I do not own these men, this is not a representation of their sexual natures in any sense. It is only a work of fiction. I am not making any money off of this in the least. That being said, this is slash and enjoy my dear readers.

Wearily he dropped his bags by the door and winced as the noise of scrabbling nails and barking filled the quiet house in response to the dull thud of his suitcases hitting the floor.

"Shh, Louie, Lucas…you're going to wake the neighborhood." He hissed.

Both dogs skidded to a halt and looked up at him with their tails wagging and their tongues lolling out of their mouths. He couldn't help but smile as he reached down and scratched behind their ears; scowling a bit as they bathed his face in sloppy doggy kisses. He straightened up a couple of minutes later expecting to see Matt standing on the bottom stair with his hair a wild mess around his face and rubbing at his eyes. To his surprise however the stairs were empty and with a low 'go lay down' he sent the dogs back to bed.

He made a quick trip to make sure that everything was locked up tight before heading upstairs where a faint light glowed at the end of the hall. Soft music came from the open door where the light was spilling from and he grinned when he realized that it was their room and not Matt's office that was emitting the sounds and light. As he walked down the hall he realized that the house had a muggy feel to the air and he furrowed his brows a bit; it wasn't like Matt not to have the air on at the first sight of heat; he may have been born and raised in the south but he hated the heat as if he was born in Siberia amongst the snow.

He breached the doorway a few moments later and stopped, leaning against the door frame to admire the picture his husband made all laid out on the bed. His long curly hair was free and in a wild tumble around his shoulders and his body was bare except for only a tiny pair of black boxer briefs. In his hands lay open a magazine and on his back in the square middle lay the stray orange kitten he'd found months ago. He let his eyes roam over the naked expanse of Matt's back; his lips curled up in a leer as he imagined wrapping his hands in the long dark tresses and tugging as he pounded into him. As quietly as he could he moved into the room and gently removed the kitten from Matt's back; bending down and kissing Matt between the shoulder blades softly.

A sleepy sigh ghosted past Matt's lips and he shifted a bit but he didn't wake. Quickly he undressed and slowly and carefully removed Matt's boxer-briefs; groaning to himself as he took a moment to just fondle the twin rounded globes before moving down to massage Matt's thighs. Matt's sleepy sighs tuned to choked moans and for a minute or so he thought that he'd woken Matt up. His fear was laid to rest when Matt settled back down; his head turned to the other side and a soft snore issuing from his mouth. As gently as he could he straddled Matt's waist and started running his hands over Matt's shoulders and arms as he rocked lightly against his back; rubbing his thickening erection over Matt's back before moving down a bit and nestling his hard shaft in the valley of Matt's ass and picking up a bit of speed.

He bit his lip to keep from moaning out too loud as he watched his length glide effortlessly between the twin globes. His breath quickened and his hands gripped Matt's thighs as he moved; the bed rocking gently with them. After a few moments more he slipped down again, situating himself between Matt's thighs and bringing the leaking head of his sex in contact with Matt's puckered entrance and nudging lightly. He didn't let it go much further as he leaned down over Matt's back and nipped and licked at Matt's shoulders and throat before moving up to his ear and bathing the shell with warm breath as he murmured into it.

"Matty….Matty baby….wake up…"

Matt stretched under him and he groaned as he gripped Matt's full hips and started pushing into him; stopping only when he was fully seated.

"Hnngh….Chris?" Matt mewled as he arched his back and pushed back against him hard.

"Who else would it be love?"

He reached up and grabbed Matt's ponytail; using the hold to turn Matt's head so that he could capture Matt's lips as he started a slow pace. He withdrew nearly completely before sinking back in and then repeated, his hips flush against Matt's before he started to pull out. Matt's moans and whines were gathering in number and rising in volume as his eyes rolled back into his head and his hands fisted in the sheets.

"H-harder, f-faster….please?" Matt whimpered desperately as he clenched around the buried organ.

He chuckled as he ran his hands up Matt's back to rest on his shoulders where he massaged them for a moment before pinning them to the bed as he picked up speed; their skin slapping together loudly in the quiet and keeping time under their mingled cries and moans. The weeks of being apart melted away as they rolled, gripped, and shuddered as one convulsing entity. Soon staring at Matt's back wasn't enough and he pulled free, rolling the dark haired man onto his back and then pushing back home into the tight, hot sheath of his lover.

"I..I…missed you Matty…hngh..m-missed you so much…" He panted as he twined their fingers and pinned Matt's hands above his head as he moved inside of him hard and deep.

He eyed the sweat that caused Matt's face to shine and with a ragged sounding growl he leaned down and tasted the salty skin of his throat; nipping, licking, and sucking until he left a large red mark behind, marking Matt as his and his alone. Matt's hips rolled and took him deeper, his muscles hugging him hard as he arched and cried out. He sucked in a breath as he kissed his way from Matt's throat to his lips; taking them roughly as the force behind his thrusts brought Matt up from the bed; their chests sticking together wetly. He could tell that his husband was close; he could feel the shudders that started in Matt's stomach as he brushed that hidden trigger spot over and over again.


Matt's cries were loud in the dark and from down in the living room came the sound of barking and he laughed as he rammed home again and again; snarling and biting as Matt clenched around him harder than before as his release spattered up in pearlescent ribbons over their chests. He didn't last long after that; the trembling sheath of Matt's body milking his climax from with a panted groan that he tried to muffle by biting down on Matt's shoulder as it crashed through him. Shuddering he gasped for air even as he sought out Matt's lips for lazy loving kiss as their hearts started to come back down off their orgasmic high together.

He slid free as he softened, grabbing a discarded shirt from the floor and wiping Matt clean before dropping down next to him and holding him close as he kissed his neck and jawbone. Matt's fingers combed through his spikey hair and he grinned as the silence wrapped around them like a thick blanket; the dull thud of their hearts marking the time as it passed between them.


Both of them looked down and smiled at the small curly haired girl standing at the foot of their bed rubbing at her eyes; her full lips pursed in a pout.

"What's wrong Temper Angel?" Matt asked as he patted the bed.

She climbed up and sat in Matt's lap when he straightened up into a seated position, her little arms wrapping around his chest as she looked up at him.

"The doggies woke me up again." She complained, her pout getting bigger as she looked up at Matt and then over at him; her eyes wide as she lunged for him. "PAPA!" She cried as she wrapped her arms around his throat and held on for dear life.

"Down my little Temper." He laughs as he kisses her cheek. "You go back to bed and we'll be in to tuck you in."

She kissed them both and bounded out of the room, leaving them looking at eachother and trying not to burst out laughing. Once they were sure she was gone they got out of bed and slipped their boxers and lounge pants on, taking a detour to their master bath and washing up before heading into their daughter's room. She was laying amongst the bright pink and purple covers in her princess bed smiling as she waited; the perfect blend of them with an innocent face but a devious sharp mind. One by one they kissed her forehead and tucked the covers in tight before backing out of the room with whispered 'G'night, see you in the morning.'

Down the hall lay two more rooms; one with their eldest son and the little girls twin brother who was lying face down on his bed with the tv glowing dully and the other their two youngest; a girl and boy sleeping peacefully in their cribs. They made the circuit, kissing foreheads and making sure they were tucked in before retiring back to their room; settling down in the large bed and kissing languidly and exchanging sleepy terms of affection and endearment before drifting off in each-others arms.