched her sister slowly take it in.

"NANI?!" Tenten had heard of this man, he was the leader of the Uchiha Clan. It was said that he was the one who released the Kyuubi on Konoha.

"Yes he was our father. And we have cousins." Tenten looked shocked once again. What could be more suprising than what she had just said a little bit ago.

"Our father had a younger sister. Mikoto Uchiha. She was married to another Uchiha, Fugaku, they had two sons." "Yes?" The suspense was killing her, she needed to know.

But the chance of her aunt and uncle and her cousins being killed was fairly high, because of the Uchiha Massacre. "The older cousin is Itachi Uchiha, and the second one is..." "YES YES?" Tenten asked anxiously, she was about to jump off the bed because of all the suspense.

"Uchiha Sasuke." Kai stated calmly. After a few seconds of letting the words sink into Tenten's mind, her eyes suddenly widened and her mouth gaped open.

"NANI?!" Tenten screeched. This was officially the weirdest day of her life.

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